Midway Atoll reminds me of a beach walk anywhere in the Caribbean

UPDATED: February 15, 2013    

We covered the film Midway Atoll last year but we’re bringing it back in the middle of the election – because as we walk our beaches we see the same dangerous plastic junk.

One would think that when tourism forms the majority of our economic base that the successive BLP and DLP Ministers of the Environment would have brought in an extensive daily clean-up programme for our beaches… but none of them did. We had a hell of a cricket party though with over a hundred million dollars thrown down the toilet to stage the world-class embarrassment that was Cricket World Cup. We did however improve our long term visitor stats by about 44 people – thanks to Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch. See Rewarding the failures of former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch

We have a right to be here, just as much as any animal does.

But no other animal does as much as we do to abuse our home…

Website: Midway Attol, The Film

Our thanks to an old friend for suggesting we remember the plastic trash that is threatening Barbados and the rest of the world.



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3 responses to “Midway Atoll reminds me of a beach walk anywhere in the Caribbean

  1. not operational

    This link is not connected but went to you tube direct

    Quite sad!

  2. 241

    We are a filthy people who condone and encourage each other to pee and poop in the water we drink….forget garbage on the beach for a second and take a drive through Barbados and see the unending garbage deliberately dumped in most cart roads and wherever its convenient. I hate to say this but it is likely only we black Bajans responsible for the dumping…you don’t see the whites, Indians or Chinese doing it. What’s wrong with black Bajans?

  3. Well Well

    You see them throwing garbage out of buses and cars, it is rather disgusting, speak to them about it and they will make the assinine and totally illiterate remark that “This is Barbados, if you don’t like it you know what to do, go back where yuh come from”. bunch of idiots.