One video Elizabeth Thompson won’t be showing at the Earth Summit in Brazil

Browne’s Beach: effluent meets the water as it has for a decade and more…

As we’ve said in the past, Liz Thompson did little except talk when she was Environment Minister. Her environmental legacy includes not bothering to introduce an Environmental Protection Act, letting corporate polluters like Shell Oil run wild in Barbados, building a garbage dump on shifting soil in a National Park, killing the last mangrove forest and telling environmental activists to shut up if you are white.

The video above is courtesy of Barbados Today, and shows beautiful Browne’s Beach where the effluent from five canals (and all those suck wells along the canals – that’s ‘septic tanks’ to outsiders) joins together and flows onto the beautiful tourist beach and into the sea.

How about a sea bath at Browne’s Beach? Anyone?

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17 responses to “One video Elizabeth Thompson won’t be showing at the Earth Summit in Brazil

  1. jrjrjrjr


  2. X

    how exactly would you stop all the rain water from running down the hill and into the sea? The water you see is road run-off and while still likely unsuitable for human consumption or extended exposure, it’s not accurately characterised as effluent.

  3. Alec

    I’ve swam 3 days a week at Browne’s beach for well over a dozen years. What you refer to as ‘effluent’ gives the wrong impression as that water only drains off during heavy rains. I think it is perfectly safe for seabathing & you can probably get that confirmed by the CZMU

  4. John

    Years ago an ENT specialist I know told me he just needs to hear you have been bathing in the area when you present with your ear infection to know what’s what.

    It is mostly tourists he sees, sometimes in agony!!!

    Although he will be thorough, once you present with certain symptons AND have been sea bathing off Browne’s beach the rest he can do with his eyes wide shut.

    Maybe the South Coast Sewage Project improved things …. I’ll have to ask him the next time I see him.

    Once I figured out how the West Coast worked I gave up sea bathing there in the late 1980’s and it was only a matter of time before I gave up the South Coast.

    A friend involved in water testing told me the dirtiest area is the Folkestone Park area.

    I haven’t been in the sea now for years …… the east coast sea is a bit too cruel for me.

    For what it is worth Barbados is not the only place with problems.

  5. Stringer

    I hate to be the party pooper but this water stinks whatever you call it. It might not be fair to always call it ‘effluent’ but it is not fair to characterize it as rainwater runoff because there is obviously by the smell lots more than rain in it. When the big rain comes there are suckwells overflowing up on the other side of the hill. I don’t think there are supposed to be suckwells used in this area (not sure) but they are there anyway. When the heavy rain comes they flush out from below or overflow (I’ve seen both) and it ends up right here in the video. That is why Barbados Today put up the video.

  6. Stringer

    @Alec you swim at Browne’s but you don’t swim after a heavy rain for a day or three. Am I correct?

  7. Concerned Tourism Worker

    As above – once people see “brown” they thing sewage. It is not – as correctly stated above it is runoff and rainwater runs into the sea in every country in the world!!

  8. ugh can’t believe this, crossing Brownes beach off my beach list when I come back home, shoulda known – BROWNE argh!

  9. Carl Moore

    Everybody here is blaming the rain. Even when there’s little or no rain, those outlets are backed-up with putrid water, a ready-made playground for mosquitoes.

    Employ as much semantics as you like, the sad fact is that Barbados ought to have better engineering solutions in the twenty-first century and all the pretty talk about protecting the environment means nothing.

  10. Kdog

    I personall have thrown up after swimming at Brownes due to the smelly water that soemtimes flows in. Damn disgrace, both our so called leaders and lack of enviro protections.

  11. boarcatspeaks

    All that rainwater travels underground through cemeteries, cess pits and nuff nastinesses before letting people swill innit at the beach….

  12. Peltdownman

    @boarcatspeaks and others

    Where do you propose to divert this water if it doesn’t flow to the sea? Doesn’t the same thing happen in several locations on the west coast? The answer is to stay out of the sea for a day or so after heavy rains. There’s nothing elso you can do about it unless you force every household to install a septic tank.

  13. countryview

    I propose installing a pipe to divert the water to Liz, Owen, Gline and everybody’s racist house so they can drink it regularly whenever they feel like making ANOTHER racist comment about white people…

  14. liz

    We just had a big conference in Barbados about the enviroment and reducing fossil fuel use. We invited many people from small islands all over the world. The meeting was a success according to our local news because a long document with many goals was published. And the meeting was also a pre-meeting before Rio+20 showing how important Barbados is. Go figure.

  15. countryview

    Liz you just had another big mouth cuntference on the internet with more of your racist drivel…when will you better yourself and stop being a fat fool?

  16. 37

    Poor Barbados Free Press… Liz Thompson is looking good with her big job at the UN. Good too see that your jealousy and hatred of black people is running at an all time high.

  17. Chris

    @liz ‘The meeting was a success ” Yes, we are good at meetings and enquries and talk, and talk and talk.

    That is all. Maybe after February 2013 we will finally see action again.