Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews

SIR Roy Trotman derides employer for being “an Egyptian Jew”

Will the Barbados Government allow Roy Trotman to keep his Knighthood?

Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary Sir Roy Trotman is under fire for saying that Diamonds International employees were sacked by an “Egyptian Jew” – but according to the local papers Sir Roy doesn’t see why there should be a fuss.

And that is the real story here.

You see, Sir Roy’s racism is so deep-rooted that he doesn’t realise that he is a vile and hate filled racist. He thinks his comments were fair and normal. The sad truth is that many on this island will agree with him.

Sir Roy is amongst those on this rock who not only view the world through a prism of race, but also act upon their racial prejudices. I have no doubt that when he meets someone for the first time Sir Roy’s fundamental opinion about that person is already shaped by racial prejudice.

SIR Roy sees nothing wrong with his statements because he believes that the problem with the Diamonds International Director Jacob Hassid’s actions is that Mr. Hassid is a Jew.

Aha! Mr. Hassid is a JEW! That explains everything…

“I think (Sir Roy Trotman’s comment) has further implications about Barbados, racism, the treatment of foreign investors and fairness in general,”

17 year Barbados resident and international business person Jacob Hassid talking to The Nation Racial Fear

Terry Schwarzfeld, Canadian murdered in Barbados

Memories of murdered Jewish tourist called “White Trash”

In February of 2009 60 year old Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld and her daughter-in-law were attacked in broad daylight on Long Beach. Sadly, Mrs. Schwarzfeld succumbed to her injuries after being flown back to Canada.

While the vast majority of Bajans were horrified by Terry Schwarzfeld’s murder, the popular Barbados Underground blog published comments calling her “White Trash” and generally railed on against ‘Jews’ as Mrs. Schwarzfeld was reported to be a prominent member of one of Ottawa’s Jewish charity groups. Anti-Jew themes are nothing new at the blog where government advisor Hartley Henry is a contributor. Last year the blog published an article blaming Jews for the labour troubles at the West Indies Cricket Board – calling the organization a “Slave Plantation” run by “Zionist oligarchs”.

The cricket article was pretty tame compared to Barbados Underground’s genocidal call for terrorist Hamas and Hezbollah to murder whites in Barbados.

Sir Roy’s hatred of the Jews is nothing new in Barbados. It’s just the latest manifestation.

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is naturally horrified by Sir Roy’s racist comments, but they have nonetheless taken a soft approach on hating Jews …

The BCCI called on Sir Roy to investigate the facts and, “once he is satisfied that he has been misinformed, withdraw his uncalled for remarks”.

That’s hardly the damning condemnation that is required in this case.

“The managing director, Mr. Jacob Hassid, has lived in Barbados for 17 years and he and his wife have three children all of whom were born in Barbados. When someone has shown this level of commitment to our country, we should not be referring to them by race or religion and seeking to make them feel personally uncomfortable.

“We would hope that Sir Roy would investigate the facts and, once he is satisfied that he has been mis-informed, would withdraw his uncalled for remarks.”

Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry statement at

In most Western countries, Trotman would be on his way out the door – but not here in Barbados. That tolerance of racism is the norm on this island as long as the attacker is black and the targets are Jews, Whites, Indians, Chinese or lighter skinned persons of African ancestry.

Will SIR Roy keep his Knighthood?

No doubt about it.


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110 responses to “Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews

  1. FearPlay

    Was a white couple not charged and convicted sometime ago for using racial slurs against two black Bajan women? Oh yes that’s right, it only works one way around here.

  2. Disappointed B

    Mr. Trotman’s comments, I can’t call him Sir because that is given as a sign of respect to someone and I have lost all for him, his comments have not helped this country in any form or fashion.

    Rather than get the full story and realise that it was a business decision he jumps to his own conclusion and puts the information out there that will push people’s buttons and create a heated emotional reaction from people.

    What kind of impression is this giving to the foreign companies that are looking for a place to invest or even the tourist that is looking for a place to vacation. Why should they come and give us their hard earned money when they are given the impression that they not welcome.

    These public figures need to stop being so dammed small minded and open their eyes to the big picture. It is a very easy equation if you make people feel unwelcome they will either leave and never come back or just wont come in the first place. Barbados needs foreigners to spend money whether as a tourist or as a business for the economy to survive. We don’t have the natural resources that can be exported and are needed worldwide, we just have nuff people that need employment.

    How can we progress and grow if this behaviour is accepted and allowed to be considered ok. The Governor General needs to have a word with this man about the manner in which he is carrying on.

    Bajans talk about Ri Ri and how she should not be an ambassador to Barbados but has she ever disrespected anyone other than her self? Whereas this man seems to get his *** off on disrespecting people.

    Jus my 2 cents.

  3. Jon-g

    Hitler started off by finger-pointing at Jews. What will be Trotman’s next move?

  4. Canadian Tourist

    St Lucia is looking better all the time….

  5. Anonymous

    Blacks in this country are and have alwasy been the most rasist to all other races…the is the fact no lie…

  6. an observer

    And you wonder why tourism in Barbados is on the downward spiral?

  7. tedd

    Racist language and nationalist language( sometimes one used to mean the other) are used to appeal to base instinct of tribalism and garner strong support for an issue no matter what the facts are or are not. protection against discrimination due to race class colour or creed is protected by the constitution, can this matter be impartialy mediated now. maybe Mr. Hassid should sue for damages to his person and the firms image as the reference to his being and Egyptian nor a jew had any bearing on the matter unless it is being implied that due to his being an egyptian or a jew made him take an action that was motivated act a particular way because the persons affected were not egyptian nor jewish. Such an action may not be winnable but would be one for leverage and formally making a record that such behaviour is unacceptable and illegal, if not just to prove a point.

    Maybe it was more innocent and was meant to say he may not be famaliar with local labour laws, customs and pratices due to his Egyptian culture (17 years removed) or the teachings of his Egyptian Rabi ( also 17 years removed).

    Also to note this guy has allways opperated as being a minority even in egypt where the majority are Muslims. even there christans minorities are not outcasts even when in conflict with others. butros gali was a christian (coptic) and also Prmeminister, his grandson Butros Butros Gali was a foreign affairs minister and general secretary of the UN, and his great Grand son a former minister. let us also remember that bajans are to be found in almost every country of the world and some in management positions, how would we react if every time one of them comes into conflict with local leaders he is refered to as a “black third world west indian christian” who thinks he is opperating in island sugar cane plantation. same principle and just as offensive.

  8. Vernadette

    Again the racism card rears it’s ugly head! It’s a shame that a small minority of an overall tolerant society again has put a “Black” tick next to this once proud Caribbean nation. I’m sure the other knuckleheads are singing the praise of this utterly disgusting, misinformed, joke of a man hiding behind the limited knowledge of how a business should run and the difficulties facing owners in this troubled economy. I would like to see this idiot run a business for a year in this country! I think it’s time for someone to “Jimmy Hoffa” this “garbage wrapped in skin” resemblance of a man!

  9. X

    I agree that Roy was an idiot for making the statement but did he actually say “Jews are the problem in Barbados” as indicated by your image at the top. I haven’t seen this reported anywhere else and if its not correct you should probably change it.

  10. Jon-g

    >>>>did he actually say “Jews are the problem in Barbados” as indicated by your image at the top<<>>>….a man hiding behind the limited knowledge of how a business should run <<<<
    Limited knowledge of how a business should run? Well, I dunno…he may not run a business per se but I wouldn't be surprised if he is laughing all the way to the bank when the union fees roll in come pay day

  11. yatiniteasy

    Has this racist “Sir” ever employed anyone?Why was he knighted in the first place?Its about time we do away with this foolish and dated colonial symbol anyway…are we not an independent nation? Queen still makes people Knights. What BS!

