Barbados Family Planning Association selectively aborting girl babies upon request?

Gendercide: selective abortion of females when parents want sons

In the latest in the ongoing war against women, Planned Parenthood in Texas is caught on video encouraging a woman to obtain a late-term abortion because she is purportedly carrying a girl and wants to have a boy. The video is first in a new series titled “Gendercide: Sex-Selection in America,” exposing the practice of sex-selective abortion in the United States and how Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry facilitate the selective elimination of baby girls in the womb.

Does the Barbados Family Planning Association engage in sex-selection abortion?

It’s not illegal here in Barbados where, to be truthful, not much is illegal and our medical profession is only loosely regulated and then in the most casual manner.

And seeing as how the Barbados Family Planning Association is closely aligned with and receives awards and funding from Planned Parenthood of America, we’d like some rock solid public statements from George Griffith and the BFPA that they NEVER abort unborn babies on the basis of gender.

Then again, we also asked Griffith and his abortion organization to stop taking money from Planned Parenthood of America because the money was probably donated to selectively target black babies for destruction…

Black Genocide: Abortion is the number one killer of Blacks North America and the Caribbean.

Back in 2008 we told Bajans of how Planned Parenthood accepted donations from racist whites for the specific purpose of aborting black babies.

As we said at the time:

So once again we ask… now that it has been proven that Planned Parenthood accepts donations to be used only to abort black race babies, we call upon the Barbados Family Planning Association…

1/ Refute the Planned Parenthood award.

2/ Give back the US$25,000 cash donation and any other monies received from Planned Parenthood.

3/ Publicly sever ties with this racist group.

Move ’em in and move ’em out…

Youth Worker: Women In Barbados Not Counseled Before or After Abortion, PLUS… Abortions Provider George Griffith Talks About Profits Being Made From Abortions


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3 responses to “Barbados Family Planning Association selectively aborting girl babies upon request?

  1. Joseph Herbert

    Abortions after 20 weeks gestation are illegal in Barbados unless in the circumstances where the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. Three independent physicians must agree that this criteria is met. Sex can only be reliably determined after 20 weeks…

    You can inform yourselves about law related to abortions in Barbados by reading an accurate summary in a UN document. See the link below.

  2. Clanger

    Isn’t it funny in this day of knowledge about everything delivered via the internet to anyone that we never hear about fetal pain?

    Babies in the womb are able to learn, hear and react to external stimuli from 15 weeks on. Mothers sing to their babies in the womb from early on because they know this calms the little ones.

    But if we want to get rid of the baby, we don’t call it a baby: we call it a fetus.

    We don’t want to contemplate the excruciating pain the baby feels as it is being torn limb from limb in a fully conscious state.

    That’s just the truth and it is true.

  3. victor

    There’s a worldwide practice of aborting female children in India and China in particular but not just those countries, also in the West. Why do these mothers either allow it to happen or are forced to do so? Already in China and India where the practise is common, there’s a dearth of brides, to the extent where in remote areas girls are kidnapped to become some guy’s “bride”. Female foetuses survive better than male ones in the womb so that’s why the gender balance of survival is normally in favour of female births. If we interfere in that balance (52% successful females birth) and if we continue to abort female embryos there will be a serious drop in the number of child-bearing women alive. Although the practice in abhorrent and unfair it might reduce the numbers of Chinese and Indians born, let alone the numbers in the rest of the world. Is this a natural reaction to over-population growth? We shall have to wait and see how the shortage of girlfriends and wives impacts on our menfolk….will they become gay? Will they resort to kidnapping, rape or other forms of violence to plant their seed? Or will they nobly fight off the urge to adopt any of the above life-styles and demand an end to sexing the unborn children they have helped to make? The world waits to hear…