Here’s just what you need on a Monday morning: Matt!

Watch this video and you might believe there is hope for the world after all

Matt is a self-described 35 year old ‘micro-famous deadbeat’. He’s the dancing guy from “Where the hell is Matt?” website who got paid to take his girlfriend around the world doing Stride chewing gum commercials. At one point he was a flat-broke guy hanging around Hanoi, Vietnam when he had a friend make a video of him dancing with some kids on the street. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Half way through Matt’s new 2012 video, Shona, the boys and I were laughing and tearing up at the same time. The kids were dancing. Shona was dancing. I was dancing.

Then I started thinking what a great idea this would be for a Barbados Tourism Authority commercial: spend a month going around the island getting people to dance – taxi drivers, fisherfolk, chefs, hotel staff, children, shop clerks, police – everybod all around the island. Then take the best and make it into a Barbados TV commercial with the same feeling as Matt’s videos. Better yet: get Matt to Barbados and have him make the commercial for the BTA. Done well, that could be a great commercial.

Shona, the boys and I would dance for Matt and the BTA… how about you?


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9 responses to “Here’s just what you need on a Monday morning: Matt!

  1. Adrian Loveridge


    Totally agree and what better time than Crop Over. High definition, beautifully filmed – show them our colours….

  2. WOW!!!


    multi-millions of hits and with good reason

  3. Clanger


    I needed that.

  4. Clanger

    I forgot to say Excellent suggestion about the BTA commercial. It wouldn’t cost much to make either. I get it: that’s why the BTA didn’t already do it. They need to spend a hundred thousand dollars a throw or they don’t feel comfortable. 😉

  5. robert ross

    ‘Would you dance?’

    YES DEFINATELY – if I can bring my walking stick and nitro-glycerine.

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Clanger, Sad eh! and thats with the BTA ‘ad’ agency located in Kansas. T&T, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica seem to be better connected in this region.

  7. countryview

    Barbados needs to think outside the box in every respect for real, sustainable development for our society’s future….this is an excellent example of that resulting in hugely improved BTA advertising,,,don’t think it will be taken on however, such is the power of quid pro quo money between the BTA/Elcock and the current ensconced advertising agency.

  8. Rastaman

    @clanger:Not that they would not feel comfortable.It has to cost enough for everyone to get their kickbacks.

  9. Thanks for the video, made my day! I live in Canada and read the Barbados Free Press all the time !! We only visit for 5 weeks in Jan-Feb but love your island.