  12. John

    Sir Roy comes from an era when it was quite natural to use racial slurs and like many from that era has been brainwashed into thinking it is perfectly acceptable.

    He can’t help himself.

    What is supposed to happen is the object of the taunts is expected to start to exhibit the behavioral traits the taunter wants.

    Many current politicians use racial epithets routinely and havent got a clue they are appearing as racists because they too have been programmed from that era.

    Liz Thompson tried it on National TV and was recorded for posterity, Noel Lynch did it on VOB and Glyne Clarke recently did so in Parliament in relation to the Rally Club and more recently in relation to contractors.

    Even O$A when he was PM has been known to use the telephone to behave exactly as others before and since have behaved.

    They are but modern versions of the malaise which afflicts many persons in Barbados and the sad thing is none will admit there is a problem … so it will continue.

  13. Jon-g

    >>>>did he actually say “Jews are the problem in Barbados” as indicated by your image at the top<<
    …he didn't have to say it…he implied it by pointing at Mr Hassid's religion and origin…Trotman is using a disgusting, subliminal method of planting seeds of mistrust and blame in peoples mind

  14. Grant Lee

    It is so easy to point the finger of racism at others. Let every one examine himself/herself and his /her actions. This accusation against Sir Roy would be better understood if this blog did not appear to be promoting anti Muslim hysteria.

  15. Anonymous

    I have lost all respect for Roy Trotman. His is a classic case of acting locally and not thinking globally! Did he think that his loose, vapid, low-class, racist, tribalistic, hate-inciting remarks which he made just to appeal to a crowd of workers would not be published worldwide on the Internet? Did he even care that an international corporation thinking of moving an operation into Barbados for taxation purposes would not see his speech and underlying beliefs and that it would not give them pause to investing their resources here? A commentator has said that St. Lucia looking better already! I do hope Hassid has the courage to legally challenge Trotman’s remarks. They definitely seem to have breached our Constitution but if the suit is brought will the Union card be played against the Diamonds corporation? Will the high-road be taken and Trotman defend himself without inciting or controlling picketing, boycotting of the businesses, refusal to handle Diamonds’ cargoes, violence against employees/employers, or other of the tools at his disposal?

    A Ms. Dear and friend won a case against a British couple for what essentially degenerated into a spat of mutual name calling by both sides. The Brits who became annoyed when Dear et al blocked the road to chat with someone in a car a la Bajan style! The Court pronounced that the use of racist words violated our laws. Natural justice demands that Trotman be brought up on the same charge for an even worse circumstance” in this case Hassid, the abused, was not even there to defend himself of the charges (20 employees sacked vs 7) and the racial abuse! But will a DLP Govt. which protects a PM’s friends from criminal fraud and money laundering now have the balls to allow prosecution of a union leader for racial and religious bigotry and intolerance? THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND WAITING. To all who lead us now remember, “every pig has his Saturday!”

  16. Fedup Bajan

    I see a number of you losing respect for Leroy Trotman (I cannot honestly call him Sir and sleep good at night) but I lost all respect for him and the BWU long time now. They will complain about how people does stuff but the BWU is one of the most underhand organisation in this country

  17. St George's Dragon

    People like Mr Trotman need to realise that their casual racism is likely to make worldwide news these days. People in the UK, Canada and the US would find such comments unacceptable and this could impact on our tourism and investment.
    For example, what if Four Seasons founder Isadore Sharp saw this and wondered whether he would be described as a “Canadian Jew” and told that “this is not Canada, this is not the United States” if there was a labour dispute on the planned Four Seasons hotel?
    Would such a comment help to persuade Four Seasons to investment in Barbados?

  18. robert ross

    There is too much tribalism peddled here and some comes from those who are away and haven’t been here for years… if to say they are somehow ‘true’ Bajans as compared with those who have been here for years and worked and created and contributed. It’s so easy to ‘mouth’ – the odd thing is that’s what it is and behind it no substance at all….just small-minded prejudice and superstition.

  19. robert ross

    Concern about the rise and evil effects of some aspects of Islam is not racism.

    @ John

    Spot on I think.

  20. Man from the sea

    One moment..this Trotman is not the same that was committed to block the Port in the middle of high season and made Thompson run back to Barbados from USA to stop he??! That man is damn CRAZY please do something about it before too late!!

  21. Ghetto Woman

    Barbados is now a developed ghetto. You rise from the ashes to pour ashes on the whole country and not think about the impacts – such is the irony of our existence today: self-righteousness and stupidity.

  22. You have my support Sir Roy!
    Too often we allow these foreign wretches to come here and dictate to us. Barbados IS for BARBADIAN’s first! We’re not perfect by a long shot, but if we dont have a sense of national pride and togetherness, all these dog-haired drug-fronting, money launders will come here and run the gamut of atrocities against the workforce.
    D.I doesn’t need to be here! Plain and simple. We need to wake up and take action against these un-desirables posing as business people. Not one of us could go to friging “Islam-a-bad” or any other damn Middle -Eastern country and carry on as we pleased. We woudl be stoned in the public square after prayers on Friday. So why is this damn complicit government not seeing the need to take a stand for Barbadians once and for all?
    This forum will attract comments from the academic giants and literary geniuses to the un-intellectual midgets who just want a forum to expouse their verbal rantings of why Barbados should sell out to these carpet-baggers for so-called business people.
    Everyone wants to come here and perform the illustrious ass against Barbadians while living high-on-the-hog off their very work and efforts. Enough of this! Make this fool and example of! He’s scared for his children? Fine. You and them take your asses back to whence you came! The only effect we can have be keeping you here is the continual poisioning of the air!
    But you know what? I’m just an idiot who needs to shush and go away. I’ll tell you this though. The 37 Riots, aren’t that far off, and lots of blood will be spilt when the new unrest finally boils up to the surface.
    That blood just won’t be ours this time!

  23. victor

    On the one hand tourists are the only lifeblood for Barbados; on the other hand, we only want tourists who are not Jewish, gay etc. etc. Point being, if you want the country to remain predominantly Christian stop using tourism as the only way of making money. Otherwise, bite the bullet and stop being so choosy about where this tourist money comes from. Does this sound a bit like prostitution? Yep.

  24. St George's Dragon

    @ The Watcher said:
    Too often we allow these foreign wretches to come here and dictate to us. Barbados IS for BARBADIAN’s first! We need to wake up and take action against these un-desirables posing as business people. The only effect we can have be keeping you here is the continual poisioning of the air!
    Compare and contrast from one of Adolf Hitler’s speeches in 1920:
    “None but members of the nation may be citizens of the State. None but those of German blood may be members of the nation. No Jew, therefore, may be a member of the nation.”

  25. taseti


  26. St George's Dragon

    @ taseti
    Your point is what? The Israelis are racist so we can be anti-semitic?
    I hope I have misunderstood.

  27. When the UK said if the Caribbean and Asia would reform LGBT laws and if Trotskie had said we are our own people and cannot be dictated… Suppose the owner of Harrod’s, Muhammad Al-Fayed, said why should we listen to the words of “SOME BLACK ANGLICAN IN THE CARIBBEAN” then Trotskie would want the apology from the entire British Empire including Segundus Regina Elizabeta, aka: QE2

    Unions are supposed to be a form of Human rights championing and this runty racist is pontificating when he does not even know how Jewellery stores operate – you are told when you are hired this is a SALES driven job! You are given a target and if in your 6 month probation you do not have at least 3 months with 90% of your quota then you are sent along with a golden handshake, Happened with me, no big deal – I know I am not so fruitful with sales… That is what happened with the 7 let go, if there were 20 who sought Unionisation then Trotskie needs to bring fwd the documentation to support his claim?

