Court witness held at gunpoint, tied up, beaten at home. Serious head injuries.

Some lawsuits just aren’t worth it in Barbados

“Kiss yuh rasshole bitch. We will kill you while you are asleep. Lock your doors and windows real good.”

“Marjorie Knox… If we evah fine she anyway bout Barbados we gine bus open she fucking head wid a big rock.”

Some of the anonymous internet threats to murder witnesses in the Kingsland Plantation court case as revealed at Keltruth Blog

“For seven long months in 2007/2008 the official WordPress blog of the Barbados Labour Party linked to the BFPE blog (Barbados Free Press Exposed) that published threats against many people, including threats to murder Adrian Loveridge, to burn down his business, and to rape his wife.”

… from the BFP story Barbados Labour Party Blog Removes Link To Website Threatening Murder Of Adrian Loveridge

Readers of Barbados Free Press are well familiar with the story of the long-running court battles over the Kingsland Plantation Estate, and the many years of threats and violent incidents against Marjorie Knox, her family members and witnesses testifying for Mrs. Knox. Even persons who (to our knowledge) have nothing to do with the court case but were mis-reported as being involved were subject to threats and violence – as happened to Adrian Loveridge and his wife.

Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid even confirmed that some of the violent anonymous internet threats against the Knox family originated on a computer at the Barbados Parliament Members’ Lounge. Something to think about, for sure.

These threats and acts of violence at pretty well standard operating procedure for some in Barbados. Wunna be careful if suing certain cartels… because you are likely to find your house set on fire like this or this.

Even high court Justice Randall Worrell (above) is worried about a trend that is undermining our court system and threatening the very fabric of our society: witnesses don’t want to testify to the point that they are changing their stories or running off the island. Court witnesses in Barbados are very afraid.

When the police cannot or will not protect witnesses, can we expect anything else?

Now we read on Keltruth Blog that Kingsland witnesses were recently held at gunpoint and beaten in what looks like a continuation of the threats and violence against Marjorie Knox and her family, who are engaged in an ongoing court battle against powerful Barbados cartels.

Welcome to Barbados folks: a paradise for tourism, business investments and offshore banking…

… until it goes wrong and you launch a lawsuit to find justice. Then they burn your house, beat you within an inch of your life, fire you from your job, urge strangers to stalk you and threaten to rape your wife while your court case takes 20 years to get to trial.

That’s right. Twenty years for a court case to reach trial in Barbados.

Meanwhile, you had better watch your back…

It was Thursday, April 19th, another peaceful day in the country. Around one thirty in the afternoon, John K. casually drove into the front yard of Old Hanson House in the parish of St. George, Barbados. He stuck his key into the lock of the front door, totally unaware that he was being watched.

John went inside and picked up what he had come for. He called his sister  on his cell phone. As he chatted, he walked out of the front door. He put the key in the lock one more time.

“DROP THAT PHONE!” A loud gruff shout shattered the tranquil scene. John turned to see a hooded face, with only two intense eyes visible. As his gaze dropped he saw something more scary.


John was facing the muzzle of a rifle. John’s heart was beating so fast, he thought he was having a heart attack. He kept talking on the phone to Jane.

Beaten with a 2 x 4

The masked intruder kept the rifle pointed at John with one arm, while he searched for a weapon with the other. He took up a tyre iron, but then discarded that for a 2×4 plank. He swung the 2×4 but John parried the blow with his hand.

John ran to the side yard where the dogs were. Desperately he struggled to release the latch to the gate, but it was jammed.

John felt a searing smash to the back of his head … he went down…

… Continue reading the Keltruth Blog news story Brutal Armed Robbery and Assault in St. George, Barbados


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14 responses to “Court witness held at gunpoint, tied up, beaten at home. Serious head injuries.

  1. Evolution/devolution?

    I used to think that Barbados would evolve the way of Trinidad.
    I was wrong.

    Barbados is evolving the way of JAMAICA.

  2. Moneybrain

    @Evolution/ devolution
    The truth has been for some time that TT just as bad or wusser than JA!!!

  3. St George's Dragon

    I hear rumours that the attacker has been caught. The implication is that he is Corey Omar McDonald Noel, arrested by the police on Saturday.
    Is he accused of this attack, or is someone reading between non-existent lines.

  4. tree23

    We will never progress as a society when people are too frightened to testify in court. The corruption, special deals and double standards evident in our courts undermines everything.

    My advice to my son: leave Barbados and make a new life somewhere else. Choose a country where there is rule of law and mechanisms in place to curtail the excesses of the rogues of the ruling classes. There will always be injustices wherever you are but in Barbados a handful of people control everything. There is no chance for a person not born into a family with connections. The people who have been on the receiving end of the violences in the kingland affair probably wish they had never started their law suit in the the court.

  5. Kammie Holder

    I read the Keltruth blog and was amazed at the accusations and came to the conclusion paranoia was setting in. Thank god the truth is out.

  6. Pon de rock

    @ Mr. Holder: Was Keltruth paranoid when many comments were posted online to bash in their mother’s skull with a rock because she was suing the government?

