Barbadian voters offered choice between corrupt DLP and BLP

There is no ‘lesser of two evils’ between the two major parties

submitted by BFP reader ‘JJ’

Current Opposition Leader Owen Arthur says that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government has a moral obligation to fix the CLICO mess.  Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) perhaps have forgotten that the Barbados Water Author (BWA), a government owned corporation and sole provider of water services  in 2009 was near bankruptcy. David Thompson and the DLP inherited the BWA problem from Arthur and the BLP.  Arthur and the BLP were morally responsible for BWA problems totalling thirteen years.  BWA problems FIRST appeared during the ruling of Arthur and the BLP, also Al Barrack.

The Al Barrack mess FIRST appeared during the ruling of Arthur and the BLP.  The court ruled in favour of Al Barrack, a little less than thirty five million, $34,490.518 to be exact. Barrack in 2008 received 2.5 million from the David Thompson administration. Al Barrack, since 2008 has not received payment from the Barbados government in any form or fashion.  Building Contractor, Al Barrack built the government office complex in Warrens (St. Michael) but yet unpaid.  The total amount NOW owed Al Barrack is far above 34, 490, 518.  The Barbados national debt also is far above the 34,490,518 amount.

Just recently, Arthur reported to Midweek Nation that “the REDjet Airlines might still be flying if the Barbados Government had honoured its financial commitment to the collapsed airline”.  Well Mr. Arthur, if the government during your rein had honoured its financial commitment to Contractor Al Barrack, Barbados  NOW would not owe him seventy five million.

Owen Arthur would like us to forget the  $75,000 cheque that was directed into her personal banking account NOT the war chest of the BLP for electioneering where it rightfully belonged.  The BLP in 2008 lost power to its twin party, the DLP because of corruption.  The late David Thompson was able to prove this.  It was he David Thompson who produced the $75,000 cheque linked to Owen Arthur’s personal banking account.  The DLP house, of course is not clean.  The CLICO mess proves this.

The BLP house also was not/is not clean.  The $75,000 cheque proves this, likewise the Arch Cot Scrub land linked to Mia Mottley, the now opposition leader of the DLP.  The Mottley family brought the Arch Cot Scrub land and couldn’t be built on and within six months got planning permission when the previous owner couldn’t.

Barbados according to the United Nations has lots of thefts but relatively less violence than Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.  This perhaps is memory of the 75,000 check linked to Arthur’s personal banking account, the Arch Cot Scrub land linked to Mia Mottley and now the CLICO insurance mess.  A lot of things have surfaced before and since 2008.  Both the BLP and the DLP are equally corrupt. Both are vampire identical twins.

Bajans on January 16, 2008 awoke to a new ruling government, the DLP.  The DLP, however made promises that were not kept.  The DLP, additionally enjoyed a relationship with LeRoy Parris that was not squeaky clean.  The DLP now in a hospital intensive care unit has seriously wounded itself with THAT DAMM CLICO MESS.  If David Thompson were alive, it would be in his face.  Thompson put the 75,000 cheque in Owen’s face.  He did.  The BLP left office in 2008 and should have kicked itself in the butt for poor leadership and corruption.  The DLP possibly will depart office, January 2013 and should kick itself in the butt for poor leadership and corruption.  The BLP is a national embarrassment as is the DPL.

Barbados is at moment amidst an economic crisis.  Barbados, additionally has attained high unemployment.  It has also attained quite a large debt that continues to grow.  The Barbados S&P rating currently is BBB- with a negative outlook – not good.  The S&P recently has expressed concern on the growing debt in Barbados and warned another downgrade.  The current opposition leader, Owen Arthur says he believes he has the medicine to cure the Barbados economy problem.  The economy in Barbados is a giant problem. Barbados sad to say has many of those giant problems. Arthur needs medicine to cure all of them:  1). Unemployment the economy 2). It’s growing national debt 3). The Al Barrack mess and another 4). CLICO.

The Barbados S&P rating BEFORE the 2008 general election win by David Thompson and the DLP was continuously sliding down hill.  The S&P had downgraded Barbados several times before the 2008 general election.  The three, Kerrie Symmonds, Clyde Mascoll and Owen Arthur perhaps are not aware of this.  Barbados during the ruling years of Owen Arthur and the BLP got a state of the art prison at Dodds in St. Philip and Kensington Oval west of Bridgetown.  They also got several S&P downgrades.  The DLP in 2008 inherited  a large national debt from Owen Arthur and the BLP.  The BLP possibly will return to office in January 2013 and inherit a larger national debt.

