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Can anyone name three Barbados environmental laws?

Dear Barbados Free Press

I am 9 years old and working on a project on the environment for school.  Could you please tell me 3 environmental laws we have in Barbados please?  I know there is the Coastal Conservation Act but can you tell me two more?


“Thomas”  (Real name & email withheld by Barbados Free Press)

BFP Answers…

Hello Thomas,

That’s wonderful that you are working on an environmental project for school. We hope you keep it up because Barbados needs young people (and old people!) who realise that there is a direct connection between the health of our environment, the health of our economy and our personal health, happiness and quality of life.

Unfortunately, every DLP and BLP government for the last 46 years has promised to implement an Environmental Protection Act, but they have never done so. That is true for our current Prime Minister Stuart, and it was true for our past Prime Ministers Thompson and Arthur.

We think the reason for this lack of environmental laws is that large corporations give ‘political donations’ of money to the DLP and BLP to assist with their election campaigns, but in return the politicians unofficially promise the companies that they will not make any environmental laws that would harm the business interests of their political donors.

As a result, the corporations are pretty well free to do whatever they want in Barbados with no government environmental oversight or rules. Don’t forget, it costs money to be clean and to properly dispose of chemicals. The corporations don’t want to do things properly if they can get away with cheap solutions.

This has harmed Barbados and our environment in the long run and is threatening to wreck our tourism industry.

Thomas, we hope that you will continue to research and learn about the environment in Barbados, and that when you are confident in your position, you will start to challenge the politicians about their poor record when it comes to protecting the environment.

Good luck!

Marcus, Cliverton, Robert, Nevermind Kurt, Auntie Moses, George and Shona. We are BFP!


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Why is St. Lucia’s tourism performing so well?

Are we really doing that well on Barbados?

First quarter of 2012…

St. Lucia up 15 per cent overall.

Up 30% from the UK (despite the outrageous Air Passenger Duty)
Up 28% from Canada
Up 9% from the USA

There was a time not so long ago when mention of St. Lucia as ‘competition’ for our tourism visitors and dollars was laughed at. That laughing stopped a few years ago and has now turned into serious concern as St. Lucia’s tourism industry continues to progress in the face of a worldwide economic downturn.

And, as anyone in the Barbados tourism industry can tell you… more than a few visitors to St. Lucia used to vacation in Barbados (with the emphasis on ‘used to’).

Our leaders and tourism pundits should be asking some tough questions and making some candid observations about the Bajan tourism product. They should also be talking to travelers in transit through Barbados to St. Lucia – and there are many. Finally, some of our tourism middle management should be quietly spending a week in St. Lucia and then returning to Barbados with a tourist’s eyes to look at our own product and promotional efforts.

Can anyone from the tourism industry answer the question for BFP’s readers…

Why did St. Lucia do so well in Q1 of 2012, and why didn’t Barbados achieve the same results?

Further Reading…

St Lucia records 30% increase in UK visitors

CASTRIES, St Lucia, Friday April 27, 2012 – In spite of rising competition and what they call the general “volatility” of the industry, local tourism stakeholders are lauding a marked increase in the number of stay-over visitors to St Lucia for the first quarter of this year.

According to figures just released by the St Lucia Tourist Board, stay-over arrival arrivals to the island for the first quarter of this year totaled 95,170, representing a 15% increase over the same period last year.

Leading the way in this tourism increase to St Lucia is the United Kingdom, ringing in a 30% increase – a total of 23,479 visitors, 5,458 more than the same period last year…

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Photo: Thanks to Joe Knows StLucia!


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