Formerly crooked lawyer says he doesn’t write for Barbados Free Press or other blogs

Then-crooked lawyer Bryan turns from camera at court

Strange things are done in the warm Bajan sun, but one of the strangest requests we’ve received in recent times is the following letter from Barbados Attorney-at-Law A. David Bryan.

Mr. Bryan used to be the General Manager of the Barbados Advocate Newspaper. He states in his letter that a rumour has been going around for about five years that he is behind Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground blogs. We at BFP were not aware of that rumour until very recently.

Of course Mr. Bryan or anyone else can submit articles anonymously to BFP or any other blog and the blog editors wouldn’t know who wrote the article. The best we can say is that we’ve never received anything with Mr. Bryan’s name as the author until now.

As to Mr. Bryan being on-staff or “behind” Barbados Free Press, that’s hardly likely considering what we’ve previously written about Mr. Bryan…

Another Barbados lawyer buys his way out of criminal charges. A system rotten to the core.

Attorney Alvin David Bryan wouldn’t look at camera.

Three Lessons:

1. No deterrent for the next thief lawyer.
2. Bajan lawyers cover up for their own.
3. Foreign investors and real estate buyers who live overseas are still nothing more than victims-in-waiting for Barbados lawyers.

All that talk by the justice system and the Barbados Bar Association about cleaning up the legal profession is just so much talk. You need look no further than the latest case where Attorney Alvin David Bryan (also called David Alvin Bryan) was charged multiple crimes for stealing over $226,000 from TWO different clients over a long period. At least one of the victims was a foreign investor living over and away.

After being criminally charged, lawyer Bryan paid the money back to the victims and walked a free man. That’s the normal penalty when a lawyer is caught thieving in Barbados: they have to pay back the money and then they can continue to practice law.

One law for the lawyers, and another for the rest of us…

… from the BFP article Another Barbados lawyer buys his way out of criminal charges. A system rotten to the core.

Here is Mr. Bryan’s unedited letter to Barbados Free Press, as received from his email account on June 10, 2012…

NOT THIS DAVID- Who Writes For the Blogs!

By A. David Bryan
Attorney-at-Law and former General Manager of the Barbados Advocate Newspaper.

I received a telephone call last Friday June 8th, 2012 by a concerned person, who decided to do what rarely Barbadians do, when they have heard a rumor about someone, and that is to approach them directly about it.

Even though I was surprised what this individual informed me on what people were saying concerning me, in this country. Indeed, I was not disappointed, since it is systemic in our culture to gossip about individuals regardless of the consequences this behavior may cause. Hence the law of libel is there to protect such innocent parties.

In any event, I would like to “clear the air” as it relates to these rumors which according to my anonymous friend were circulating for the last 5 or so years, to which I obviously had no idea, until now.

Why the last 5 years? Well as the story goes this was the time, that the Barbados Underground and the Barbados Free Press started their blogs. It was also around the time in which I resigned as General Manager of the Barbados Advocate newspaper.

So as the Bajan powers of deduction goes, I had to be the “blogger” behind these sites and the several libelous articles over these last few years, because I had the wherewithal journalistic connections to get the stories.

But here’s the rub, which the caller really had with me; that I was this “David” of the Barbados Underground – a “serial” blogger who has written numerous (libellous) articles relating to the former Attorney General and Chief Justice Sir David Simmons whilst he was in office and still up to this day because I had some sort of “vendetta” against him.

Firstly, I have read and do read the Barbados Underground and the Barbados Free Press. Secondly, I informed that caller and would also like you to know in the interest of clarity that this “David” has never written, and or submitted any article at any time to either blogs on any issue, especially those pertaining to Sir David Simmons (this is my first time!). Thirdly, I categorically deny any connection whatsoever with any person writing or managing the said blogs.

Finally, I have no vendetta against the former Chief Justice Sir David Simmons and for what it is worth I told the concerned caller that during my tenure at the Advocate newspaper (2000-2006) all my articles were well researched and responsibly written under my name and if I did or do have to write anything about something or someone in this country concerning any relevant issue, I would continue to attach my name without fear as I do now.


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5 responses to “Formerly crooked lawyer says he doesn’t write for Barbados Free Press or other blogs

  1. Nemesis du Nimrod

    I see young Bryan was stung after my remark – yet his own father spoke of how ungrateful his son was in Heat Magazine around the same time when Underground was forming…

    The current Advocate owner using the guise of “The Rodent” column where the alleged rat tossed one of his own litter out from the nest for being ungrateful…

    When a family member of mine tried to confirm with Sr Bryan, they got a cussing you would not believe, essentially to MYOFB and I leave you the dear reader to fig out the acronym displayed?

