Nation News Rihanna photo mistake made me smile

Visitors to The Nation’s website earlier today were greeted with a photo that seems to be captioned about this weekend’s weather.

Yup, the photo of a smiling Rihanna looking prettier and more feminine than we’ve seen her in a long time proclaimed “Prepare for a wet weekend.”

Indeed.  🙂

It looks like a copy editor made a wee mistake and labelled the wrong photo. That’s probably the editor’s story and if I were him, I’d stick with it!

I had to laugh at the error, but then I felt a little sad. You know, this photo reminds me of the Rihanna that we knew only a few years ago although it seems like such a long time past. Look at her: fresh, pretty – no raunchy dress or moves, no over the top hair, no tweeting photos of strippers having oral sex (yes, that was the latest) – just a pretty girl in a nice dress. I wonder, am I the only one who smiled at the photo, and then felt a little sad?



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6 responses to “Nation News Rihanna photo mistake made me smile

  1. robert ross

    Cliverton….you’re an old softee, foolishly romantic but kinda sweet.

  2. robert ross

    Cliverton…do you really think the ‘girl next door’ exists?

  3. robert ross

    Cliverton…look at her eyes…she’s gonna gobble you.

  4. Green Monkey

    Cliverton…look at her eyes…she’s gonna gobble you..
    You think Cliverton would object? 🙂

  5. robert ross

    @ Green M

    LOL….No, but I think maybe he’d want to close his eyes and say ‘sorry’ first.

  6. looks like she’ll need an Umbrella….. ay ay