Elizabeth Thompson’s head explodes upon seeing Usain Bolt with a ‘snowbunny’

Racists cry Usain Bolt a traitor to his race: dates white woman.

How dare Usain Bolt date a Caucasian female in the modern Caribbean”

… Elizabeth Thompson, UN executive coordinator for the Rio+20 Conference didn’t really say that, but she and other racist members of her BLP government have made many similar racist statements before. Liz Thompson’s gut hatred of ‘Caucasian’ people is something that she has revealed on television and you can see the video on YouTube if you would like to judge for yourself. Click the links to read all about it!

“Out of all the girls on this island you pick a snowbunny”

Jamaican woman to Usain Bolt as quoted in the Daily Mail article Usain Bolt in race row as Jamaicans accuse him suffering from ‘white woman complex’ due to his fashion designer girlfriend

Island women everywhere were taken aback to see a photo of famed track star Usain Bolt kissing a white woman. Most were incredulous to learn that the world’s fastest man has been dating light skinned fashion designer Lubica Slovak for six months and the relationship is described as ‘very serious’.

Former Barbados Environment Minister Elizabeth Thompson has not commented on the Usain Bolt romance, but screaming could be heard coming from her flat in Rio de Janeiro where she is UN executive coordinator for the Rio+20 Conference to be held this June. Those who remember her dismissal of environmental activist Richard Goddard as being unworthy of consideration because he is “Caucasian” will understand Liz’s horrific reaction upon learning that Usain Bolt is in love with a white.

Reactions from other Barbados politicians came swiftly. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur called Bolt “a negrocrat oreo“, while the former BLP Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke cautioned that the same group of “white, conservative, rich people” that he hates in Barbados probably arranged to tempt Bolt with a white woman. Clarke added that like Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt will probably come to his senses later.

The only positive comment came from Barbados labour leader Sir Roy Trottman, who is rumoured to have given his blessing to the pair, noting that labour approval could be withdrawn at any time if it was discovered that Miss Slovak was a Jew.

Meanwhile in other news, the European Union’s impending collapse continues to send shockwaves through Caribbean economies…

(For the truly stupid, yes, this piece contains some satire – and yes, that satire is rooted in truth.)


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43 responses to “Elizabeth Thompson’s head explodes upon seeing Usain Bolt with a ‘snowbunny’

  1. jrjrjrjr

    Love sees no colour. It is shocking in this day and age to behold such racist views

  2. countryview

    If Liz said “How dare etc etc” THAT is a racist comment from a racist.

  3. Betty Hurley

    The. Bolt affair with the white woman dosent suprise me at all.it. Seems to me that most afro caribbean and afro american prominant people tend to take this route.I am wondering if they do so to stay on top of their careers or if they always craved to have a white partner ,but was not in the position to do so

  4. onesh

    You don’t go looking for a person by colour. You first get to like someone, then you fall in love. Colour doesn’t come into it, nor should it. Culture does, but then you either have to accept or refuse the culture and hence the relationship. Get real and come into this century. We’re a mixed race relationship world. Get used to it.

  5. SGAB1949

    Bajans need to “lighten” up, whose business is it any way, who told Elizabeth how to live her life? She needs to pay attention to her life and let others live theirs. Look what small minded Bajan said about Rihanna? No wonder she took so long before giving a show in Barbados. I wish Usain and his lady friend all the best. If it was some fake-hair money grabbing black woman Elizabath would be happy just because she was black. Elizabeth needs to spend some more time around people of talent and not those with their minds in the gutter.

  6. 141

    Usain Bolt a traitor to his race: dates white woman……

    this is your byline? seriously? in 2012?


  7. temporary guest

    Maybe she wants to be kissed by him instead, now she is jealous. The poor girl Elizabeth! I feel so sorry for her!
    The politician must be a happy people of Barbados, no other problems anywhere – oh oh who would make the state’s future?

  8. jrjrjrjr

    It has nothing whatsoever to do with status / edcuation /career or anything else that a black man/woman may choose a partner of a different colour.. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS SOME MEN AND WOMEN FALL IN LOVE AND COLOUR IS IRELEVANT . The world would be a happier and safer place if we all took heed of that. We all bleed the same colour and at the end of the day we all turn to the same colour of dust when we die.

  9. jrjrjrjr

    I googled Usain’s girlfriend. She’s stunning . Go Usain

  10. #wtfistheworldcomingto

    Today – I must say…. that I am embarrassed about this story and this paper. I am half Bajan, and this article makes me feel ashamed. How on earth can you refer to his girlfriend as a ‘snow bunny’ and say that he is a traitor to his race? THIS IS RACIST and so IGNORANT.