    The runty racist also needs to answer if he is truly for the common worker then why does he treat his own staff like dirt and not allow them to join or form an association to safeguard their own rights? That knighthood needs to be stripped in a harsh & public manner to teach him and his ilk a severe lesson. The ILO should be made aware of what a retrograde piece of nostril-mucous he truly is!

  28. what will they think of next

    BFP you always seem to ignore the Jews murderous ways.
    If people dislike Jews it is with very good reasons.
    These people are just monstrous

    “Israelis rejoice at the death of Palestinian children in bus accident”

  29. what will they think of next

    Adolph, probation is three months. If they have six months then they are breaking the law.

  30. BFP

    Hello What will they think of next,

    People who rejoice in the death of children are monstrous no matter their religion or race.

    How interesting that you take one incident an extrapolate that all Jews are bad because some people who were Jews said some terrible things.

    Just like SIR Roy makes grand statements about all Jews by the context of his name calling.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.


  31. @ St George’s Dragon.

    It is folk like you who support these passive, non-functional methods of controlling rogue elements in the society bent on the destruction of the very society in which they live with their un-checked and un-controlled greed. It only really comes to the fore-front of your mentally incapacitated consciences when the problem is such that you or no one else can deny its existence. When the Jews here take over the place and we are forced to live like the Palestinian’s on lands which they see it fit to give us!

    I HATE to hear bullshit about anti-Semitism and the hatred of Jews like they are supposed to be something to be revered and worshipped in the world. How many blacks died in the Middle-Passage? Huh? But they wern’t worth anything because they weren’t Jewish or better yet, because they weren’t Jews? Their lives weren’t worthy of account? You tell me. Why was Hitler so bent on their destruction and annihilation? I guess just because he was an evil, nasty demon-possessed man with an ugly haircut and mustache to match.

    Jews NEVER do anything wrong. NEVER. They are the FIRST to cry out for un-just and un-fair practices against them, but when investigated thoroughly, they are more often than not the ones who are guilty of displacement, dishonesty and dis-enfranchisement of the very people who lash out against them. And by the way, who was the ass at the Nation who gave this fool a platform on the front page? I guess he paid the paper well to get that sort of coverage so you have to bend over for him when he wants. He should have taken some of that very money he uses to advertise his lies and invest it into staff development! Has he ever heard of that? And while I’m on this point, let me ask another question. When he came here 17 years ago, broke and wearing his favorite(possibly only) pair of Sahara slippers, did any of us really investigate where he gained his wealth from? We sit by a passively believe that they all start out doing door to door sales on foot, then they graduate to a car, then a store, then a mall…

    Better check to see how many lives were ruined as a result of their activities while they ascended to their lofty heights where they now preside over these “empires” built on the backs of the very people they miss-treat. Damn “Laundromat owners”

    Anti-Semite! Listen to me carefully. Go do your research. The TRUE Semites are dark skinned and DON’T hail from Israel! So as far as I am concerned, these Jews are no more than bastard Semites!

    You want to talk about racism? Go to any of these middle -eastern joints as a black or non-Islamic person and you will see. And I’m not talking about for a vacation either where you are treated better as a tourist. I’m talking about to live and work. You are the scruff of the earth! So why should we “turn the other cheek” IN OUR LAND? People like this understand two things and understand them very well. Those things are MONEY and VIOLENCE. They get these two concepts clearly. Forget all this diplomacy and other distractions. At the end of the day, they want it all and they want to have power of us. So you tell me what I should do? Go get my Bible and pray?

    God helps those who help themselves! Extrapolate what you can from that!

    Thanks to the submission from “tasti” for drawing the “picture” that you so eloquently have for those readers who seem to have a block placed on their intelligence. Whites and others have tried and succeeded for years through various mechanisms at telling us to be passive and not stand up for our rights. Every time we speak about events and matters that should not be, we are branded as social heretics and trouble-makers and then quietly shoved aside. Even some of our own, planted within our midst by these same elements seek to proliferate their passivists views and ideologies like the true house niggers that they are while we toil and suffer continuously. This is the manifestation of the “Classic divide and conquer tactics” which have been used with great success against us for centuries.

    If this guy is an Egyptian Jew, that is what he is! He DOES NOT belong here. And by descent, neither do ANY of his offspring! If he can’t trace his lineage 3 or 4 generations back to this land, he is an outsider and by his very cries of victimization, and UNDESIRABLE!

    Blacks aren’t as willing to accept the shit thrown at us these days under the guise of “that’s just how business is” Every time we try to come together and stand up for our rights, some blasted foreigner can pull the rug from out under us? And that is acceptable?

    I bet that he won’t have tried that in Jamaica or Trinidad. But we Barbadians with our stupidity and passive humility should take it.

    I will NEVER spend a cent in the stores of D.I, C.E or any of these “fronts” posing as tourist shops. Stand outside of one of them and count for an hour or two how many people go into them. Then research how many of these people actually buy from them. The Internet and Internet shopping has made them almost useless. Their value proposition is clearly un-identifiable as they cannot compete against the prices and values that can be had in the e-commerce arena. So what are they really doing? How are they really making money?

    I don’t want to hear another word from this Jew. Oh how I miss “Tom”. We would have had him silenced long ago or he would have adopted better practices and been made aware that Barbados is for Barbadians and he and his are only here at our invitation.

    Jews are only about themselves, and so shall we be also!

  32. what will they think of next

    Cliverton that is one of hundreds which I could highlight.
    Do you want more?
    Here is another one for good measure:

    “The Israeli Holocaust Against the Arabs”

  33. 15

    Sir Roy’s statement was terrible! BFP’s title and implied statement by Sir Roy is just as terrible!!
    Remove it and report the facts and stop trying to get web hits

  34. yatiniteasy

    @The watcher..i don`t plan on engaging you, as you are obviously a radical racist yourself, and can not or will not see that “Sir” Roy made a totally unacceptable statement…insulting, racist, and totally unnecessary.
    If indeed we were to pack up and ship out all “The non Barbadians” (as you define them)who have made Barbados their home, set up Businesses and hire Bajans, my quick guess would be that over 10,000 people would be out of work.
    Think Crane(Mr Doyle), Jada(Mr Bjerkjhamn), Thani, Mademoiselle (Mr Kessaram) Cheffette(Mr Haloute), Cafe Sol, Colony Club, Coal Reff, Sandy Lane,Colombian Emeralds, Diamonds International(yes, lets include them),Gilden,Natures Discount,Jumans, Amaralis Beach Resort, Atlantis Hotel ,Oran Ltd….to name a few. What have you ever done to contribute to Barbados`s National development, Mr Watcher?My guess is nothing.
    Your previous reference to the 37 riots are totally uncalled for and disgusting, but reveals a lot about you and your deeply ingrained racist mindset.
    It must be tough having to live with yourself.

  35. Insider

    Yes the Jew comment was unnecessary….but let us not ignore the true issue here. 7 ppl were fired….with more to come….were they given due process I.e. Warning letters etc.? All 7 were NOT sales staff thereby making the issue of sales targets moot. These are ppl who in 2012 are working for a salary of $800 a month….how are they to survive? Given the recession sales are few & far between therefore commission is only a dream. Mr Hassid & his family have been here for 17 yrs but abide by a strict Jewish/Israeli/Hebrew lifestyle complete with all requisite Jewish customs including not working on their Holy holiday of Yom Kippur. Would a good corporate citizen pay less than a living wage? Bank Holidays are not paid for and if they fall during the week must be used as the employees’ off day. There is more in the mortar than the pestle.

  36. Elizabeth J. Campbell

    It is clear that Roy Trotman is a threat to ALL BAJANS! The greater threat here (unfortunately) are those in position to do something about this but are remaining silent.
    None of the other factors employed to increase tourism will work in the long-term as long as this climate is tolerated!
    Elizabeth Juanita Campbell (Abroad)

  37. Insider

    Take this example: the stairs at one of the stores were removed during renovations. Now in order to use the bathroom the staff on the ground floor have to go outside of the building & reenter via a sidedoor to go upstairs. Is that humane?

