Congratulations to us! BFP published 4,800 posts

Okay, okay… self congratulations and awards are hardly modest, but as our sometimes friend Kurt would say: “Nevermind”.

I’d like to point out to Marcus and the rest of the world that the recent BFP post Grenville Phillips II: “I’ll run as a candidate for Parliament if …”

… is the 4,800th post since Barbados Free Press went live on January 17, 2006.



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8 responses to “Congratulations to us! BFP published 4,800 posts

  1. rastaman

    Congrats and continue the good work.

  2. John

    I remember the early days well … great fun and a breath of fresh air.


  3. countryview

    Well done, continue letting the voices of the people to be heard and the facts be known.

  4. Vezlo

    Hello BFP,

    I was flabergasted to see you posted 4800 stories but I figured it out and that is a little over 2 a day since you debuted.

    Will you make your 10th anniversary? I think so if they doan get you. They would dearly love to get you. They = DLP and BLP.

    Good luck!

  5. robert ross

    Yes…well done and DV more to come.

  6. robert ross

    @ John

    Are you the John I know on the St Winifred’s thing?

  7. John

    The said one.

  8. robert ross

    I’m glad. I always enjoy reading you.