Former Barbados Housing Minister Gline Clarke says take land from the rich and give it to the poor – Refuses to answer how he lived on expropriated land!

Housing Minister Clarke’s love nest on expropriated land. Barbados news media let it pass!

Clarke a never ending source of entertainment

What do you call a Minister of Government who lives in a house built on land expropriated for ‘public housing’ by his own government? You call him corrupt, that’s what!

This is the same Gline Clarke, the same Barbados politician who announced to the world last August that rich whites aren’t welcome in his Barbados…

“Mister Speaker, I am appalled. I am really appalled that a government in two thousand and eleven would be dealing with a group of white, conservative, rich people.”

“If the member want me to withdraw ‘conservative’ I will withdraw it and substitute it with the word ‘rich’, I will substitute it with ‘a group of rich white boys’…”

MP Gline Clarke, former Minister of Public Works, expresses his disgust in Parliament that the current DLP government would do business with people of the white race.

Barbados Member of Parliament: Rich whites not welcome

Gline Clarke is back at it again – telling the local news media that government needs to be more ‘progressive’. By that he means that the Government of Barbados should take land from private owners through force of law, not pay them for it (or delay for a decade or more as is usual) and then build houses on the land for Members of Parliament and their mistresses – just like Clarke did for himself. Not that you’d know that from the island news media.

Who would begrudge a poor man like Gline Clarke a place to park his Mercedes?

A call to nationalize large tracks of privately-held land should attract foreign capital, do you think?

Clarke is a moron in election mode!

Man, this corrupt Owen Arthur gang never changes – but if you vote BLP, at least you know what you’re getting! It’s almost like they are honest because they tell you up front that they are dishonest!



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21 responses to “Former Barbados Housing Minister Gline Clarke says take land from the rich and give it to the poor – Refuses to answer how he lived on expropriated land!

  1. Moneybrain

    Are you saying that this joker is no Robin Hood BUT the Sheriff of Nottingham?
    This reminds me of the story of 2 fellas in a Rum Shop talking about the redistribution of wealth in Bim. Clarkey eventually convinces Braff to support the idea of dividing the islands wealth equally on a per capita basis.

    However, Braff snaps another seethru and chases with a Banks giving him enough time to conjure up the critical question, ” Clarkey, so we all have the same money and since this Rum Shop is owned by the former richest man in this village,( Mr Alleyne) and all o we gin still come down here drinking every night, what we gin do when Mr Alleyne becomes the richest man bout here again?” Clarkey says, ” divide up again”.

    Braff looks at Clarkey in total disbelief and comments in no uncertain terms, ” corblumma you like you gone mad ass rasshole or whoa”.

    This is the simple explanation as to why redistribution of wealth can never work. Governments job is NOT to redistribute wealth it is to foster an environment where the children of the poorest members of society through medical, educational and other beneficial programs can achieve their highest potential and become doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc. The good news is that many Bajans over the last 50 yrs have achieved at the highest levels from a very low start in life.

    Improve the policies to raise Bajans to a higher level BUT it would be very stupid to pull down the successful business people who have the top flight entrepreneurial talent and PENALISE them for SUCCESS/ CREATING JOBS. Did such ridiculous policies raise the standard of living in Guyana or Jamaica from the late 1960s to the present day?

  2. robert ross

    The post is a Yeah and so also the Moneybrain response.Thankyou.

  3. 189

    expropriated land=Expropriation is the politically motivated and forceful confiscation and redistribution of private property outside the common law. Unlike eminent domain or laws regulating the foreign investment,
    expropriation takes place outside the common law and may be used to denote an armed robbery by revolutionaries. The term appears as “expropriation of expropriators (ruling classes)” in Marxist theory, and also as the slogan “Loot the looters!”, very popular during the Russian October Revolution
    Well , you all now will know what happen to the plantations of Barbados
    Fraud. making up laws and ways to enrich them selves
    Ask the big man for his deed or see if it recorded and where , let us see the history of his deed.

  4. anonymous42

    The Government been expropriating poor peoples’ land for private development for years now without paying for it. This made a few tiefing small people big ups. so what you going do now?

  5. Bajan 101

    Gline is a racist clown. I paint Owen Arthur and the Bees with the same brush. Not a vote from me. I rather stay with DLP minus Freundel though!

  6. countryview

    Hey, its the silly season folks! Its reasonable to expect the politicians to make all kinds of outrageous, “silly” remarks to attract attention which will hopefully garner votes. Then they never deliver! Simples, innit?

  7. cknight

    Check the other ministers and tell me he is the first to do it ! Get real!!! Wrong it is– but the first time it is not, nor will it be the last. Todays polititians are there only what they can take from us. It is not about allegiance to country,upholding honor and God forbid to do credit to the nation.

  8. Mark Fenty

    cknight, I agree wholeheartedly my friend. It is this culture of corruption that fuels the political engine in our modern times.

  9. Is Gline Clarke related to Mortimer Clarke ? Just asking !

  10. countryview

    M personal preference is to always deal with an honest thief than a stupid, sincere honest man…the former will get things done and the latter will screw up reading the Lord’s Prayer…sincerely, always.

  11. rastaman

    @country view: Explain to me what is an “HONEST” thief?

  12. countryview

    rastaman, an “honest thief” is one who steals gas from the engine but leaves enough for the engine to keep working and knows where to get more gas when that runs out. In other words, he makes sure the system he steals from keeps on producing more so that it not only keeps working but also so that he can continue stealing from it. And he makes no bones to anyone about this. Awnstan??

  13. rastaman

    @country view: According to Wikipedia, Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and denotes virtuous attributes such integrity,truthfulness,straightforwardness along with the absence of lying ,cheating,or THEFT.

  14. countryview

    rastaman, the definition from a book often fails to encompass the factual complexities of society’s needs…that is how and why an oxymoron like “honest thief” explains it all…every time.

  15. rastaman

    Not neccessarily agreeing with the previous comments from Min Gline Clarke,but there may be some truth to his “RICH WHITE BOYS ” comment.
    Imagine Cheffette cannot find a poor BLACK driver to sponsor in the upcoming Rally Barbados.Not that there are many who can afford it!!!!

  16. countryview

    rastaman, Gline Clarke and any other person who plays the race card is an idiot looking to deceive the many…the FACT is that there is not ONE Caribbean born “white” or “black” person who can successfully pass a DNA test for being completely so…we are all shades of “a” color, no more and no less. “Whitish” and “blackish” is what it is and will always be, evermore. The real color that runs tings bowt heh, is “green”….race reference is a guarantee of idiocy, deception and an aversion to the facts. Lemme hear yuh now.

  17. rastaman

    @COUNTRY VIEW: Guess green and white go together better than green and black.then.

  18. countryview

    rastaman, guess again….look around without your blinkers on. Green and smart are the only successful “go”, I would agree to that.

  19. rastaman

    @countryview; you win

  20. countryview

    Done know.

  21. John Hanson 1781-1782, I SERVE 1788-1792 BARBADOES,

    Well the rich will soon take back ,