  38. @thinkofnext – read carefully, a 6 month probation where you have to have at least 3 consecutive months of making at least 90% of target, sorry – but your Aryan glasses need cleaning

  39. @ yatiniteasy

    Take me on? You ever passed a single CXC? Or other? Do you really think that calling me a midget of some sort bothers me? Based on what came out of your mouth, I can only assume at best that you are an illustrious Scatophager.
    I expressed what needs to be done. Could care less how you feel. We’ve been allowing foolishness here for two plus decades or more and the problems are mounting with no solutions in sight. But I fully grasps people like you. People who benefit from the plantocracy mentality still existing. People who see ONLY their own selfish benifits and nothing more. People who will look the other way for a envelope with some form of cash in it. You think that if all the entities you mentioned left Barbados that the economy would fall? LOL
    Probably the drug culture would take a real beating but that’s about it. You think that the cumulative effect of Mr.Lowe and Roy Smith, Allison, Freddies and R.A. Mapp who have small to medium businesses doesn’t have a cumulative effect of keeping money circulating in this economy? You think that the $800, $900 and $1000 dollar salaries that these people you so love pay workers really keeps the country afloat?
    What you and people like you hate is the TRUTH! Because it means that you have to step back from your own selfishness for this country to go forward. I love being whatever you want to pin onto me, but first and foremost, I am a NATIONALIST on this issue.
    You can’t measure up to me on my worst day. Don’t throw criticism because you feel I am a racist. I’m what they taught me to be with THEIR behavior towards me. Shoe sure does hurt when it’s on the other foot. Read the entire passage again boss. Don’t pick out the parts that hurt you most.
    Nationalism is not a crime here but I’d submit that selling out your country should be.

  40. what will they think of next

    the Jew comment was unnecessary……… he a Jew or is he not?

  41. @ Insider
    @ Adolph Iriemann

    Thank you for pointing out to the white, red, and other non-blacks who use this forum to proliferate their selfish ideas on the Barbadian public what you did in your respective posts. I love it when Christians, Jews and Muslims who are sooooo good and upright, behave worse than the average selfish business person. People don’t see the real truth and crux or many matters. They happily pick out the little bits that they can expand and try to make a mountain out of a mole-hill. These are the “Masters of Minutia” as I once heard them refereed to. Barbados welcomes many foreign nationals with open arms. Does part of throwing out the welcome mat include selling our country and souls to these people? Many of us have Guyanese friends or family and co-workers. This doesn’t mean that we should allow a certain element to urinate in the alleyways in town on a Friday evening after enjoying a case of Banks or Stag. But that was only un-acceptable because it made certain parts of town almost un-passable. So we clamped down on it. The behaviors of these individuals who are guilty of these crimes against Barbadians are left un-checked because we don’t see the day to day horrors that our brothers and sisters have to endure at their hands, so it’s allowed to continue.
    And it seems to me that when it’s an inhumane or other dastardly act being committed against a Barbadian, it’s more often than not by a CAUCASIAN or another who thinks that he or she is as close to a Caucasian as possible, based on skin tone and coloration alone!
    The subversive elements in our midst would love to silence us and send us away quietly so that their greed and selfish acts can continue un-regulated and un-challenged until they destroy us completely. I can’t tell you what to do, but I don’t spend cent one with any of them. Probably if we stick together, we can get change and purge the subversive filth out of our midst.

  42. 114553-78C

    Nice to see us in meltdown mode!

    Indeed SinLucia looks better and better to the visitor from Up North.

    The Watcher obviously has some serious racial “issues”
    I suspect of a Marxist Leninist bent!
    Cave Hill??

    Dude, you need to ‘talk them out’ with a psychiatrist or psychologist.
    Seek professional help, lest the internalised hatred consume you from within, muh boh!

  43. 45


    I don`t have coversations with racists, black or white, especially when they offer violence and bloodshed as a solution to correct perceived injustices.
    I never called you a”midget”..simply a radical racist, and I`ll stck with that assesment, based on your own rantings.
    So long watcher

  44. yatinkiteasy

    Above to watcher was from yatinkiteasy.

  45. free willie

    Sir Roy has no manners. He should pack it in and go home and return his knighthood. I will resign from BWU because of this. He is not fit to lead me anymore anywhere.

  46. yatiniteasy

    Watcher must be real well educated in truth…I did not know what “scatophager” means, and I could not find it in Webster`s Dictionary.Is this a racist term?

  47. 89

    Black people have a belief that the islands of the Caribbean including Barbados are theirs and all other races are not welcome. Check your history you are invaders too…..please return to your home land.

  48. Chris


  49. Chris

    The man big plan to get exposure and ‘popularity’ to push his case to be GG like it gone and backfire….wuh loss!

  50. BFP

    Message from Barbados Free Press to our readers:

    We’ve allowed the language and racist comments on this post to illustrate the truth of the theme that racism is accepted by far too many people in Barbados.

    From this point on we will return to our normal standards where we do not allow racist comments. Please adhere to our rules, or, if you wish to continue making racist comments go to Barbados Underground where such attitudes are defended and even celebrated.



  51. Steupse!

    My bet is that you don’t have a job. But believe me brother, if you worked for me and expressed these repugnant ideas publicly, you would be out on your ass and feel lucky not to be prosecuted! Then you can run to Trottie for sympathy. You deserve each other. Steupse!

  52. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Other than the fact that Mr. Trotman alluded without careful consideration for the repercussions his remarks would have caused by referring to the goodly gentleman as being an Egyptian jew and citing the dismissal of 20 workers to be related to their attending a union meeting, I thought that all of Mr. Trotman’s comments were spot on.

    He certainly did not exercise restraint in his passion to represent Barbadian workers who are subjected to various forms of discrimnatory behaviour and exploitation. He certainly sent a message loud and clear.

    Call it what you like but investors into our country must not believe that their contribution to the employment and economic needs of our little island is an entitlement that gives them unlimited power to do as they like, when they feel like and believe that it is all right. And just to balance it a bit, Barbadian workers, particularly blacks, must come to grips with the fact that not every employer will tolerate their “mouthings” and lacklustre approach to the way they do their jobs.

    The Barbadian job ethic must change to meet and embrace modern times. The “screw pooch” look; the bad customer service; the numerous complaints and poor productivity and levels of output must be replaced with conscentiousness and deeper committment. There must be passionate about their jobs and see their jobs as important.

    Its a catch 22 people because if you say A you got to comment on B. Provide the right environment employer and you get the best out your workers. Workers give maximum output and your employer more than likely will reward you for your excellent service. IS THAT REALLY TRUE bout hey tho because me think prejudice and racial card dictates alot of behaviour and decisions bout hey!!! Hmmmmmm

  53. Red Lake Lassie

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    If some labour leader in the United Kingdom said that workers were “sacked by a black Barbadian” you would GO NUTS!!!

    Nothing said after that point would matter.

    Why the double standard?

  54. Red Lake Lassie

    Make that “sacked by a black Barbadian Christian”.

    If some politician said that in London, they would bring back hanging: for the politician!

  55. Bill Gibson

    oh oh . . . You would make me laugh with your comments, would it not be so serious! Would I not understand something, I would hold shut my mouth. This is always the same with the stupid, they yell most loudly!
    I will bring some clouds out of your brain. First of all, it is absolutely shameful for a country if a P.M. say this.
    Second, if my next-door neighbour beat his wife I can do the same???!!!
    Warum gehst du in die Kirche? Is that what you learn in church?
    I understand you because nobody has teacht you thinking. But now you can start: first read, than as a second think and then maybe think again how to write and than you can write – or show the people stubit youtube videos!
    Know you way I‘m so angry?
    Rassismus ist die schlimmste Geisel der Menschheit. No human being should allow another person to be racist! If a member of parliament even a SIR takes these words into the mouth that is totally unworthy.
    Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Mick Jagger in the same league as an SIR Roy Trodman? If I would have a SIR, latest now I would give back my SIR to the Queen!

