My lawyer, a Member of Parliament, took my money but didn’t complete a real estate transaction

I demanded to know what was going on, as I had paid my lawyer in full to complete our land deal since last year, November 03rd, 2011. I have been informed that my lawyer failed to attend not one, but two scheduled meetings to complete this transaction so that we can get our deeds.”

Yet another lawyer fails to transfer purchase funds already provided by client!

Barbados Bar Association making inquiries

This post was received from a reader we’ll call “Z”. As requested, Barbados Free Press editors removed the names from the letter.

My lawyer, a Member of Parliament I will call Lawyer #1, overcharged me for a land deal, tried to extort more money when I spoke to the disciplinary board of the Bar Association about him. I am purchasing real estate and has not yet completed the land deal for which he was paid in full for. I gave him the money to buy the land and he has not forwarded this money to the seller’s lawyer in over 6 months!

• Lawyer #1 was hired to complete a secession land deal for us. This plot was to be purchased under the Land Tenantries Act.

• Lawyer #1 was paid in full, inclusive of all his lawyer fees to complete this land deal as of November 03rd, 2011.

• May 2012, our land lady for called indicating that she did not receive her money as yet for the land purchase. She asked us to check with our lawyer to find out what the hold up was.

• On receiving this information from our land lady, on May 29th, 2012, I called the office of the land lady’s lawyer (Lawyer #2), who is the lawyer for our land lady as I was confused as to what was going on, due to the fact I have been given information from my lawyer’s secretary which did not add up with our land lady’s query.

• I spoke to Lawyer #2’s secretary, who informed me that Lawyer #2’s law firm were awaiting the 10% funds from me. I enquired as to what she meant, as I have paid my Lawyer since last year, November 03rd, 2011 in full and therefore, there was no hold up of money on my end.

My Lawyer missed two meetings to transfer the money!

• Lawyer #2’s secretary when on to say that two meetings were scheduled to have this matter completed and that my lawyer (Lawyer #1) did not turn up to either of these meetings.

• Lawyer #2’s secretary also informed me that interest was accumulating, due to the broken meetings, and that said interest had to be paid. She said basically the hold up was my 10% as they (Lawyer #2’s office) had as I know, received the rest of the money from Urban since last year, 2011.

• I was told by my lawyer’s secretary, when I asked about how long it would take for us to get our deeds ( on November 03rd, 2011) that any hold up would be due to the land registry department.

• I immediately called my lawyer’s office and spoke to his secretary, I demanded to know what was going on, as I had paid my lawyer in full to complete our land deal since last year, November 03rd, 2011, and I have been informed that he failed to attend not one, but two scheduled meetings with the land lady’s lawyer to complete this transaction so that we can get our deeds.

• I also informed her that under no circumstances will I be paying any interest accumulated by my lawyer’s inability to complete our land deal in a timely manner.

• My lawyer’s secretary’s response was that my lawyer was aware of the interest, and he will handle it.

My lawyer’s secretary also said that it wasn’t that they did not turn up for the meetings it was that my lawyer had parliamentary “things” to take care of, on the days that he was to go to those meeting.

•  I indicated to my lawyer’s secretary that this was not good enough, things to do, or not; I was his client, and he was paid in full to do a job, and that is what I expect him to do.

•  I also, said to my lawyer’s secretary that it was over seven plus months where I was lead to believe that he was doing his job, and clearly, he is not. The secretary’s response was, “What can I do if he has things to take care of I can’t sign the documents myself.  That there was no need for me to be upset.”

• With that said, I told the secretary that I wanted to speak to my lawyer, because I am not pleased with this situation in the least, he has my money and is sitting on the money and the transaction. My land lady’s lawyer is sitting on her money, and myself and the land lady are suffering. I want to talk to him; she indicated that she would give him the message.

My lawyer never returned my call, so I called the Barbados  Bar Association Disciplinary Committee

• My lawyer never returned my call. This situation upset me so much that I could barely eat or sleep. To think someone would be this deceitful and ruthless. After, I have worked so hard for my money to be treated so poorly.

•    I made an appointment with the Disciplinary committee for Tuesday June 5, 2012. They said they would try to talk to my lawyer.

•    Wednesday, June 06, 2012, my lawyer called me and told me that the reason for the hold up is because his secretary made a mistake, a $930.00 mistake (an aside: – that was suddenly realized after I complained), and that I owed him or as he put it the government $930.00, because of this mistake that he could not even explain properly. I was so upset, I said I paid you in full, why would I have to pay for your mistake, to which my lawyer said, so you expect me to pay for it you never made a mistake?

