Concerns for Raul Garcia’s safety

Recent developments have made me increasingly concerned about the safety of Raul Garcia once he enters the special facility.

The facility was allegedly identified in a photo published in the ‘Sun’ newspaper two Sundays ago. It was stated as being close to the Garrison. It is, in fact, a bungalow surrounded only by a mesh fence. The ‘Sun’ stated that though Government had been “tight lipped” about the whereabouts of the facility, it had been able to acquire information about its whereabouts – from whom I wonder?

Now: over the past three weeks or so, both CBC and the ‘Nation’ have been publishing information about Raul which they are on notice is untrue; not least because when the Garcia story first broke, and was much discussed, various commentators made it abundantly clear that Raul was stateless. Indeed, that was the nub of his problem. A priest wrote in the Nation’s Thursday column for religious matters; another priest wrote in a guest column; and, of course, there were BFP’s own valiant efforts on Raul’s behalf and those of Commissiong. What has been happening of late, however,  belies everything which has gone before. First CBC and then the ‘Nation’ have recently reported as follows:

1. That Raul is “Cuban”.

2. That Raul is a “naturalized” US citizen.

3. That Raul is a convicted “drug trafficker”.

I can forgive the last error because one would have had to have read the report in his 1999 appeal to know that his original conviction for drug trafficking was held wrong in law by our Court of Appeal. Indeed, the facts of Raul’s case are not widely known anyway. The fact is that he never actually took possession of the physical contents of pacakages dropped from the air in a field in St Peter – only two of the packages themselves if the police story is accepted and as a jury found.

So, as I say,  both news media are now publishing  misinformation about Raul which initially they did not publish and even though now the facts are widely known. Various people known to me telephoned both CBC and the ‘Nation’ to set the record straight but that, seemingly, had no effect. Both media know very well how sensitive the public is to Raul’s situation and that, basically, it has little sympathy for him – which makes it all the more irresponsible of them now to publish untruths. When the ‘Sun’ published the photo of the facility, a blog on the item (in which, again, Raul was described as “Cuban” and a “naturalised” US citizen)  in the online ‘Nation’ reveals that only two bloggers were at all sympathetic to his plight. No blogs supportive of Raul were later published in the ‘Nation’ itself.

CBC would appear to be anti-Raul. Readers may remember a call-in programme some weeks back with Hal Gollop and Ms De Peiza  ‘moderated’ by Ms Alleyne on the Garcia saga. The programme came over as a broadcast on behalf of the DLP. Indeed, both Gollop and De Peiza are known as DLP supporters. Gollop, in particular, misrepresented the law by referring to the provisions of a treaty whiich did not apply to Raul. A friend who heard the programme was so incensed by it that he subsequently spoke to Ms Alleyne. It transpired that she had no sympathy for Raul either – and this from the so-called ‘moderator’.

And now, of course, we have the publication of Raul’s ‘safe-house’ – at a time when public opinion is being whipped up by the perpetration of lies. I would ask you to consider carefully the implications and possible motivations of and for this. Raul is clearly going to be a thorn in the flesh of any government in power unless passage can be found for him somewhere. The problem seems intractable – though I was hoping that the US, as the country with which for most of his life he has been most closely connected, would grant him entry. It is surely big enough and bold enough to do this.


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12 responses to “Concerns for Raul Garcia’s safety

  1. what will they think of next

    this foolishness again

  2. Mary

    So… where is he from?

  3. robert ross

    Garcia is Cuban born but lost that nationality by operation of Cuban law after his family moved to US when he was very young. In US he never became a naturalized citizen. He entered Barbados on fake Colombian papers with a confederate who is Columbian. The confederate was deported some years ago. The Garcia story is that he came here to set up business deals for the supply of emeralds. In fact, he employed a Barbadian lawyer to oversee the deals but was apprehended before anything came to fruition on those transactions.

  4. La Bouche

    @ What will they think of next

    “Foolishness” – dunno what’s “foolish” bout TRUTH for once. You prefer LIES do u? Is your life a ‘lie’?

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  6. cheryl

    This is sayin that the news media deliberatly stirrin up trouble for this guy and then publishin where he gonna be livin and knowin that nobody remembers anythin for more than 5 minutes so that we gonna forget he is statless. From what is said the house aint secure.

    So they provokin us and encouragin and maybe plannin for someone to cum with a gun. Then someone gonna say it was a drugs killin, was pay off time. An then we all gonna say was good riddance. Thats real clever. Sounds crazy don it but who knoiws. What they say bout Kennedy killin? That was politics as well.

  7. countryview

    Gollop has made a change from being a reasoned speaker to one who reels off his preferred outcomes in cliches and in contradiction to the intelligence of those who listen to him. He fools nobody and presents himself as more of a fool.

  8. robert ross

    @ Countryview

    Someone – fairly knoweldgeable about these things – suggested to me he’s close to the PM and might well be the next A-G. Is that accurate do you think?

  9. robert ross

    @ Cheryl

    My reading of this post is exactly as yours. The idea of an assassination would indeed solve the problems and there would be no serious ‘waves’ if it was all blamed on the drug lords and the Nation for disclosing the whereabouts of the residence. Of course, in that case it would be a government conspiracy.

    @ BFP

    Thankyou for alerting us to this. IF that is what it’s all about, then hopefully they will have to move to Plan B. I wonder what that is.

  10. A Gonner!

    Plan B: Barbados is no different from Haiti, Uganda, and the other backwards 4th world dictatorships. How appalling that the prime ministers (this one just like the one before…remember its 20+ years of incarceration) cannot follow the rule of law dictated by the courts.
    Barbados courts have already ruled on this! If Garcia dies, then the current Prime minister Freundel Stuart > (IDi Amin..Da-da) needs to be brought to The Hague! I’ll never set foot in this Misogynistic, child-hating phony, pretentious backward place where fire-hoses cannot be found!

  11. Justice for Raul Garcia

    It scares me to read all the comments. Raul Garcia is a son, a bother , a father and has many family members waiting for his release, just like any other prisoner in the world.

    To talk about him dying as if he was some sort of an animal it’s beyong me. I’m so glad I live in the United States of America, where once someone has served their sentence they are automaticly released.. If they are from another country , they are sent to that country, and if thet have no country, they are sent to an Inmigration Center and not for years and years like in this case.

    This case should have been dealt with two years ago. But a negligent system , full of red tape keeps Raul Garcia there. He should have been sent back to Miami Florida to an Inmigration prison so that real Inmmigration Attorney’s could have dealt with his case..

    This is no longer a criminal matter. This is an Inmmigration hold on a free man, who is not free because of a negligent Barbados systems.. That’s all this is…Don’t look for more excuses.. and set him free. He has places to go and people to see. It’s only been 20 years!!!!!!

  12. 189

    Did they move him as yet? or more smoke in the eyes of those who cares?