  56. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Red Lake Lassie

    Please point out the double standard. A balance must be struck in this Trotman matter. The issue is his disparaging comments. He deserves to be criticized for not exercising prudence and discretion in what was an obvious show of emotionalism. His behaviour epitomizes alot of the emotional dribble that comes from our political directorate and some other top leaders. But all of his discourse was not racially laced like some would have you believe on here. Alot of the comments being made are blowing the matter towards a bigger issue of racial hatred. And believe what you like racism and discrimination on the parts of blacks and whites and other ethnic groups are big on this little island. YOu just need a little fuse like this one for it to raise its ugly head. Just take a look at the comments and see the exchange of blame.

    So please tell me what a labour leader in the UK stating that a black sack workers got to do with me. If the man wants to dismiss workers for folly so be it. But if the labour leader did a ‘Trotman’ and describe the black employer as some African black his ass should get cut just like Trotman’s. No double standard with me sister. Just calling a spade a spade. Ich bin gut!!!

  57. Sunshine Sunny Shine


    Your comments are very strong if not antisematic. I understand what you are saying but you do not have to come over so hateful. However please do not paint the entire white against blacks and people of the shades with such a big brush.All are not racist and prejudice but I know many who are.

    I abhor racism, prejudicism, unfairnism, black elitism, white elitism and any other ism that seeks to create inequality between races of people, because it does not make any sense at all to me. All it does is fuel the energy for war and further divide.

    My skin is practically white on the outside but my father ensured that I remain black on the inside. I would never refer to myself as an oreo like one political leader has stated before. I am mixed and black and affiliate with both racists. But you know what I have come to realise. The majority of conversations that I have heard always reference the same thing: Blacks are complainers who want alot of money for very little output and are very aggressive and whites are exploiters who do not provide equal opportunity in the working environment because they reserve those opportunities for their own kind.

    I understand the comments that you are making but I will be honest to use adjectives like filth to describe a group of people who have contributed economicallly to Barbados, provide jobs for many is definitely too harsh.

    If you have the power to change black individualistic thinking towards a united cohesive front for business endeavour, please share your formula. But I am sorry to say that my people are still blaming everything on slavery and have not learnt that unity is strength and framentation is the downfall of collective efforts. We are powerful and intelligent but unfortunately stupid and indifferent in our understanding of building a united front to progress a cause. Hence the reasons why we are easily exploited because we are the dependent entity. I will await my licks but can anyone refute what I am saying?

  58. BTW – I just learned Trotskie is doing this to spite Fondle Stewart for not making Barbados’ Worst Unionist into the next Governor General, he was expecting to vacate Harmony Hall for Gov’t House and when not forthcoming he’s been busy Yorking up with LIME, DI and whatever else he can stir up to force FS to ring the bell

  59. YARDIE

    Taseti posted a youtube video where a Jewish Rabbi called the former UN Secretary General , Kofi Annan a ” Monkey ” . The Rabbi also called Jesse Jackson a monkey as well . This and the other videos posted by Taseti show how much Jews love Black People.

  60. what will they think of next

    This is all a storm in a teacup.
    In a few days time people will be asking, what was it that Sir Roy said?

  61. truth

    Judaism or Racism?
    The Rambam’s (“Rabbi Mosheh Ben Maimon” ) View Of Black People
    The Racist views of Moses Maimonides (Jewish Scholar ,1135- 1204 )

    “Those who are incapable of attaining to supreme religious values include the black coloured people and those who resemble them in their climates. Their nature is like the mute animals. Their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey.” (Maimonides, Guide To The Perplexed, Translation from the Hebrew Version).

  62. truth

    Was the great and revered rabbi Moses Ben Maimon (Maimonides) a racist?

    The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Religion refers to Moses Maimonides, a.k.a. Rambam, as “the symbol of the pure and orthodox faith.” His Guide of the Perplexed is considered the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy, but his view of Blacks was Hitlerian:

    “[T]he Negroes found in the remote South, and those who resemble them from among them that are with us in these climes. The status of those is like that of irrational animals. To my mind they do not have the rank of men, but have among the beings a rank lower than the rank of man but higher than the rank of apes. For they have the external shape and lineaments of a man and a faculty of discernment that is superior to that of the apes.”

    Several Jewish scholars have translated the “Guide,” interpreting the above passage as referring to Black Africans:

    Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), The Guide of the Perplexed, translated and edited by Shlomo Pines; with an introductory essay by Leo Strauss (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1963), Chapter 51, pp. 618-19. Moses Maimonides, The Guide to the Perplexed, trans. and ed. Shlomo Pines (Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1963), 2:618-19. Other translations use the term “cushites” or “blacks” in place of “Negroes.” See M. Friedlander’s translation (1904; reprint, New York: Dover, 1956), 384.

  63. @ Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I have read some of the comments left be some of the other contributors and have ignored them totally and un-equivocally because in all honesty, none of them can refute the facts that ate staring them in the face. I don’t really like lies at all and have found that when people are wrong, rather than own up to their wrongs, ask for forgiveness ( whatever you make of that word) and move on with a goal in mind not to repeat the same mistake again, they opt to distract and blame others when they are at fault.
    Let me respond to you however. I call a spade, a spade. NO fluffy language, no watering down, no frills. It is what it is whether we like it, want to accept it, or not. That doesn’t change those harsh realities. My experience has taught me for years that blacks are by no means perfect, but they are always the focus and targets of other races for negativity and hatred. And not ONE of the whiners in this forum posting non-sense and aimless emotions can validate why that is so. Non one! Blacks seem to be the worst thing that can happen on earth if you ask many others, but yet their culture, mannerisms and even verbal articulations are often stolen, copied or permanently borrowed and when the time is right, its integrated into the mainstream to the benefit of all bit them. I’ve so often heard “ebonics” spoken so fluently by non-blacks that I am left in amazement at their mastery of it. I am black, well honestly mixed, and I can’t get it done yet. So it bothers me to see and hear people berate blacks to no end while building heavily and successfully on their backs while trying to destroy them.
    On this particular issue, I let it hang all out and for those who possess some basic intelligence. Those elevated few will see that the questions and comments I raised regarding the facts or lack of facts in some cases, should cause rational folk to question what is really going on here. What I got back was just a lot of useless, un-focused and mis-aligned emotions about a comment made by one man against another. Some people called for the revocation of his knighthood, some wanted an apology, others wanted blood if you read though their disguised anger, but I am still awaiting a concerted effort that calls for an investigation into the workings of this company at the center of the controversy as a whole.
    H.Subwani, who used to be (and possibly still may be the GM at D.I) has been overheard on many occasions complaining about the fact that many tourists come to our shores, but few come into the store and purchase their goods. I can’t help but to think that we waste 90Mill on Tourism per year and the returns done justify the investment, but yet we still do it. That’s money that can be diverted to other industries and to small/medium sized businesses that have been proven to grow economies in times like these. Yet we still find ways to waste taxpayers’ monies and now we’re looking for a 100Mill loan!
    From whom? Many, if not all lending agencies have Barbados on a brown-list. We borrow, but don’t demonstrate what we do with the money. We start projects, let them run and then let them die naturally while a few souls get rich from these activities. So as a result, we’re not going to get money as easily as we once did. This is really painful to see this behavior continue to go un-checked.
    I am a nationalist. And I am un-ashamedly so. Germany won’t allow anyone but Germans to own certain assets in their land. Israel vehemently separates Jews from non-Jews such that it’s almost a disguised version of Apartheid all over again. The list of this form of distinction goes on and on, but when we have to say something about Nationalism and fiercely speak out against people who come here and do as they please, the group that I firmly believe to be a subversive element comes out swinging with a barrage of personal attacks and other chaff to defend the wrongs and divert the attention from the core issue whatever that issue may be at the time.
    I can only assume that they have a vested interest in in this activity continuing. So I ask again “Why is it different for the goose than the gander?” I said what many people feel, but are afraid to say. And I did so in my home. Not as a visitor in a foreign land. The mis-trust and other negative feelings that exist do so because these behaviors continue to go un-checked and un-resolved in Barbados and I will tell you this, our society and peoples are not the passive grumblers that they used to be in the 70’s, 60’d and 50’s. We’ve seen what can happen here when I referenced the activities of the 1930’s and folk got mad, but that group of events has much of the same underpinnings that we are seeing re-surfacing today. So I can only extrapolate that the resulting effects will be the same at best, and at worst…well that’s anyone’s guess.
    But I’m glad that you understand that there is a problem here, and that no amount to covering up, lying of threatening The Watcher will change that. What will change it is strength in numbers and a cohesiveness of the people who have for so long been dis-advantaged and mis-treated, demanding and accepting nothing less than their share of what’s rightfully theirs!
    See if you can impart some of your knowledge to those wandering aimlessly around in the thick, heavy darkness of their minds.
    I’m going back to watching!