    Do you have nothing more important to report on? Anything positive to say?

    I wonder what the staff in your office look like… I’m guessing overweight angry black women who do not have their own hair? or just so bloody, minded, rude and ignorant that men (not even specifically black) do not want them?

    If this was the other way around and and white person made the same comment I would love to see the story, you would have a field day I’m sure.

    This is so, so sad and disappointing.

  11. jrjrjrjr

    ‘wtfistheworldcoming to’ – you may have a point

  12. judyjudy

    I keep reading the initial comment about Liz Thompson and find it hard to believe she feels this way about Usain Bolt having a white girlfriend

  13. NYC/BGI

    How foolish a response, look at BGI, Jamaica and any other Caribean destination where slaves were brought to work, now look at the present population with its several shades of Brown, get over it and look in the mirror

  14. robert ross

    As you say, BFP, much of the post is satire rooted in rather slim comments made on different occasions and in other contexts. None of the satire relates directly to the captioned romance. The comments on the Mail Online were, of course, those of primitively outspoken Jamaican bloggers who might just be the type to go for a white male given the chance.

    Funny thing about skin colour and love – it knows no race, no nationality, no religion, and even, once the novelty has worn off, no skin colour either. And let me say – to be as provocatively truthful as possible – NOTHING to do with sexual prowess. That one is an all time myth which should be indecently buried.

    BFP – perhaps you should do a post on that!

  15. Carolann Gollop

    Really?!?!! I say again……….. really?!?!

    For the record i’m a white BAJAN woman, married to a black BAJAN man, and take GREAT offence to this in its entirety!! Don’t you all have something better to do with your time than entertain these narrow minded, ignorant people, who seem to think that certain types of individuals are only allowed to fall in love with a specific colour??! For goodness sakes……….. Usain Bolt and his preference of love interest, whether it be black, white, green, male or female is of NO INTEREST to anyone but HIMSELF!! Come on people…………. get a REAL life!!


  16. BFP

    Hi Carolann,

    Actually, what we’re doing is reporting the ‘controversy’ over Usain Bolt’s choice of girl and juxtaposing that with the terribly racist comments made by various Bajan politicians. Maybe you’re a little new to BFP as we have all the colours of the rainbow here and some mixie couples too!

    We hate racism and that’s why we shine a spotlight on it whenever we see it. The racists tend to scamper like cockroaches when their words and actions are held up to public scrutiny and ridicule.



  17. judyjudy

    I feel sad that being married to a Bajan for almost half a decade these stories are still relvant to some people. Colour is not important. Happiness is. Someone once told us that people who abused mixed marriage couples had hatred in their hearts . Maybe this is true.

  18. Bill Gibson

    @Carolann Gollop,
    If you say “Don’t you all have something better to do with your time than entertain these narrow minded“.

    Than I must say, “what can be better than to fight racism“?
    Most Bajans have no idea what racism is. Would the present generation know what racism is, they would never tolerate racism. Therefore, they tolerate racism particularly by their own people. When a normal person ‘talking racist‘ then we can say he/she is just stupid. If members of parliament say something stupid, then they are especially stupid or extremely racists. They represent the state in the world public, they are so stupid that they don‘t know this. O.k. not so many people around the world are familiar with Barbados, but where are the “sooo proud Bajans“?
    The Barbadians celebrate Martin Luther King, but they don‘t know what he has fought for. Shame on you, who ‘talk racist‘ he would spit on you.

  19. Analyzer

    But Ms. Thompson is in love with President Obama and his mother was white! It doesn’t make sense! She is a confused woman!



  21. robert ross

    @ Hamilton

    A hoax…the post says it’s satire and, yes, it’s cleverly done. But clearly, as you imply, it is apt to mislead as some blogs demonstrate. But as “ridicule” it’s first rate I think.

  22. Carolann Gollop

    I think my comments have been slightly misconstrued, though after re-reading it, i didn’t accurately “get across” my thoughts. If the comments that are reported in the article are correct, it REALLY irritates me that people (who the public have voted into positions of power) think like this; and then to make matters worse, make PUBLIC comments about it!. And i take it very personally, because of my personal experience.

    BSJ, i commend you for highlighting the issue………… it’s just highly offensive and annoying that in 2012 this crap still goes on!