  2. robert ross

    When Nemesis published his revelation, I have to say I was very surprised indeed – surprised for no other reason than that it had never occurred to me that a member of the Bryan family might be involved with either BU or BFP and, of course, certainly not both. That suggestion is demonstrably absurd.

    The email first appeared on BU and, as anyone who cares to look, it will be seen that the finger was pointed at me as the person who had in some way ‘nailed’ Mr Bryan. Indeed, it was said that I was obsessive about discovering the identity of BU’s David.

    Readers of BFP will know that I expressed concern that BU regulars might well be attempting to sabbotage posts on BFP.That suggestion was apparently confirmed when a few days on, the ‘Nemesis exchange” from BFP was published on BU by the lawyer whom I had identified in my own mind as the likely sabboteur. It was then that the Bryan email was published on BU.

    In the BU exchanges which followed the publication of the Bryan email I suggested that it would be prudent for Mr Bryan to publish his email on BFP also , and this for two reasons: first, the ‘naming’ had occurred here; secondly, his name had also been linked with BFP. At the end of very heated exchanges involving myself and various ‘big wigs’ on BU, ‘David’ announced that the email would also be published on BFP.

    I think this was the right course and I respect Mr Bryan for having his email published here. What it says about the identity of ‘David’ I will not speculate upon. Someone I know very well indeed, and who used to be a BU contributor, tells me that David is not David Bryan.

    For myself, I have no special interest in knowing who David is – or Cliverton, Robert or anyone else involved in the free underground presses. What does concern me – and this only – is the integrity of anyone who puts himself/herself in the van of guiding opinion through blogging. It seems to me that on the subject of the administration of justice with special reference to Sir David Simmons, BU has demonsrated a partiality which beggars the idea of any honest investigation.

    BU has not been slow to tell me that BFP holds similar views to theirs on this subject. This may be so, but until such time as BFP posts something on this which I am able to read and which is not ‘stale’, there is no point in my commenting further.

    I repeat: I have no special interest in knowing the identity of anyone who ‘blogs’. In the nature of things, there is always bound to speculation about who ‘X’ or “y” is. So it has been said that I am Sir David Simmons, a former female Cabinet member and a number of others – and most recently, a lawyer who is also an MP. All totally dotty of course. But then that’s the nature of the human condition.

    I will add too that since I do have a legal training, I do not take the view which has been aired on BU and in the comment on the post here that Mr Bryan is a thief; and this simply because we do not have the evidence, all the evidence, before us. I know that this view may be unpopular – but I cannot be a liar to the traditions by which I have been schooled.

    In sum: if David is Mr Bryan, good luck. It matters not to me. And to Cliverton and all the BFP friends – good luck too – whoever you all are.

  3. Son Of Spam

    How is it Underground has sophisticated Banners and PSA’s worthy of a professional organisation? What company would provide such resources? Where graphic art can be prepared at a level synonymous with sleek print editions? Eh? Eh?

    Free Press had their one Banner from the start, it was donated by a fan as far as I know, they just lampoon Politicians and Officials over the art, which is basic Photoshop, whereas BU is like … um, a Newspaper!

  4. 51

    andrew gaudin in san rafael is a crooked lawyer. don’t work for him. he’ll tell you he’ll pay you then after you do the work he’ll and even likes the work, he’ll bargain you down. then he bills the client 20,000USD. what a cheat.

  5. This comment/letter is to share my experience with a particular lawyer (whom I understand from someone at the Bar Association, is not allowed to practice ‘law’. Here is my story.

