Jdid lets fly at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation

We meant to publish this article by our favourite snowbound Bajan, Jdid, but somehow it kept slipping down on the list. Better late than never…

“Wha kinda Chinee foolishness this is CBC showing tonight? Ya cann even undastan wha duh saying. Chupse!”

This has been bugging me for a while. Having been away from living in Barbados for so long, for me it’s always difficult to judge various bajan institutions without the added bias of my years living abroad somehow working its way into my analysis.

I can sometimes find myself criticizing stuff because its not like what I have grown accustomed to, living in a so-called first world country, which really isn’t fair to Barbados. So given that I know that I have a bias I usually keep most of my thoughts to myself and grit and bear it through terrible customer service or try not to comment on some of the convoluted bureaucratic situations I have found myself in in Barbados and just chalk it up to well this is how it is in Barbados.

However coming home at least once or so every year or two over the past 20 years (and recently I think I’ve made about 7 trips in 3 ½ years now) and watching a certain institution deteriorate I believe in all honesty and without bias I can say that the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) TV 8 station is absolutely terrible…

… keep reading CBC Barbados at Jdid’s Doan Mind Me blog.


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8 responses to “Jdid lets fly at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation

  1. robert ross

    @ BFP

    With regard to recent correspondence, please put on hold till later.

  2. jdid

    lawd ave mercy an shame on me for using the term Chinee! I will now be lumped in wid Sir Trottie. Ah aint even have a knighthood to gi up den. muh only hope is for the PM to come defend me

  3. robert ross


    Dont worry….cricketers will continue to bowl ‘chinamen’.

  4. robert ross

    @ BFP

    All’s well now.

  5. Greg

    CBC? Does anybody still actually watch or listen to that? Seriously?

  6. Bill Gibson

    Yes, but Alex Ryan told me “Barbadians are proud people and we have a reputation as a country of doing things in a professional manner.” (February 22, 2012, The Barbados Advocate)
    Now I am totaly confuse.

  7. Brian Parravicino.

    @ jdid, the pm can only defend youif he wakes up!!! Ha ha ha ha wuh loss!!!!!!!!!

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