•    At that point I was done with the conversation; I called the Bar Associations disciplinary committee and spoke to the gentleman who was handling my case. I asked him if he had spoken to my lawyer and he said he had. I said I didn’t know what my lawyer was talking about, as he had been paid in full. The gentleman said he was also having difficulty following my lawyer’s line of thought.

•    The disciplinary committee gentleman told me to ask my lawyer to put in writing this money I am supposed to owe. At that point I was unable to handle the stress I was being put under by my lawyer and I broke down in tears on the phone. The gentlemen told me not to cry and to come back on Tuesday to see him again.

•    After I hang up the phone, I tried to compose myself and I called my lawyer’s office spoke to his secretary about what he said, and let her know that he was blaming her for this “mistake”. She was floored and said as far as she knew I owed nothing. Then realizing her boss was blaming her, she regrouped and said yes she knows, that she didn’t know about this mistake but now she knows. Again making no sense.

•    It was so transparent and fake, and so insulting to my intellect that I could barely control my emotions as I wanted to cry because of the deceit and stress these people were putting me through. that I let her know that I will not be paying a  cent more and that I wanted these so called “new”, mistake charges of $930.00 in writing, because I will be going back to the bar Tuesday and I will leave no stone unturned to get justice.

•    After that call my lawyer called me back and tried to explain this “charge” saying that the mistake was that she his secretary forgot to add property transfer tax. But since he does not like stress and drama in his life, he would take the “expense” and pay the $930.00.  As I said I wasn’t going to and since I have a receipt saying paid in full.

•    I hung up the phone, completely emotionally drained. Spoke to a new friend who happens to be a lawyer, he asked me to give him the break down of what I paid my lawyer, and for what each payment was for and how much each payment was. I gave him this information and I was then told that not only had my lawyer overcharged me about twice as much as what he was able to do under the law, when I paid him last year, but that he tried to get even more money today, June 6, 2012 for a fee that does not exist, due to the fact that property transfer tax is only paid on land for or over 150,000.00.

•    I am so stressed and angry. My lawyer ripped me off and has the nerve to say he wants no stress in his life, while hurting and ripping off and causing stress to the people he represents who are not only his clients but also his constitutes, because yes he is my parliamentary representative.

•    I want justice, I want my title deeds and I want all of the money that he has over charge me for back. Also I want people to see my lawyer for who he truly is.


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26 responses to “My lawyer, a Member of Parliament, took my money but didn’t complete a real estate transaction

  1. rastaman

    Sounds like the CLICO saga over again.


    UDC and no other have land to sell
    UDC Land Bank with no deeds
    Keith M. lawyer for the UDC also and other working have no land , act as land lords to get paid
    Ask Richard Byer and other good crook
    get the names and check for a deed,
    go back 40 years you will see you , who you giving rent to dont own the
    Denis Beckles on King Street call him ,
    Bajan Free Press you think this is a joke ,, need to check your own deeds 246 429 6354
    more then 55 pounds of deed that the GOVT , remove or hide from their records, stop giving your money to lawyer and fake land lords set up by Mr Ford of land tax and Mark Cummings of town and country. How you think they own so much , Their check dont add up unless they selling drugs also?

  3. Mervyn Corbin

    If you can’t disclosed the name of the Lawyer how do you expect others to know the identity of this alledged crook.

  4. Pieter Pieper

    This case cries out for immediate justice especially given the length of time that has elapsed,but NOTE THE RUNAROUND AND FRUSTRATION this poor victim is encountering! So very COMMON and so very NORMAL !
    People are finding it pointless to complain to the Chief Justice,Registrar,Barbados Bar Association or any other “authority”especially when and where crooked lawyers have political clout or connections. And while “naming and shaming “crooked lawyers by making their names public would be helpful to the public, the media is afraid to do so primarily because of perceived legal ramifications but also,in some cases,because of friendship or family connections with the same dishonest lawyers.Moreover, the Barbados Bar Association would never approve of such action and there is the added fear that a complainant’s life may be threatened.
    This is “independent” Barbados !

  5. opportunity to lead

    Here is a great opportunity for the CJ to immediately name the lawyer and suspend his right to practice until a full inquiry is heard and ruled on. That inquiry would be open to the public.