  64. yatiniteasy

    Good idea, go back to watching..
    What have you ever done to contribute to Barbados`s National development, Mr Watcher?My guess is nothing.
    Your previous reference to the 37 riots are totally uncalled for and disgusting, but reveals a lot about you and your deeply ingrained racist mindset.
    It must be tough having to live with yourself.

  65. unknown

    @ Bill Gibson

    Sir Roy exposed the unfair business practices of a Jew , who responded by using the race card.
    Eveyone is aware that Jews are frauds , only the fools in Barbados think they are special.

  66. Pookie

    do my taxes honestly have to pay for some of you peoples “education”?
    i want a refund

  67. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The Watcher

    You have made some very interesting points but I am a little disturb by the alude to the 37 riots. Are you advocating a revolt to violence? Most Barbadians know that there is a perceived notion held in the minds of whites and other ethnic groups about blacks. Maybe this notion stems from the behaviourism of blacks or from the fact that the other races believe blacks to be truly inferior and are lesser humans. I consider all of this to be nothing but rubbish but rubbish as it is, it is held in the mindsets of some very nefarious and twisted supremacist thinking people.

    I do not think you are racist just one like me who abhors racism and the way that black people are treated. But Watcher I must ask you why is it that our people seem not able to get it right. Why is it that we are not running the majority of business on this island. Why can we not pool resources to support our own? Why do we discriminate so much against our own successes. We can no longer say slavery made is so because our thinking is now shape by the freedoms of out liberties. Therefore what can the matter be.

  68. meme

    Jacob Hassid did not “play the race card”, Trotman “played the race card” when he introduced “JEW” into the conversation.

    Had Jacob Hassid called Trotman a “black man” and sought to portray his actions as immoral because he is a “black man”, Bajans would have been screaming mad.

    When a black Bajan calls someone “white”, “Jew”, “Chinee” or “Curryman”, that’s okay.

    I hate Trotman’s raw racism.

  69. meme

    People are putting videos here of bad things done by people who are Jews, as if that makes all Jews bad. Can I put some videos here of black people who are violent? Can I put some videos here about how 90% of black babies are born out of wedlock in North America and the Caribbean?

  70. @ yatiniteasy.
    I see that you are still talking, and talking foolishness. I see that in your diminished capacity, you are still trying to hurl insults and verbal reprimands. When you finally stop, you will see that the FACTS that bother you so much haven’t gone away. You are just a pest. Swattable, or sprayable.
    Go take a trip to the pondside, and seek communion with the crapoa!

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine
    I wish that I could tell you why we as a people have such a Crab-in-a-barrel mentality but I honestly can’t. The Philosophical minds and social observers may be able to shed a better light than I can. What I have been able to uncover over the years is that all races and peoples seem to fight internally. What they have managed to do is to keep their “dirty laundry” internal to their communities and not let it all hand out. We apparently haven’t developed that ability as yet. The riots that bother people so much had a root cause. If examined, we are going full circle at full throttle towards that state again. Not that its not avoidable this time around, but our selfishness and greed won’t allow us to stop and take stock. I find that more and more, people become educated fools and are unable to challenge themselves to be the keepers of their fellow man. Some of the best and most pleasant feelings that you can experience as a human, is in the service of another human who needs and deserves your help. Not in the accruing of wealth and riches.
    I didn’t create the situation or climate. I just observed and reported on what I saw and from day to day experiences, what I am able to ascertain we are heading towards at supersonic speed.
    Just take a look at the people posting videos that say clearly that intolerance against people of color is rampant in many places. Take a closer look and see that those videos are mostly focused at one country.
    It is what it is. I can’t say much more than that.
    Hopefully we’ll stop our madness and make Barbados work.

  71. old onion bags

    Colorful not necessarily rambunctiously true……but damaging

  72. yatiniteasy

    @watcher…once again you are off Mr Trotman`s disgusting racial remarks (about a member of our community who actually provides employment for many Barbadians.)
    From your May 5th ranting: “You think that the cumulative effect of Mr.Lowe and Roy Smith, Allison, Freddies and R.A. Mapp who have small to medium businesses doesn’t have a cumulative effect of keeping money circulating in this economy? You think that the $800, $900 and $1000 dollar salaries that these people you so love pay workers really keeps the country afloat?”
    Are you implying that the above mentioned businessmen pay their workers more than the amounts you mentioned?LOL.
    Look for the Truth watcher…

  73. Sunshine Sunny Shine


    It seems that you have some detractors. There are only a few things that I have concerns with as it pertains to your postings but I will not reference those at this time.

    You have cleared up the riots with your analogy but still you must be careful of the conveyance of a subliminal message – rather intentionally or unintentionally. There is tension in our land from the hardships many are enduring. Alot of Barbadians are not so happy with the practices of our politics in recent years, particularly the politics of ‘rich rewards.’

    I do not know if I can offer you advice but I will anyway. I believe you know the saying ” if you are not part of the solution you are therefore part of the problem.” Watcher I advise (if I may) that when you write you may be critical of the things that bother you and a ” profane pep’ or two might be expressed towards the perceived causes. But do not reference others along the adjectives you have used. The criticisms that others are hurling at you might be on the basis of your very strong language however me think most of them are unconfounded least to say reactionary. You have made some very interesting and valid points, which I do not think your detractors are reading into with open eyes. Nontheless I think you understand very well why our little island is the way that it is. I think you know that what prevails here is as a result of the nice comfortable relationships between the investor and the powers that be.

    The Union in these days is just a front with a face that most do not recognized. They are two comfortable with their governmental and private sector counterparts to be of any real force our voice for the people. That is just my opinion; I am entitled to it.

  74. Newbie

    @ Watcher
    What will change it is strength in numbers and a cohesiveness of the people who have for so long been dis-advantaged and mis-treated, demanding and accepting nothing less than their share of what’s rightfully theirs!

    I totally agree with this portion of your post in regards to a number of issues in Barbados not just the issue involving Mr Trotman. However anytime a nation is mentioned in a comment then someone, somewhere will consider that comment to be a racist comment but that does not necessarily make it so,

    I wholeheartedly agree with the gist of Mr Trotman’s comment that too many foreign business owners believe that they can do exactly what they want to do to their employees and nothing will be done to enforce what little laws exist to protect employees in the private sector.

