REDjet officially dead, takes a chunk of Prime Minister Stuart’s credibility with it

Nonsense from the Prime Minister…

The Barbados Government “has not turned its back on REDjet”

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart speaking at a DLP meeting on Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Truth from Barbados Free Press…

“REDjet is dead, dead, dead – and it’s not coming back…

If the Prime Minister of Barbados is going to speak, please let him speak the common sense truth – and if he doesn’t, will the news media please call him on it?”

BFP’s Robert on Sunday, May 6, 2012 About REDjet: False hope and nonsense from PM Stuart

The Reality: REDjet declares bankruptcy on June 8, 2012

from The Nation Over for REDjet

FINANCIALLY TROUBLED airline REDjet has officially gone under.

A day after dismissing the remaining 94 employees, the carrier announced it had shut its Barbados operations and was filing for bankruptcy, blocking any legal proceedings by passengers and others owed by the airline.

“Airone Ventures Limited, doing business as REDjet, hereby announces the suspension of all operations in Barbados. REDjet profoundly regrets this decision and its impact on its suppliers, staff and passengers,” said a statement from the airline…

The last word from Ian Bourne and Bajan Reporter…

94 Barbadians unemployed, bravo George Hutson – REDjet officially dies


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16 responses to “REDjet officially dead, takes a chunk of Prime Minister Stuart’s credibility with it

  1. countryview

    Stuart has repeatedly said but done NOTHING on so many issues it is difficult to ask any other question but “What credibility?” He has none.

  2. 243

    Sad very sad.

  3. Lionel Cave

    ……and not a word from the Prime Minister’s office yet.

  4. what will they think of next

    All I have to say is, if you start wrong you will end wrong.
    Redjet started wrong and the rest is now history.

  5. what will they think of next

    I meant to add, CaribExpress all over again!
    The Barbados Labour Party didnt bail them out, and they was no fuss or bother at that time.

  6. Were they offering flights as low as REDjet? Nope, as a consumer I went in a group charter for Guyana – at double occupancy (me & wife) and for $350 Bds each we got transfers to & from airport, accommodations and airfare (arrive Fri morning and depart Sun a’noon); no wonder CAL hated REDjet, Fumble should never have offered the company a Designated Carrier status if it did not plan to offer ANU or SVG

  7. what will they think of next

    Really I want to know, if my snowcone cart fall into financial difficulties can i look to G’ovt. for some sort of bailout too?

  8. yatiniteasy

    @BFP The Prime Minister is not a miracle worker.He just takes a little bit more time to make decisions than most people.
    Garcia is still in prison, is he not?

  9. What will they think of next

    From the begining of this whole fiasco I said that the G’ovt should not give REDJET one red cent.
    I was very disappointed when G’ovt was contemplating bailing them out. Even the Barbados Labour Party was bitterly against giving REDJET any financing. Noel Lynch said as a spokesman for the Barbados Labour Party not to give REDJET a Red cent.

  10. Steupse!

    The airline business is tough and highly regulated. An airline needs permission from governments at both ends of its routes to be able to operate. Redjet didn’t get its ducks in a row, just like Carib Express. They jumped the gun, just like Carib Express. I believe that they thought right from the beginning, that if the whole thing went tits up, they could rely on government to bail them out. Wrong time, wrong place. Come again in Jamaica. I predict that it won’t work there either. Steupse!

  11. Islandflyer

    For sale: two slightly used MD-82 aircraft. Will accept one way ticket to Ireland as payment in full. For serious enquiries contact…

  12. victor

    It works in Europe, it works in the US. Like so many things, does not work in the Caribbean. Wonder why? Could it possibly be vested interests? Yes indeedy.

  13. 7

    i glad serve them right why should goverment bail out everyine company that gets in trouble stupse and them old planes they were flying fuel guzzlers ,i agree with above comment that they thought that goverment would help as they cried stupid idiots stupid redjet

  14. what will they think of next

    “In the ensuing period Sir, Redjet did submit its financial accounts for the period up to February 2012 and these were sent for analysis by our business and financial analysts in the Ministry of Finance. Sir I received from the PS in Finance a copy of that analysis which concluded in part that based on the accounts submitted”……..that not only has Airone Ventures Inc. been making substantial losses, but also the company has been budgeting to make losses. The actual revenues and budgeted revenues are not sufficient to cover the respective costs. More critically, the revenues are not even sufficient to cover the Company’s variable costs comprising passenger and aircraft costs and thus cannot make any contribution towards maintenance and overhead costs. This is not sustainable. As a consequence of the foregoing the management accounts indicate that the company is technically insolvent.””

    The 2012 Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals

  15. Unknown

    BBC has an article & video about the demise of Redjet