Why did our Minister of Works and Transport endorse this technology company? Does he own stock?

BREAKING HOT NEWS: Company paid up to $100,000 to certain websites to promote this stock! Did they pay anything to Minister of Transport John Boyce or any other Bajan? See end of story for details.

“Utilizing the Start FEED unit in Barbados on our government vehicles will result in tremendous fuel costs savings, in addition to major reductions of toxic automobile emissions and assist the government in accomplishing the goal of a cleaner and healthier Barbados.”

Hon. Mr. John Boyce, Minister of Works and Transport as quoted in a press release and stock prospectus for Great Wall Builders Ltd.

Did Barbados Minister John Boyce receive any gift or benefit from Start Technologies or Great Wall Builders Ltd.?

A new stock is in play. Press releases and a stock prospectus were sent out hyping new technology that is claimed to improve fuel efficiency by 20%. The miracle aftermarket gadget “uses a high-voltage electric current to break long-chain hydrocarbon molecules into shorter, lighter more volatile molecules.”

Why didn’t Detroit or Toyota think of this? Because they are stupid, that’s why! In 100 years of internal combustion engine development nobody has thought of this…

except… there have been many similar devices in history making the same claims about using electric current to modify the properties of fuel. There are even websites where engineers debunk this type of claim that electricity will change the molecular structure of fuel and result in significant mileage increases.

Not to worry though: the Barbados Minister of Transport attests that the technology works. And it’s not just Bajan citizen John Boyce saying this: he is a Minister of the Government of Barbados and representative of the entire country, so his claim must be true… right? It must be because the credibility of our country and the government rests upon Mr. Boyce’s endorsement.

Some engineers and scientists disagree with Minister Boyce. They say that claims of 20% increase in mileage are not scientifically possible and that these devices are scams…

“The unburnt fuel in the exhaust (even before the cat) represents 1 or 2% at most of the input fuel. If you factor in the energy in the CO emissions, the figure still only rises to 3% maximum. So even if the fuel “saving” device could totally eliminate unburnt fuel and CO in the exhaust, and give an absolutely 100% complete burn, you would only save 3% of fuel. Claims that 10%, 20% or even more of the fuel is not burnt and escapes into the exhaust are entirely false…”

From Tony’s Guide to Fuel saving gadgets

Why are my warning antennae up and pulsating?

The press release by GWBU reports that the Barbados Ministry of Transport and Works tested this new technology over a 2 month period and confirmed the claims of the company. Imagine what a 20% fuel saving could do for the world! With that kind of savings the West could tell the Arabs to shove it where the sun doan shine. That would be the end of the UK’s travel duty. Cruise ships will flock to Bim because they will use 20% less fuel.

This is big. Really big… and the stock price soared!

So the stock price of GWBU must go up… and up it went! Nine cents a share to a buck seventy three in a few of weeks!

I wonder if Transport Minister Boyce or his family members or close friends have any of this stock?

Good. That’s great to see entrepreneurship and progressive capitalism at its best: making money and saving the planet.

Hey… Minister Boyce… we are saving the planet with this device, right?

Just a few questions Minister Boyce. We know you’ll take the time to answer them because although your government promised to implement Freedom of Information Legislation within the first 100 days of office, your government didn’t do that in almost five years because you were really busy with (fill in the answer here.)

But the DLP government is committed to transparency and accountability – with or without legislation – so we know that you will take the time to answer a few questions…

Dear Minister Boyce:

1/ Did you or your family members have any GWBU stock? How many shares? Waddya pay per share?

2/ Did Barbados pay for the gas saving devices and installation on the Ministry’s vehicles?

3/ How did you and your Ministry become involved with this company and the technology?

4/ Have you or any family members or friends received any gifts, consulting contracts or any benefits from anyone associated with this company?

5/ Are there any ethical considerations with your endorsement of a corporation and the promotion of its stock?

6/ What reports, tests and examinations did Barbados perform prior to your official endorsement of this company, technology and stock? Did you do any backgrounds on the principals of the company? Was the Prime Minister and Cabinet aware of this arrangement prior to your official endorsement of the technology and stock?

7/ Do any other members of the government or their spouses own any of this GWBU stock? What price did they pay for it and when did they purchase it?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond to our questions, Minister Boyce.

BREAKING HOT NEWS: The Small Cap Network is reporting that Great Wall Builders paid up to $100,000 for certain websites to pump their stock. Yup… just like Minister of Transport Boyce is doing.

Was John Boyce paid to pump the stock? Was he paid to allow the Ministry of Transport vehicles to be used in the test?

Without Integrity Legislation, there’s no offense! Without a Freedom of Information Act Bajans will never receive an answer to these basic and important questions.

