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Former Barbados Housing Minister Gline Clarke says take land from the rich and give it to the poor – Refuses to answer how he lived on expropriated land!

Housing Minister Clarke’s love nest on expropriated land. Barbados news media let it pass!

Clarke a never ending source of entertainment

What do you call a Minister of Government who lives in a house built on land expropriated for ‘public housing’ by his own government? You call him corrupt, that’s what!

This is the same Gline Clarke, the same Barbados politician who announced to the world last August that rich whites aren’t welcome in his Barbados…

“Mister Speaker, I am appalled. I am really appalled that a government in two thousand and eleven would be dealing with a group of white, conservative, rich people.”

“If the member want me to withdraw ‘conservative’ I will withdraw it and substitute it with the word ‘rich’, I will substitute it with ‘a group of rich white boys’…”

MP Gline Clarke, former Minister of Public Works, expresses his disgust in Parliament that the current DLP government would do business with people of the white race.

Barbados Member of Parliament: Rich whites not welcome

Gline Clarke is back at it again – telling the local news media that government needs to be more ‘progressive’. By that he means that the Government of Barbados should take land from private owners through force of law, not pay them for it (or delay for a decade or more as is usual) and then build houses on the land for Members of Parliament and their mistresses – just like Clarke did for himself. Not that you’d know that from the island news media.

Who would begrudge a poor man like Gline Clarke a place to park his Mercedes?

A call to nationalize large tracks of privately-held land should attract foreign capital, do you think?

Clarke is a moron in election mode!

Man, this corrupt Owen Arthur gang never changes – but if you vote BLP, at least you know what you’re getting! It’s almost like they are honest because they tell you up front that they are dishonest!



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Father of the bride and daughter dance at wedding. I love you too!

I saw this and couldn’t help myself. Had to post it.

Life can be good!

(Will I ever have a daughter or a son? Will I dance at their wedding? I guess I had better settle down.)



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What “special circumstances” make it okay to bite a police officer?

Barbados news media cooperates in the cover-up

by Holetown Brawler

The Court of Appeal is trying to suck and blow at the same time and with the help of the Barbados news media all they have done so far is to confuse the public, the police and the criminals.

Damien Omar Cummins bit a police officer and ripped off his shirt. For that he was sentenced to nine months in jail. Bite a police officer, go straight to jail. Fine. Everybody knows dats da rules!

But then the Court of Appeal quashed Cummins’ jail sentence – and then tried to say that wounding a police officer is serious business and people who do that can “generally” expect to go to jail.

“We consider a non-custodial sentence appropriate in the special circumstances of the case based on the information disclosed to this Court on the offences and the offender.” said the Court of Appeal.

That’s not good enough. Not by half.

Bajans deserve the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth. It is not enough for the Court of Appeal or the news media to gloss over this story.

It’s not good enough for the public – who rightfully wonder what happened. It’s not good enough for the police officers – who rightfully wonder what made the court decide that this wounding of a police officer was ‘okay’. It’s not good enough for the criminals who are wondering if the rules have changed and the Barbados courts have gone soft on harming a police officer.

Is this a cover-up of bad police behaviour? Is it a cover-up of mistakes made by the DPP? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MAKE IT “SPECIAL”?

The public, the police and the thugs on the block may agree that the Court of Appeal’s position is proper justice: but they can’t be kept in the dark by the court and the news media who say “Trust us.”

That “Trust us” business doesn’t fly anymore.

Bajans want to know, and deserve to know: What were the “special circumstances” that made it okay for Damien Omar Cummins to bite a police officer and not go to jail?

Further Reading

BFP, May 19, 2012: Barbados Appeal Court: No jail time for wounding a police officer

Hands Off!

The Nation

PEOPLE who inflict physical violence on police officers, public officials and other people in authority during the execution of their duties can “generally” expect a custodial sentence from the court.

This warning was recently issued by the Court of Appeal while handing down a decision on an appeal by a 27-year-old man against the nine months’ prison sentence he received for biting a police officer. Continue reading


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