St. Andrew MP George Payne delivers the height of hypocrisy about Sir Roy Trotman’s racism

“We cannot at this stage, with such a fragile economy, have individuals make statements to scare people away from Barbados”

Former BLP Minister of Tourism George Payne comments to The Nation about Sir Roy Trotman’s anti-Jew statements. (See BFP’s Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews)

Hotel owner Loveridge fired by Payne for not being sufficiently indigenous.

Correct us if we’re wrong folks, but isn’t this the same George Payne who while Minister of Tourism publicly dismissed Adrian Loveridge as the unanimously elected Chairman of the first Small Hotels Committee because he was not ‘sufficiently indigenous’?

Is Adrian Loveridge hanging about on the web today? Can he confirm our memories are accurate?

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Please attend at The Nation to read the article, but we have to post it in full here because that paper has a record for changing and deleting news stories…

Payne: Scary comments by Sir Roy

SIR ROY TROTMAN’s attack on the management of Diamonds International was unfortunate and can “scare people away from Barbados”.

Opposition Member of Parliament George Payne made this charge in the House of Assembly on Tuesday during debate on the Employment Rights Bill. He took issue with the comments by the head of the Barbados Workers’ Union but also thought that Minister of Labour Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo should have been reprimanded.

Payne said he felt that the heads of the other trade unions should have taken Sir Roy to task for the comments he made following the firing of seven workers from Diamonds International.



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13 responses to “St. Andrew MP George Payne delivers the height of hypocrisy about Sir Roy Trotman’s racism

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Absolutely right BFP, in front of a record nearly attending 70 hoteliers at the then Sherbourne Conference Centre. He also stated in front of the media that I had been replaced by Peter Odle.

  2. multi talented

    Assuming one has no memory, that’s one of the multi faceted talents of a politician; the ability to speak from both sides of the mouth.

  3. Mac

    Where is the official condemnation for such racist language from the Union board over Trotman’s comments?????

    Anywhere else he would have been fired. Also there should be calls to remove his Knighthood.

    It would appear racist language is acceptable, as all that is heard is a few words, with no consequences.

  4. Listen up...

    Most Bajans are citizens of their PARISH
    (as reinforced by their car-reg.number) lol

    Most of them are also citizens of BARBADOS
    -and that’s about as far as their perceptions go!


    Citizen of CARICOM? ..or of the West INDIES?
    Whuh de ramBam you talking bout, doah?

    More intellectually-advanced individuals are citizens of PLANET EARTH
    fully realizing that we individuals are mere ‘cells’ of a larger organism named Homo sapiens.

    Personally, I’m a citizen of THE UNIVERSE,
    and could be just as happy living on Mars
    or anywhere safely far away from citizens of SinJames or SinAndrew..

  5. robert ross

    @ Listen Up

    You got that one right.

    @ BFP

    Perhaps Mr Payne became enlightened. The critical factor is that he spoke out and is now ON RECORD.

    @ BFP

    The Nation is still perpetrating untruths about Raul Garcia.


    The individual is a Jew and he come from where ever Trotman say he comes from. What the f#ck is your problem ..?

  7. robert ross

    @ BAF

    Oh…are you slumming? Now me: I was BORN here (lol) Funny thing though…disenchanted as I am with that lot I went on there to find you…and here you are.

  8. robert ross

    For the avoidance of any doubt: “that lot’ in my commet above is NOT BFP.

  9. St George's Dragon

    David Comissiong has obviously learned nothing from the “Roy Trotman” incident, assuming he was the author of the PEP Column in the Nation on Friday.
    Writing in support of Trotman’s view, he takes “Caucasian strangers” to task for calling Trotman a racist. Not quite as bad as the original “Egyptian jew” comment but not far off.
    I had fondly hoped that the Trotman incident and the “wildness” that followed would have made people a little more sensitive to the fact that racial background should not be relevant. Comments such as Liz Thompson’s famous “caucasian male” statement or Gline Clarke’s “white, conservative, rich people” just make them look intolerant and racist, whether they are or not.

  10. robert ross

    @ St George

    Actually I think the Commissiong sense of hospitality is far worse. By ‘Caucasian strangers’ he includes all those of white skin who have become naturalised citizens – and thereby makes the point that the only true Bajan is someone who is black and born here. But then, at least with him we all know where we stand and he with us.

  11. Poor Commissiong...

    …in his little head, he thinks he’s Black.
    He’s not!

    But he’s not White either!
    He’s caught in that awful race-less territory
    where he’s neither fish not fowl -nor good Red Herring
    even if he excels at spreading the smelly latter all over his issues du jour.

    Poor guy: born neither black nor white
    It must be an awful life sentence for “red” people
    accepted fully by neither side.

    It’s a psychological problem, really
    and this problem manifests itself daily, in his every utterance!

  12. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Wow George Payne another one of those BLP characters who ain’t got one thing to worry about. Why…he in Barbados -a save haven for activities that are accepted as the norm as long as you have been doing it for a number years.

  13. Damnedright

    I think you’all miss the point.
    In Bim yuh is somebody or yuh is nobody.
    The law is jus a matter of somebody dat is somebody doing jus what dey like and somebody dat is nobody,suck de lemon.
    Dey aint nah law in Bim,jus a few word games.
    Yuh ever seen somebody dat is somebody getting what somebody dat is nobody get??