    Take Round House in Bathsheba for instance, discriminately firing people that is dislike by one person and totally ignoring the laws of Barbados in regards to notice, lieu of notice and severance when it comes to dismissing employees. They honestly believe they can do this and get away with it because this is Barbados.

  75. FearPlay

    Adolph Iriemann
    May 6, 2012 at 5:38 pm
    “BTW – I just learned Trotskie is doing this to spite Fondle Stewart for not making Barbados’ Worst Unionist into the next Governor General.”…If this be the case, we can look out for a lot more rabble rousing. This morning a friend (serious DLP hailer) said to me that it is his opinion that Sir Erskine’s recent visit to Barbados all the way from China was to discuss the filling of the Governor General’s post. Come to think of it, why would government fly Sir Erskine that distance and at that cost to do what? There was no meeting of Ambassadors in Barbados at the time. So Sir Trottie, go throw another tantrum ’cause it looks like the job will not be going to you (thank God). Remember, the PM said he was going to make a decision on this appointment within six months and six months is just about up and we know our PM is a man of his word… unless he has gone on to stage three and we are still stuck at stage two!

  76. de hood

    @The Watcher
    May 5, 2012 at 1:40 am

    You said, quote: “The 37 Riots, aren’t that far off, and lots of blood will be spilt when the new unrest finally boils up to the surface.
    That blood just won’t be ours this time!” End of quote.
    I ask:- So whose blood will be spilt, Mr. Watcher? If not ours, will it be that of our children? Grandchildren? Whose you bloody fool? Why don’t you think intelligently before putting idle thoughts in print? So do you think the “few” (say, 10or20 thousand at the most) “Bajan whites” or other ethnics in Barbados will stand idly by while you and some of your cohorts begin your ethnic cleansing? My friend, you had best start rethinking your ideas if you do not wish to start mayhem in this country. We should be fully aware who will fare the worst in such a showdown. So don’t let another fool like the one who calls himself “Negroman” on a sister blog put fool’s thoughts in wunna heads, hear. Furthermore, just how are you going to determine who is “white” enough to go or who is black enough to stay? After nearly 400 years of the intermingling of the colours here in Barbados do you really believe that you would find any “pure white” or “pure black” Bajan in this country? So who will decide and how will the decision be based? Wheel and come again, buddy!

  77. The Watcher!

    @ de hood
    May 8, 2012 at 1:11 am
    And I quote” Whose you bloody fool? Why don’t you think intelligently before putting idle thoughts in print?”
    Let me say this you IDIOT! If you learn to put your ears to the ground you would hear the rumblings that are the effervescence of the boil that hasn’t yet broken open on to the surface yet. Go read the BB messages of the myriad of people who comment on these issues or talk about unfair practices in Barbados. They talk about killing, chopping, maiming and other such actions. You all Bajan’s like too much wishy-washy behaviors and pointing fingers at the people who identify impending problems. You hate to have to deal with problems, especially when they are problems that you have created by your in-actions and sluggishness.
    I don’t have to incite a boy! They are already incited. I’m telling you that they are incited and what will be the resulting outcome(s) of their actions come time. Go read, or re-read what was said in context. It is what it is and we can’t stand that!
    Sorry, I’ll blast you just like you did me because you and the others who HATE to deal with the facts and problems that they were a part of allowing or creating, choose to blame everyone else but themselves. I got my blame to take too as a Barbadian who has little power of influence. But calling it as I see it, I won’t stop.

    @ Newbie.
    This forum is a real interesting one. Not here to do verbal battle unless I have to. I appreciate your comments. Cool.

    @ Sunshine Sunny Shine
    I can deal with any and all of the detractors. They can’t offer a single shred of evidence to refute what was said. What annoys them to no end is that what’s said hurts, bites, inflicts mental agony, is true, is fact, or is just a reality they’d rather not deal with. I DON’T create realities. I don’t even influence them. I just call them as I see them. I raise the red flag indicating danger is imminent. And I’m not supposed to do that. I’m either supposed to be complicit in keeping my trap shut, or just don’t be so harsh about it. Dilute my words.
    As an analogy. Let’s say the Met Office detected a 20′ wave heading our way and issued a public warning that said “Barbados will encounter higher than normal waves and swells tomorrow. Small craft should stay in port” Then in the aftermath we were pounded by this 20′ wall of water, I can assure you that Bajans would want their pound of flesh from the Met.We saw an example of this just over a year and some ago with the hurricane which we encountered. Barbadians were livid with the Met for the incorrect, inconsistent and inaccurate reports they received of the storm. If a storm is brewing we want to know a storm is brewing and heading our way. We want to empty the supermarket shelves and go hunker down. So I ask you, what’s the difference now? We can avert this impending disaster by far better than we can any storm. But if I take a few steps back from it, you may be right and more aware than I am of what really means something to us here in B’ados. I say this because when we were hit by that hurricane some years and a bit ago, I could not grasp the level of stupidity that came out of Barbadians’ mouths regarding what they had in their fridge and when was the “current” coming back on. Very few seemed to grasps that we were in the throes of a hurricane. But that could have been from the mis-information disseminated by the Met.
    But hey, I have read, digested and appreciated your commentary.
    Your objectivity and objections alike, are duly noted. Our dialogue says that adults can agree to disagree without becoming belligerent or acting like errant schoolchildren. You’re cool!

    @ yatiniteasy

    May 7, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    I can’t be off topic! Simply can’t! The topic is the unfair dismissal of these staff. Not “Trottie’s “comments. His comments are what the distraction has come to be so that the TOPIC can be ignored, forgotten and anarchy can reign in the foreign employers market as it related to the humane and ethical treatment of Barbadians. So no, I am not off topic. I refuse to be mis-led and refocused on trivialities like “He dared to call me an Egyptian Jew” when you ent had no right doing what you did! And if he used the term to distinguish clearly to whom he was referring then it’s as good a term as Lanky Bajan. I’m not buying into it!
    Racism is alive and well here. You could like it or not, want to admit it or not, participate in it or not. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s here. It’s interesting that racism in Barbados has the general definition of Blacks toward whites or other races, but hardly those other races toward Blacks. When it happens that way, it’s always something else. I’m not buying it!
    I am not going to back down or apologize because someone feels hurt. Tough! People like to do and do and do, but when time for tables to turn and dem to get do, it duz be all sorts ah issues and cries and complaints. This issue is one of them and interesting enough, its embryonic, it isn’t even a full Do fah do!
    The world is a cycle!

  78. yatiniteasy

    @ watcher, I love how you changed BFP`s “Topic” ( Barbados Knighted labour leader shows hatred against Jews) to watcher`s topic::”The topic is the unfair dismissal of these staff”…….see what I mean?
    Also, I know racism is alive and well here…I have called you a radical racist because of your previous rantings….and no, I don`t like it, and I`m sure the majority of Barbados does not like it either. I also understand that you don`t care what I think…the feeling is mutual.
    I also see how you have avoided this query….From your May 5th ranting:

    “You think that the cumulative effect of Mr.Lowe and Roy Smith, Allison, Freddies and R.A. Mapp who have small to medium businesses doesn’t have a cumulative effect of keeping money circulating in this economy? You think that the $800, $900 and $1000 dollar salaries that these people you so love pay workers really keeps the country afloat?”

    Are you implying that the above mentioned businessmen pay their workers more than the amounts you mentioned?LOL.

    Notice the Condemnation Trotman received in Parliment today? They were not white, Jews, or Egyptians who spoke out against Trotman`s racist and insulting comments on May 1st 2012.

  79. Bajan 101

    I felt so proud of Health Donville Inniss when he spoke in Parliament today and chastised Leroy Trotman over his conduct. Inniss was bang on when he called for Trotman to use more quiet diplomacy instead of yelling insults at managers. He likened Trotman unto a raging bull in a China shop. He is the only Minister who showed the balls to stand up Sir Roy and to put him in his place.