  23. BAFBFP

    Carolann Gollop

    I likes you … surely you must identify with the luv that some women have for 10 inch specials. You see Black women take such things for granted. Usain is raisin’ the bar in Europe and some of the Black females at home may be a little uncomfortable with what has been their secret for generations. Hey, its all about spreading the luv, and whatever secrets that go with it …no? 🙂

  24. civilsociety

    I would like anyone who has a child writing the English Lit CSEC exam today to have a look at the messages the poems and short stories they have decided to have these students (across the Caribbean) read and learn. All of them…and I mean ALL of them, have the same message..caucasions are bad, mean, uncaring capitalists that mistreat the black community. Every one! So why are we surprised by this folks!

  25. robert ross

    @ BAF

    Now cum off it…you and I know different…you sleep on the job

  26. robert ross

    @ Civil

    But it doesn’t stop there. Some years ago when my eldest son was living with me and attending the St Michael School he came home and told me he had been doing ‘vagrancy’ in History. Since I had been researching this subject from a legal perspective I asked to see what he’d been given. The teacher had given him notes which were, as I knew, a direct crib from Backles ‘History of Barbados’. The point is that in that book Beckles makes all sorts of errors about vagrancy and police powers of arrest. He also describes Obeah as “a world view”. And the upshot is that he betrays his prejudices in the way you suggest of the poems. Moreover, Obeah has nothing to do with West African traditional religion. What bothered me then was that if Beckles is the standard history here, then generations of school kids are being brainwashed on what amounts to lies; and, of course, they carry this over into tertiary studies. And so on and so on…The sequel was that I wrote a ‘learned article’ on it all, critical of Beckles in footnotes, which caused a minor tsunami in the Faculty of History. There was a suggestion, I understand, that he should challenge me to a public debate – but he didn’t follow through. There were some in that Faculty, very able too, who were given a very rough time.

  27. BAFBFP

    Wait Ross you out hey too wid dese White people … ha ha ha …!

  28. robert ross

    @ BAF

    See my response to you in the Geo Payne post…as I said there, I was
    ‘born’ here not the other place.

  29. civilsociety

    @Robert Ross—the word “twistorian” has been applied to the same Beckles. I remember the tsumani well, and I am sorry it didn’t result in more debate. We have to watch very carefully what our children are taught in school because to these young minds they are the facts!

  30. robert ross

    @ Civil

    Yes we do…and how interesting (!) And I guess it extends to the activities of white ‘ladies’ at dockside as well as ‘homeric’ visits to ‘Busa’ village outside of Ilorin.

  31. rastaman

    You have to be in it to know it and I am such a product .I can tell you it is not nice.The “white”side ” of my family still has no use for me up to today.Matter of fact most of them left Barbados.

  32. Anonymous

    there is nothing clever about this article, and the sardines who nibbled at the bait shows how “intelligent”, “well read” and “discerning”BFP readers are. Not to mention how quickly they rush believe anything that fits in with their own purient litereary voyeurim.
    What seems apparent to an infreq reader of this blog, is that this blog has two agendas… one related to the kingsland affair, and an almost pathological obcesssion with BLP politicians. Is there a psychological pathology going on here?

  33. robert ross

    @ Rastaman

    Then good riddance to them and blessings to you…from a Father of children.

  34. countryview

    I have a psychological pathology in my trousers…it has a mind of its own and incessantly demands shelter in wet, tight tunnels.

  35. robert ross

    @ Country

    LOL…that’s odd – cus I get that too…is it something in the air do you think?.

  36. *SIGH* first some people should read the article first before commenting, next, the whole brau ha ha around this is beyond stupid, who cares, some of these people would pay to mind their own messy businesses….

  37. I aint no poet

    As Bolt thrusts
    His legs up and up
    Hard as he musts
    To go and never give up

    On and on he goes
    Faster and faster
    Deep in the throes
    To show he is the master

    Sweaty and hot
    Oh no, he will not stop
    Until is reached the climax
    Of the 100 metres race, as the tape is broken, kabrax!

  38. I aint no poet

    Like duh! What were you all thinking?

  39. I aint no poet

    A whole new meaning to the term ‘ greased lightning’!

  40. Tell me Why

    BFP you wrote ““How dare Usain Bolt date a Caucasian female in the modern Caribbean”

    … Elizabeth Thompson, UN executive coordinator for the Rio+20 Conference didn’t really say that, but she and other racist members of her BLP government have made many similar racist statements before.

    I cannot understand educated people can read a story and accuse someone who never made any statement. BFP admitted that Ms. Thompson didn’t make the statement but people with agendas namely:- SGAB1949; temporary guest and judyjudy could read an article and misconstrued the facts.

  41. Anonymous

    Instead of commenting on other relationships perhaps a wife should concern herself more with ‘who is my own husband sleeping with tonight and all the other nights whilst I’m away working.

  42. Anonymous

    In New York