On Tuesday, clean tech fuel efficiency stock Great Wall Builders (OTC: GWBU) surged 41.28% – meaning its probably worth taking a closer look at it along with two apparent peers, Fuel Systems Solutions (NASDAQ: FSYS) and International Fuel Technology (OTC: IFUE). So just what is Great Wall Builders and why did it surge? According to Google Finance, the company focuses on providing homes with solar integrated system in Texas but a search for a website reveals that the company now appears to be called Start Technologies Europe I.G. which bills itself as a clean-tech company focused on reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. Furthermore and according to recent press releases, Great Wall Builders has just acquired all of the assets of dPollution International, the owner of the intellectual property, manufacturing rights and marketing rights to the Start Fuel Efficiency and Emission Device (FEED) unit. Specifically, the so-called FEED is a “patent pending” aftermarket device which supposedly improves the combustibility of gas or diesel fuels in internal combustion engines. However, further digging reveals a disclosure about a transaction worth up to $100,000 for certain sites to promote the stock. Hence, I am pretty skeptical that Great Wall Builders will hold onto its gains and the stock was falling as much as 8% in after hours trading.

… from the SmallCap Network



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15 responses to “Why did our Minister of Works and Transport endorse this technology company? Does he own stock?

  1. rastaman

    We will never know.!!!!!

  2. robert ross

    My, that was a sound piece of work. BGWU sounds dodgy given its background. It’s share price is now falling. There are suggestions of handouts for advertising. We don’t know what tests were completed over two months or on what vehicles or at what cost. The industry dismisses the claims for these devices by not using them. High-tech Barbados appears to be the first to recognise their value. So we lead the rest of the world?

    So yes: there are critical questions, aren’t there? And BFP rightly asks them.

  3. West Side Davie

    That’s a great piece of reporting by the barbados free press. Thank you for continuing to cover the news that our worthless newspapers won’t.

  4. what will they think of next

    No matter what the issue is some one will disagree with it. So this is nothing new.
    They are even people who disagree with Barbados Free Press, imagine that!
    Did Barbados Free Press got a kick back from WordPress to start a WordPress blog?
    Barbados Free Press always gave plugs to Peach and Quiet, did Barbados Free Press get kick backs from Peach and Quiet?
    It makes no sense seeing monsters behind every tree.

  5. Anonymous42

    There may not be monsters behind every tree but somebody needs to keep looking just so that the monsters have something to think about and don’t get too comfortable.

    Watching monsters is a worthwhile community service. More people should do it.

    Always remember that night runs until day catches it. Night is running now.

  6. rastaman

    @Annonymous42 : You mean day is starting to catch it.

  7. Anonymous42

    rastaman – I sure hope so!

  8. robert ross

    @ Anon

    Couldn’t agree more.

  9. BA 88/98

    Back to the original question: Why did our Transport Minister do this endorsement? What was the benefit to Barbados from his endorsement? Or, was it a benefit to himself or a family member through the increased value of the stock? (9 cents a share to a dollar and a half virtually overnight. Somebody made big money! Did the Transport Minister or his family or friends make money?)

    Obviously Minister Boyce’s endorsement was valuable because it appears in press releases and throughout the company investment literature and website.

    Did Minister Boyce alert any of his fellow MPs to let them get in on the profits? Did the company give any campaign donation to the DLP before or after the endorsement?

    These are not fake questions by nervous people seeing monsters: these are questions by citizens who realize that soft corruption and tit-for-tat politics have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from the public in the last ten or fifteen years.

    Shame on those who seek to deflect these questions about what ails Bajan democracy and weakens our future.

  10. Bajan 101

    sounds like a load of crap. where is the evidence? could have used any Ministers name. JB did not utter those words.

  11. Passin thru

    Bajan 101 tries the anonymous comment defence routine saying that John Boyce didn’t say the words that the company says he did.

    OK Bajan 101, I’ll bite: When will we expect to see the press release from Minister Boyce explaining that he did not say those words? When will we see the press release confirming that neither he nor his relatives or friends have any stock in this company, that they never made money from the company and that they never received any gift etc?

    This would be covered under the anti-corruption law and freedom of information law that the lying DLP promised to make law within 100 days of election. It would have been covered in the Ministerial Rules and Conduct Code that was promised to be implemented on the first day in office.

    DLP lied so that John Boyce and his fellow ministers could keep doing what our politicians do best.

    I think you lie Bajan 101. I think you are making up shite, throwing it around and hope to confuse Bajans who know corruption when they see it and we see it here and with the DLP MPs

  12. Clanger

    “Back to the original question: Why did our Transport Minister do this endorsement? ”

    Good question and one that the Minister should have to answer!

    Too bad we can’t rely upon the BLP opposition to ask the question. They wouldn’t dare because of their own record and behaviour.

  13. SteveP

    The Barbados “experiment” is being used World-Wide now to entice others to invest ‘before the stock goes up like a rocket’. I suspect Barbados was chosen for it’s relative isolation and therefore the inability of many to investigate the claims for themselves! A publication like Car and Driver would have had more credence.

  14. Mark Fenty

    There must be disagreement within our democratic system of government, because if all thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking at all. Isn’t
    disagreement the essence that gives our democracy that equilibrium?

  15. jennifer

    2 things got my attention guick. The location….. Barbados and
    testing time…2 months. lol..how many cars are there in the entire contury…lol. The pennystock.com newsletter had it listed,

    Check out all stock before you invest.