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St. Andrew MP George Payne delivers the height of hypocrisy about Sir Roy Trotman’s racism

“We cannot at this stage, with such a fragile economy, have individuals make statements to scare people away from Barbados”

Former BLP Minister of Tourism George Payne comments to The Nation about Sir Roy Trotman’s anti-Jew statements. (See BFP’s Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews)

Hotel owner Loveridge fired by Payne for not being sufficiently indigenous.

Correct us if we’re wrong folks, but isn’t this the same George Payne who while Minister of Tourism publicly dismissed Adrian Loveridge as the unanimously elected Chairman of the first Small Hotels Committee because he was not ‘sufficiently indigenous’?

Is Adrian Loveridge hanging about on the web today? Can he confirm our memories are accurate?

Further Reading

Please attend at The Nation to read the article, but we have to post it in full here because that paper has a record for changing and deleting news stories… Continue reading


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European Union of economic failure

“We must break up the Euro-zone… I owe no allegiance to that flag…”

So much of what happens here in Barbados is dependent upon what happens in London, Brussels, New York, Washington, Ottawa and Paris.

Therefore it is appropriate that we Bajans pay attention to the US elections coming this November and also to the social and economic turmoil that is shaking the European Union to its foundations.

Those who have ears, let them hear…


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