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Nation News finally does story on Miles Robertson, Adele’s musical director

Now if we can only get the Barbados Tourism Authority to wake up…

When golden-voiced Adele won big at the Grammys, The Nation did a huge spread on her music and her life…

… but The Nation said not one word about the Barbados-Adele connection:  musical director and Bajan Miles Robertson, who as much as anyone helped Adele to achieve all that she could with the talent she is blessed with.

Barbados Free Press covered the story at the time last February and posted Meet Adele’s musical director: Barbadian Miles Robertson. We also lamented that the Barbados Tourism Authority seems incapable of capitalizing on positive breaking news that is in any way linked to Barbados…

“Maybe we at BFP missed it, but at the moment Miles Robertson with his Adele connection sure looks like another opportunity missed by the BTA at a time when our country needs all the positive vibes and publicity we can get.”

So now The Nation has, as predicted by one of BFP’s readers, followed BFP’s lead and done a feature story on Miles Robertson.

The remaining question is whether or not the Barbados Tourism Authority has what it takes to embrace the free opportunities that come our way. Adrian Loveridge had some thoughts on that back in February. We wonder if Adrian has seen any progress since then.

The Nation: Going Miles with his music


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The great multi-million dollar VAT tax rip-off

UPDATED: June 1, 2012

A BPF regular asks…

“Dear friends at BFP,
It would be interesting to ask WHAT proportion of the increased VAT collected came from the higher electricity and fuel (petrol, diesel etc) prices and did this make up for the much lower level of corporate taxes paid over this period.
Just asking!”

Where does the Finance Minister think this money comes from?

by Colin Leslie Beadon

“Vat Increase brings in Millions” crows the Minister of Finance, headlines Advocate May 30th. And where does he think these millions come from. His crowing is a disgusting abomination. The millions don’t come from the European Union, or the Canadians, or the USA, China, or Russia. These millions come from you and me, dear citizen, from the wealthy, the poor, and the in-between. But they hit the poor and the middle class the most, and these are the backbone of the Island.

And just where will all these ‘millions more’ go?

That is the prime question. They won’t go to pay back what has been taken out of the N.I.S. National Insurance Scheme. Oh no, never happen, they won’t go there. They will go into making more committees, to accomplish more nothings, and other such frugalities. They won’t go into helping us grow our own food, or put more money in the pockets of working people, nor into the pockets of the average citizen, because that is where the extra VAT is coming from and who it is effecting the hardest.

In other words, it is a political way to rip off the citizens of this island, and, …. get away with it.

Further Reading

Hey folks! You know we don’t like to re-print entire articles from other sources, but with The Nation and The Advocate we have to because they regularly modify and delete stories to suit the changing agendas.

Please go to The Nation to read $1.3b in VAT

… but if it is not there, you can read it here:

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