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Hartley Henry and Owen Arthur in bed?

BFP Editor’s note: BFP often receives all kinds of wild speculation and talk – sometimes sent by ordinary folks, and other times sent by political people with a determined agenda. Sometimes we receive emails from crazy people and it’s difficult to tell who’s crazy and who is really an insider with a valid truth to tell.

Here is a little ditty supposedly sent to us by the folks at Honest Dominica.com. Did they really send it? Is there some truth in it? Is it simply false and crafted with a political agenda in mind?

Let’s have a talk about this…

“Hartley Henry has never been hot with the current PM of Barbados, Freundel Stuart. The question is whether Hartley has made or is making a new political bed with Owen Arthur?

It alleged that Owen had some serious dynamite to blow up the ruling party at the next election and it involves some issues featuring Hartley Henry.

This weekend, Owen Arthur is a guest and feature speaker at the Dominica Labour Party party convention. Coincidence?

Owen Arthur has been close to the Dominica Freedom Party and the United Workers Party so is it shocking that he is at a DLP convention and not even informing the party leaders. In fact, one of the party leaders tried contacting him a few weeks ago and Owen has failed to return his calls even though these guys have been friends for a very long time. In the past, Owen Arthur has been brutally critical of Roosevelt Skerrit.”


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