    Then when I heard Inniss state that employers also have rights and then gave a speech unlike any I have heard in parliament for a long time, my faith in the DLP started to come back. he was refreshingly sincere, balance and visionary. Inniss is the dark horse here to watch as Leader of DLP after Fumble.

  80. The Watcher!

    @ yatiniteasy
    I see that you like playing around with semantics and performing some hair-splitting magic on this one. Fair enough, I can accept that. Your charge is that I changed BFS’s topic. Let me concede that to you. I should have been significantly more clear in my intent. What I did, was not follow on along the lines of the topic the BFP introduced. I instead chose to focus on the issue from which the topic arose. So while the topic was the “Hatred” of Jews by a local labor union leader, I chose to focus on what that person was charged with. What was the accusation leveled against that person who claimed to be the focus of un-justified racial commentary. BFP has the right to introduce a topic in any manner in which they desire, and I have the right to focus past their topic and focus on an issue if there’s one that’s deeper than the topic.
    Now, I’m not certain what it was that I avoided that you brought up, but bring it up again if you so desire. I don’t run from much.
    As for the radical-racist comment. All I can say is that you are entitled to your opinion. Bear in mind that when racism comes from the other end, it’s seen as something else.
    The R.A Mapp and other businesses I mentioned, help the economy by keeping money circulating. They keep money local also. Go read with I said again. D.I or tourism is a parasitic draw on our economy. So no, I am not implying that they pay more, I am implying that their cumulative effect is of greater value to the country overall.
    Now on to the condemnation of Mr.Trotman by Minister Innis. The same minister that this very forum was blasting a few weeks ago as a pornographer. Credibility is a really serious thing. I won’t take what was said, or where it was said as anything more that rhetoric put out there to appease the very people who have the where-with-all to support an upcoming campaign. But what minister Innis and other ministers need to remember is that we in Barbados don’t base our elections and their outcome on some obscure “electoral college”, we OUNT our votes, and every last one counts!
    What many people in this forum desire is the ability to make Mr.Trotman do an about face in shame and discredit and satisfaction of Mr. Trotman going back on his words. What that does is egotistically ensure that he is still beneath them and “we” have taught that little black labour leader a lesson! This is not up for discussion. It is the prevailing undertone running through many of these posts. But he said that he isn’t! Live with it! If Donville feels that he must come out and apologize or chastise Mr.Trotman, then fine. He answers to US, the ELETORATE, and if we feel that he’s complicit, then we’ll act.
    Let this be understood. The D.I issue and the so called employers that use Barbados as a base for their activities both above and below ground needs investigation and soon. The world and the people who watch us are doing so with keen eyes because we are complicit in a lot of foolishness. Issues like these are allowed and encouraged to grow, blossom and fester all in the name of distraction so that the real business can continue un-affected. I’m not joining with it. There’s a prominent businessman here who can never go 300M north of his Wildey business location because if he does, he got real problems. But we coddle him.
    No one will get me to concede in this issue, leaving the smoking gun un-challenged in favor of the smokescreen set here for me to see.
    Get off Trotman, his comment(s) and the union and deal with the people who are the devisive and now the affluently apportioned undesirable elements in our society. Those who don’t belong here with us, but can devide and conquer, by causing us to seek the destruction of our very countrymen who help to make us a country, a nation.

  81. an observer

    @ The Watcher – Enough already. We are all entitled to our own opinion. If you are so concerned and you have so much time on your hands, why don’t you start up a business and do something constructive with yourself.

  82. de hood

    @The Watcher!
    May 8, 2012 at 7:56 pm
    Sir, in answering your above reply let me state that you missed the point completely, whether by choice or design I am not sure.

    So tell me, when, and if, this so called “boil” erupts whom do you think will fare the worst? Who has the “firepower” in this country? Think, my friend. And, if you think for one moment that “firepower” will not be brought to bear on the masses then you really do not know of whom you speak.

    So is this what Barbados should come to ultimately. Another Syria, Libya or any of those Mid-East (take your pick, any other will do!) countries? Is that your vision for this peaceful existence which we all share on this little island? Whatever happened to the idea of Alternative Solutions? Thrown out of the door when Cave Hill indoctrination was brought in the window? All I have to say now is that wunna cud enjoy wunna selfs wid “de war” talk because I ain’t got too much more time leff hey anyways, so go right ahead and plan wunna plans fuh de “mother of all wars” hey in Buh-ba- dus!

  83. yatiniteasy

    @watcher..I`m glad to see that you admitted to changing BFP`s topic to your own.To be fair, I have also reread your comments regarding Mr Mapp et all, and agree that they do contribute to the economy. Indeed I would add to the list Mr Leacock, Mr Branker and Mr Linton, Mr Broomes, and many more, however, it is you, not I that stated the following:
    “You think that the $800, $900 and $1000 dollar salaries that these people you so love pay workers really keeps the country afloat?” and therefore my question as to weather those employers you mentioned paid more .
    So it is you, not I that introduced this element to the discussion.
    Therefore the following comment you made is a real joke.
    “I see that you like playing around with semantics and performing some hair-splitting magic on this one”

  84. Medea

    I AM SO HAPPY that mr. Trotman came out with such unfortunate comment!! What this individual, which has NONE of my respect, said is a clear form of racist and short minded way to talk. Any SERIOUS politician or high level institution should call the counterpart with names, never!!
    In Barbados there is a group of people that hates anyone coming from abroad, especially if their skin is not dark enough. The “thing” above that sign himself “the watcher” is a clear example of what I am talking about. Today I heard mr. Commissioning (the panafrican guy) defending Leroy Trotman with foolish topics and excuses….he speak like that because is part of that disturbing group of fools …people always looking at the african origins and always crying on themselves but never looking at the future and the potentials of this island. The world goes ahead but they still there at three centuries ago…sad.
    They would love to stop anyone different from “black” at the airport and easy to guess their dream is to see bajans living in huts, running behind chickens and play drums all day….Economy? Tourism? Education? Progress? Who cares?? They don’t give a shit of all that, all they see is black, white, red, yellow etc.
    Now , there is a very simple way to understand if this group of fools are just a minority or else. Hey “Watcher” why don’t call for a petition asking the government to stop any “white alien” entering Barbados? Why you don’t ask the government to deport all the whites out of Bim shores?? Why having all those hotels attracting all this “white trash”? CLOSE THEM ALL!! Please do it and we’ll see how many you are, but in case you lose this chance you’ll disappear with all your nosense, because all of you are enemy of this State.

  85. robert ross

    Dear Watcher….

    A comment of yours above seems to demonstrate an interest in alley pissing. Indeed you seem to suggest that once upon a time it was only Guyanese who did this. Now: how do you KNOW that it was only Guyanese? I mean, how DO you spend your time? Anyone care to do some more empirical research on this? The reference to ‘scat’ is interesting also and prompts the same question..Do you want to tell us more and guide us on how to follow up? I am NOT Guyanese. You may say openly if you got the idea from Isaiah and are a Biblical fundamentalist.

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  87. 247

    What is Mr. Jacob Hassid, race and religion?

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  89. yatiniteasy

    @247…what difference does it make? Read the Barbados Constitution.

  90. Medea

    Guys, I apologize for my poor grammar in my previous comment, but I really get mad when I read foolishness. Barbados is a tiny place in the ocean and big Countries like Canada, USA, England and others would place a gravestone on Bim in case they realize are not welcome here… with all the consequences you can understand.
    We all are facing tough times and all of us with this Country in they heart, together regardless differences of race or religion, should aim to success.

  91. Jason

    Jews are good people, but Zionism is based on racism, and this blog is an ardent supporter of its agendas

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  94. 159


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