    Some (3) years ago, I had come to a ‘parting of the ways’ with my then attorney, even after attending the High Court in a civil litigation matter. I had been at my wits end, trying to allocate another attorney in a fraternity that is too close for comfort. I comed the yellow pages and came upon one, Ezra Alleyne, I was impressed with his web page under the name “Legal Corporate”.So I called the number and since Mr. Alleyne was a very familiar name, I was satisfied, that he was a reputable lawyer/Barrister. We spoke for about (3) minutes when I explained that I needed an attorney to take this matter to the next level. He asked that I visit his office in Spry Street, and he will look over the papers. I arrived and a young lady met me advising me that Mr. Alleyne was not in office and that he called her and asked her to hold the file he will be passing by the office later that day. I did not want to do this, but I was already rushes, so I did. She informed me that he is at the UWI if I needed to speak with him. The following day, I called and he was still not there. I became worried, and I did not know why ! The next day, I called the UWI and he was there, he said he will be recruiting some students to assist him with the file and he would be in touch. I was not happy about this, I wanted to say, hey…you said you would look at the file, but I have not hired you..YET ! Some days passed, now about 1 1/2 weeks and I sent an email asking him about the file, and if he was too busy it was OK…I will get another lawyer. I did not hear from him. (2) weeks later, I called the Bar Association, they did not respond to my call. I got worried. Finally, I received an email saying that he had checked this out with the Marshall of the Court and he was going to the Registrar to check on this. I was still aggitated by this. (1) month passed he said he will be in touch …and this went for about 3/4 months. Constant emailing to let him know that I had already been thru the ringer, and I;d rather find a Law Firm again since this matter was already before a Justice of the High Court. I could not reach him…After (7) months of running behind him, I called to ask the Police dept if they can assist me in locating Mr. Alleyne. To my shock they informed me that I should “put in some foot work” to find Mr.Alleyne. I persoally thought that if someone is holding a personal file, belonging to another person..this is considered “thieft”. So, I called and called the UWI and finally was told Mr. Alleyne does not work for the UWI, he visited the University to use the Law Library! So, I contacted the Ombudsman for his assistance, since this was holding me back from getting another Attorney. He asked me to give Mr. Alleyne some more time, and if he did not respond , he will appoint a more ‘aggressive attorney” I felt better, since this meant this matter was still on the “table”.This was now a year and some months Mr.Alleyne had been in possession of my H.C. files, with other personal items in the file, which included (3) life insurance policy information, divorce Alimoney receipts, Drivers Licence papers, and numerous other personal papers which inadvertently was in that folder. I waited, making contact with the Ombudsman every (3/4 months). I finally received an email saying he was ill…and will be in touch later. There he was on TV on the night of the election ! So I contacted him again, and again. I called the Registrar’s office and a yong lady said Mr. Alleyne just left this office, and she suggested that I find myself another attorney. I could not believe I had to be chasing him, and with no help from the Police ! Finally, I copied my Affidavids along with a letter to keep the Ombusman apprised of this detail.Now that went missing ! This went on (and I believe to delay this matter) for another few months! By this time, I had never met with Mr.Alleyne, it was not (2) years, added to the time that had already passed.I was livid ! I then wrote the Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson. with copies of the emails between us. This was not even acknowledged ! I then asked the Ombusman to again assist me in locating him, to which he said he will send his investigators out on this matter. Some weekes later, the Ombudsman telephoned me, advised me that Mr. Alleyne hd become “”elusive””. What I thought, how could someone, who is seen everywhere be so “elusive”. So I had had enough, so I called on Justice Mason who had been family with this matter and asked her advise on what can I do next to retrieve this file. The Judge immediately advised me to call on the Police to get this file. Well I called the police again, to be told that that is not their ‘JOB’ the Bar Association. By now, I am so fraustrated and said to myself, clearly, this individual is holding on to this file, regardless, whether this matter is in the hands of the Law Courts, He did not care. I finally received another email from the “ghost lawyer” (whom I had not met with over the (2) years. And to my surprise he said I can come to his office on that Monday, and he will be email me on the time to collect the file. This was 2013 !! Instead of waiting I engaged a Law Firm, who advised me not to worry about the file, that the Counsel General will get that file. 2014 has passed ! (5) months ago, I was told that they received a letter from me saying “NOT TO PROCEED”. I was furious…so we straightened this out by my “firm understanding” …to proceed. We have come to 2015…and I am still waiting for some word. I wrote the Chief Justice, and called his office.No yet !! NOW …TELL ME BARBADOS… ! WAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE !! i believe that someone, somewhere …is trying very hard to stop this from going before the HIGH COURT ! !
    I will continue to persevere and even though I believe this is ‘unethical’ that he is being protected…by someone who is bent on keeping my file. I do hope there is some recourse through the High Court, to bring these persons to justice, for holding papers, belonging to another, which is considered by the writer…to be fraudulent ! I shall keep the faith, because I have the ‘greatest’ witness you can ever have, a Justice of the High Court, and a Justice of the Appelaite Court.
    Thank you, for your time, and understanding.