  6. Nostradamus

    We need to know the name of that laywer…and he is a member of Parliament…oh pardon me an Honourabel member of Parliament!


    Takes Bets its a he , S -L or M-L?

  8. Why do we need layers to transfer property we own or want to by is beond me, we need a real system that prevents layers from stealing funds and paying for they houses and cars. A Title should be at the registery a person should have access to his tile for a 10 dollar fee he shoud be able to sell his own property using the title at the registry by exchanging certified checks (money orders) and singing over the title and have the registrar stamp it and produce a new title in the new owner name. That way you dont need the lawyer to do anything. I sold and bought land like that before. Title searches should be online by anyone with a computer and print the deed the same time, give me that job,

  9. Pieter Pieper

    @ opportunity to lead.
    If you really believe that anything of the sort will occur then you must believe that the world will end on December 21 2012 ! Things will remain the same.
    Don’t hold your breath ! Great idea but it’ll never happen !
    @ Mr.Mark Grannum
    and how would lawyers be able to steal,sorry, make a living ?

  10. robert ross

    If we do not name names, what chance of progress is there? This becomes just another anecdote which takes us nowhere very much and does not require hearing the other side either. So it’s ‘bad’ on two fronts.

  11. This I know is truth

    The lawyer is Mr. Kenneth Best, DLP MP

  12. countryview

    The Best way to deal with a teef is to lock him up!

  13. @peter Lawyers do have real work to do, Court , what this would do is remove the ones who take people money, this is posible a law could be inplace to establish that all new sales be titled with trasferiable deeds at the regestry, removal of the law that says you need 2 lawers to sell what is your, I dont need a lawer to buy or sell a car, and force the regestey department to enter the 21 st. centrery by scaning exiting deeds and puting them in title format I saw the software at work in Boston.

  14. robert ross

    @ This I know

    Thankyou for this. Now what do we know about him?

  15. Pieter Pieper

    @Mr.Mark Grannum
    There are

  16. Pieter Pieper

    @Mr.Mark Grannum
    Cancel at this time.

  17. robert ross

    We have a very odd situation. A similar post appeared on BU but ‘David’ resolutely refuses to name names. I respect that. But it does raise a fundamental point. Why bother with an underground free press if ‘naming’ is not part of the process? As someone asked here, if you don’t ‘name’ what can be done? Well, one answer is to say that the process will take care of itself since the aggrieved has taken his matter to the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association – well I suppose he has. But how long will that take? Moreover, it might be said that in some cases names are ‘dropped’ freely on the free presses – so what makes this case different fom those? But again, as Pieter says, there are quite possibly wider ramifications. So it is a difficult one, isn’t it?

    In this case, the aggrieved has written “I want people to see my lawyer for who he truly is’. Well, someone has named him. Arguably, if that’s right, it stops wild and perhaps unnecessarily hurtful allegations being made about others. It also means that Mr Best can, if he wishes, answer the allegations. And this is also the point – we are dealing with allegations not facts, at least not facts that have been proven. Now in the light of that, the question arises whether it was right to publish the post at all. Even had I felt aggrieved in this way, I don’t think I would have written about it to the free presses. But then again, to write entails a measure of courage which perhaps I don’t have. If it was wrong, then both free presses have committed a serious error of judgment. And so again, it is a difficult one isn’t it?

  18. great opportunity

    ” If it was wrong, then both free presses have committed a serious error of judgment”

    If Barbados had a legal profession with a self regulating transparent Discipline Committee and process, then blogs such as this would be unnecessary.


    Actually, to be precise, the earlier of December 21 2012 or when pigs fly.

  19. countryview

    If the facts cited on an underground blog are documented and evidenced ones, there will be no successful legal challenges by those the facts show to be guilty of immoral, unethical, dishonest and other egregious forms of behavior. We need to deflate the inflated egos and oh-so-proper social posturing of those predators who relentlessly feed on society.


    The lawyer is Mr. Kenneth Best, DLP MP
    He did the some bad deal on lightfoot lane in the city with Adams ..
    still up to the same mess, time to take money and no time to do the deal. in this case made up deed. Fraud papers.

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  24. Veronica Edwards

    All lawyers who steal clients money should be held down and their throats cut.

  25. why not have escrow accounts that is controlled by the banks
    here in los Angeles we have many escrow offices that’s controlled by the bureau of real estate.

  26. what can we do to stop these crooked lawyers.