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Grenville Phillips II: “I’ll run as a candidate for Parliament if …”

“Grenville… have you ever thought of running as an independent candidate for Parliament? Go ahead, put your name on the ballot. Don’t even bother with a traditional campaign. You might be very surprised by what happens.”

Barbados Free Press to Grenville Phillips II in our post One man takes on the cause: Most houses in Barbados unsafe construction

Grenville Phillips II lays out what it will take to get him to run…


I apologize for this delayed response to your suggestion that I consider running as an Independent candidate, but I had to carefully count the cost – which I have done.

As I pondered your suggestion, coincidentally, the same day’s Nation newspaper (Saturday Sun 26 May 2012) reported Gray ‘Doc’ Brome’s response to similar encouragements:

“Not interested. Not interested in the least. I’m disgusted with politics. I’m disgusted with politicians.”

Gray ‘Doc’ Brome as quoted in The Nation

If what followed was accurately reported, then in my opinion, Brome provided the most informed and honest summary analysis of the Barbados political system, that has been unmatched by my reading of any of the popular political scientists over the past 25 years. Brome’s analysis is instructive, since he appeared to have entered the political system with a desire to help people advance. The newspaper reported the following.

“Brome blames people who enter politics for personal empowerment only for a lot of the problems facing the average constituent today.”

Brome determined that it was in the politician’s best interest to keep people living “hand-to-mouth” “from pay check to pay cheque”, and concluded that the entitlement culture “had reduced the entrepreneurial spirit among young people.”

In Barbados, we have seen politicians appear to attempt to ruin the reputations of anyone not in their current favour and without warning. They appear to use rhetorical language to divide us rather than unite us in a common goal. The question that I have periodically asked myself is: Why?

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