Both vampire twins, the BLP and the DLP have sucked blood from the Bajans; they both want recognition and power; both want the Bajans to trust them AGAIN.


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6 responses to “Barbadian voters offered choice between corrupt DLP and BLP

  1. Tudor

    I have been a proud voter since I was 18 years old, I just retired, but I dun wid dat!!! I cannot find one of them jokers worthy of my X. With the exception of the PM they are generally speaking a bunch of morally corrupt people. B or D same thing.

  2. Newbee

    I hope there is something or some worthy person or persons out there who will help people to think seriously about how their intelligence is insulted, being brainwashed by these politicos left, right and center. The politician goal is to send the fool further and further. It’s regrettable that we, most bajans, can’t see no further than we nose.

    Tudor, I am with you all the way, 100Plus percent.

  3. Mark Fenty

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. Come now, this isn’t Statistical Physics. We are the ones that put those politicians in office, and if we’re
    dissatisfied with their performance, our option is to use the instrument of the vote to purge them out.

  4. The DLP nor the BLP is responsible for economic woes in Barbados. The DLP is sole owner of CLICO but the Barbados Water Authority problems totaling 13 years were inherited from Arthur and the BLP. The Barbados Water Authority, a government corporation in 2009 was near bankrupcy. Arthur and the BLP apparently paid no attention to the Barbados Water Authority, didn’t care or thought to wonder WHAT’S GOING ON in the Barbados Water Authority house. Al Barrack also was inherited from Arthur and the BLP. Arthur and the BLP gave birth to that Al Barrack mess. Now, according to Arthur, “the REDjet Airlines might still be flying if the Barbados Government had honored its financial commitment to the collapsed airline”. Al Barrack is linked to both Barbados government parties, the BLP and the DLP. It, however, was born in 2006, Arthur’s era. If the government during Arthur’s era had honored its financial commitment to Contractor Al Barrack, Barbados NOW would not owe him seventy five million. The BLP government under leadership of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley awarded Al Barrack Construction Company a thirty six million dollor contract “without tender”. Al Barrack has possession of a court ordered judgement, REDjet Airlines does not. Bajans owe REDjet Airlines nothing, absolutely nothing. They, however, owe Al Barrack seventy five million. Barrack in 2008 received 2.5 million from the Thompson administration. The 2.5 million demonistrated effort not even considered by Arthur and his cronies. Arthur in 2006 invested 2.4 million dollors into a Nigerian Solar Water Heater project. No solar water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million dollars were lost and or unaccounted for. The BLP in this matter does not examplify SOUND JUDGEMENT. Certainly sound judgement would apply if the 2.4 million dollars were surrendered to Al Barrack. If the 2.4 million were surrendered to Al Barrack, Bajans in 2006 would have owned him 2.4 million dollars less.
    Bajans and the DLP before 2008 general election were extremly close friends. The DLP campaign almost five years ago called for change, but nothing changed. The DLP and David Thompson, while campaigning promised Bajans cake and ice cream. Thompson said he would implement a Ministerial Code of Conduct “immediately” upon forming a government and would introduce Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information within the first 100 days. The DLP is close to completing its five year term. The cake and ice cream sad to say NEVER showed up, a Ministerial Code of Conduct, the Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information. The DLP made promises it did not keep. It also entertained friends but the wrong ones, Leroy Parris and Lawrence Duprey. The result was a CLICO disaster. Bajans and the DLP are now no longer best friends. The BLP knowing this is making every effort to befriend them in place of the DLP.
    Bajans possibly will give the BLP back their power with Owen at the helm. Surely, this would cause them to enter a DANGER ZONE. Owen we know is alive and kicking, but with notable signs of demencia. He is forgetting things, walks slow and sometimes with a cane. Oh, and let us not forget the $75,000 cheque that was directed into his personal banking account NOT the war chest of the BLP for electroneering where it rightfully belonged. Barbados could do better than Stuart but far better than Arthur.

  5. Most of the people do not have faith in politicians. They feel that politicians are making a mess and they are responsible for all the problems now. The DLP and BLP are big political parties but citizens say that those parties can not speak for the people.


    We have to vote them out , and get a new head of police. That way they can be charged .