DLP letter-writers kick into high gear over Freundel Stuart’s BHTA debacle

DLP rag Barbados Advocate compares PM Stuart with Moses

Blah, blah, blah… “Prime Minister Freundel Stuart a great leader” blah, blah, blah…

For a good laugh, you really must read Algernon Atherley’s latest at the Barbados Advocate: Prime Minister Freundel Stuart a great leader


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6 responses to “DLP letter-writers kick into high gear over Freundel Stuart’s BHTA debacle

  1. kimesha

    I quite agree with Mr Algernon Atherley. He expanded on what I said earlier. Again, leave Mr Stuart alone. Many of the attacks on his style of management are empty and intended only for those who have no depth in their thinking. Leave him alone and take a look at those heads of departments in the Civil Service who are micro-managing and using their “man-given power” to play Monopoly with innocent people’s careers while smiling sweetly as they pass beside those same people!!

  2. rastaman

    I am sure Mr Algeron Atherley does not live in Barbados

  3. what will they think of next

    Great article by Algernon Atherley.
    I tip my hat to you Mr. Atherley!!!!

  4. Army of Occupation

    Here we go again

    It doesn’t really matter who delegates what to whom, if the bureaucrats are calling the shots and micro managing without performance driven goals, the PM and members of Parliament have been emasculated and left without any real power.

    What’s really left but to warm a chair and feather one’s own nest

  5. countryview

    Stuart and his band of “do-nothing” mental midgets have an abysmal record in the last 4 years…OUT! For God’s sake, OUT!

  6. Caswell Franklyn

    Wasn’t Moses lost in the desert of 40 years? I don’t think that Barbados can wait 40 years until Freundel catches sight of the promised land.