Disillusioned DLP members plan election day picnic!

Submitted by a DLP member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Name withheld by BFP editors

Dear Marcus:

You know who I am and that I have been a faithful DLP member and supporter (as in money and time) for as long as anybody including me can remember. Please keep my name to yourself for obvious reason.

After 52 months in office and having been in opposition for the last 14 years, our Democratic Labour Party MPs seem not to have come to grips with the fact that we are now the new Government in power. A number of members and supporters of this party are catching hell trying to find work and all we are getting are promises and “a lot of long talk”, but you can’t take the promises to the supermarket.

If you check the statutory corporations, we still have a large number of BLP members and supporters on these boards after over four years and we still feel like we are in opposition. It is time that DLP members both on the front and back benches are reminded that it is us the party members and supporters who put them there and not “God”, so stop treating us like strangers, because 5 years will be up next year, and we will know what to do.

I am calling on you Mr. Prime Minister as leader to meet with your disillusioned DLP members and supporters. The ministers we try to talk with are always promising to call you back, and they don’t have the decency to return your call, and I think that it is time for some of them to be fired.

As of today, I and more than a few fellow disillusioned DLP members and supporters have decided that come election day, we are going to have a picnic on the East Coast Road from 7 A.M to 8 P.M., so that we can mobilize ourselves into playing a vital role on that day.

By having a picnic and doing nothing else except enjoy ourselves.

Yours faithfully,

Disagreeable, Disillusioned Member of the Democratic Labour Party


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10 responses to “Disillusioned DLP members plan election day picnic!

  1. 55

    All I would say to you, is this, if you think it is bad now, what do you think will happen when you and your other disillusioned folk refuse to vote on election day. I am a DLP member too and like you I feel the sense of dissatisfaction, but let us consider what we are doing if we refuse to vote come election day. Historically the DLP is defeated when their supporters refuse to come out and vote, while the BLPites come out and vote regardless.

    let us look at the bigger picture and recognise that even if the BLP was to win the election, I do not see Owen Arthur staying around for much longer, So this election is an election for the new leadership of the BLP not its old guard. The question that needs to be asked is whether or not it is wise to give the government back to a group of people who had 14 years and were alllegedly all millionaires. So rather than holding a picnic you should encourage your colleagues to support the party through thick and thin

  2. D

    there is more thin than thick going on around the DLP

  3. Mark Fenty

    All I’ve heard thus far is a generation of “(Cry-Babies)” who can offer no solutions to the current economic crisis, but Criticism, condemnation, and vitiation. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a perfect government within the context of human reality. The closest we can get towards perfection in
    terms of human- government is within the confines of our imagination. So with this in mind, It is time that we grow a pair of “Balls”, and ride out the vicissitudes of this crisis, or else offer real and meaningful solutions to avert it . Charles Dickens said long ago that, “Tough time doesn’t last forever, but tough people do.”

  4. Mark Fenty

    Utopianism, in terms of human government is a drama played out exclusively within the confines of our imagination. There is not such thing as pulling a “Genie” out of a bottle, who can solve all conditions with afflicts human- government. In any event, it is crucially important that we learn how to distinguish between the “Real”and the “Ideal”.

  5. St George's Dragon

    Its interesting that no-one has commented on the main thrust of this post – the fact that the Government has not ejected enough BLP supporters in order to give their jobs to DLP people.
    Does no-one else find such pork barrel political thinking despicable.
    I want to support the party that does what is right for the Country – and that means looking after all its people equally.

  6. 246

    Its interesting that no-one has commented on the main thrust of this post – the fact that the Government has not ejected enough BLP supporters in order to give their jobs to DLP people.
    Does no-one else find such pork barrel political thinking despicable.
    I want to support the party that does what is right for the Country – and that means looking after all its people equally.

    THANK YOU….To dismiss BLP members just to replace them with DLP members, would be playing the SAME DIRTY Game as the BLP…..IT’s just we BAJANS can NEVER be pleased with anything…Look at the amount of things that the DLP did in only 4 yrs in comparison to the BLP in 14 yrs…..Look at the amount of money the BLP had, and wasted in that time, Look at the DEPT it left this country in,along with selling our National Bank..Only country that its National Bank is owned by another country….. the unfinished over priced with millions in cost over-runs projects that the DLP had to finish, and dept that this DLP admiinstration has to repay, ( ALL DLP projects finished on or before time, no cost over-runs)..with a WORLD Economic disaster to contend with,..yet, building houses, finding lands, have NOT sent home one (1) person from the public service, and keeping the economy afloat, with NO Natural resources, and foreign investors still seeing it as the best place to invest… I must agree that the DLP don’t run to the media every time they fix a road, build a house or do anything for anybody, like the BLP, and that is why some supporters may be feeling edgy, but just check around….What more can this DLP government do…..NONE are Christs…..they are only human, and have to contend with ungreatful Bajans that are brain-washed by the BLP yard fowls…..I look at things from the REAL side, NOT the Party side….and I DON’T see any government that can do better in these challenging times…just read the news, mighty Britain falling, Greece in disaster after disaster, USA no better off, Russia in trouble, France no better, Spain in a mess…all them wealthy and industrial countries in trouble and economies collapsing…and little we, tiny we, that no bigger than a small town in some countries, having NO Natural resources to rely on, holding our own….Be real …Be very Real…

  7. what will they think of next

    So are you calling for a witch hunt?
    Fire everyone who is or is suspected of being a BLP member or supporter?
    This will help, how?


    dont eat the food . bring your own drink

  9. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My My DLP even leaving out their own party faithfuls. Looks to me like they worse then that other lot who ensured that their faithfuls got jobs and alot of money to go along with it too. Poor DLP, take care that your roosters don’t crow Cock-ka-doodle Beeee Owen fuh We

  10. Anonymous

    I agree with Mr Fenty. I just hope that thee ingrunt bajans come out and vote on election day and give this government an opportunity to prove that they have as much brains as the next part to run this government. Bajans have such short memories, the people rape the country for 14 years and all of a sudden the rapist are the prefered, a case of give us Barabas all over again