    Was Keltruth paranoid when Peter Simmons was tape recorded threatening that John Knox would lose his job at the University of the West Indies if he testified, and then he testified and lost his job?

    Was Keltruth paranoid when people threatened on the net to burn down Adrian Loveridge’s hotel and then there was a fire? Was Keltruth paranoid when Barbados Underground posted that people should stalk the Knox family to “make them feel real comfort” and then some thugs home invaded their summer cottage on the east coast and beat up the people there?

    Was Keltruth paranoid when the government expropriated their family land and never paid for it to this day? Was Keltruth witness Nitin Amersay paranoid when his home was firebombed in the middle of the night with the kids in bed? Was Dr. Duguid paranoid when he confirmed that some of the threats to kill Mrs. Knox came from the Members of Parliament lounge?

    Mr. Holder, you attitude like that is why things are as they are on this rock.

    What do you know about this latest attack? Only wat you read in the papers.

    If this latest attack where the man almost murdered a Knox was random, it will be the first random attack in ten years. You know nothing.

  7. Kammie Holder

    @PON DE ROCK. sir I am talking about the John Knoxx attack. I am very sympathetic to the Knoxx issue and the power play. However, support from the public will be eroded with outlandish claims sir. Just saying

  8. Tudor

    I cannot accept that the attack on John Knoxx was motivated by any matter concerning the now infamous “Kingsland Estates matter” – yes there was/is a lot of bitterness & rancour over this matter with Arthur/Simmons(2) the Deanes Allard etc.
    Over the years a lot has been written & claimed by all parties and I must say that the keltruth blog has done its share, in my opinion, of setting out what it considers to be the truth. However it is relevant to remember that every case brought by the Knoxx/Allard alliance including the case put before the Privy Council in UK has lost.The nelson saga then began in the canadian court and that too was lost and the last I heard Allard’s attorney was in danger of being disbarred, but that is another story.

    The way that this article is written reads more like a book, designed to create the impression of danger & suspence – anyone who knows John would have difficulty believing that he ever said anything “Cocky”. Personally I believe that there are faults on all sides the Deanes should have been paid for the land Govt took from them but in my opinion Allard was no kinght on a white horse assisting a poor lady who was being “unfaired” he had his eye on the coastal lands to build apartments.after all land developement is a part of his many business ventures.

    I am truly sorry that John was hurt –and wish him a quick and full recovery- but remain convinced that the attack was not caused by any connection to Kingsland.

  9. 173

    Knox is v.closely related to the Deanes

  10. Tudor

    His mother is a Deane

  11. naivety

    Has anyone seen such quick action and details of a an apprehension by police together with delivery of the accused confessing in front of the victim?

    Having a gun, the robber could have simply demanded wallets but instead took time to viciously asssault John Knox with a two by four which could have killed him.

    Why would a robber then choose to cooly wait, if it wasn’t for the return of Jane Goddard and the need to do serious harm or kill her?

    The robber only ran when a second car entered the compound.

    This was not a simple robbery.

    This was premeditated and planned and not by the robber.

  12. Elizabeth Juanita Campbell

    Excerpt from: Barbados Free Press
    Buckets? Garden hoses? Excuse us folks, but isn’t this a 5-star resort where people bring their loved ones to unwind and have a little fun time? One would think that a new resort would have been designed with guest and worker safety in mind and be equipped with the latest alarm, fire sensors and sprinkler systems.
    What? Are there no sprinkler systems in the rooms? No fire hoses with sufficient capacity? How many fire points are there in the resort?

    Again, like the Misogynistic tendencies (including rampant abuse of the elderly and children)…and may I now include THE THEFT OF INTELLECTUAL WORK BY THE GOVERNMENT UPON INDIVIDUAL(S) …Barbados appears to be a backward country that uses its affiliation with the crown to “infuse” (as if by osmosis) “class and culture”…grace and distinguishment!
    All the bow-cutting, gift-giving, certificate-enhancing tributes doesn’t mean a TING if SAFETY is not top priority; if safety is not in the drawing board: Not if a wife or aunt or sister or grandmother or girl-friend can go from the sands to the hotel room un-escorted because rape or murder is so common-place, and Definitely not if the basics like a modern sprinkler system is not a part of the design!
    I am ashamed to be a Barbadian these days: A country that boast of its refinement while over-looking the grand and expected basics, no wonder tourism is declining…while spend valuable dollars in a place which seeks to take your life when you can go to a real place of modern refinement?
    As for the theft of Mr. David Weeks intellectual property …not wanting to pay him what his brain produced but instead causing him and his family abominable human rights abuses…what ‘Junglelistic’ and savage comeuppance from Little England!
    I have borrowed this segment below from the segment of The Barbadian free Press:
    … David Weekes, Barbados business owner and inventor
    David Weekes is the inventor of software and hardware visa solution that he claims Caricom stole from his company and used to issue visas during Cricket World Cup. Mr. Weeks claims that he showed the system to Caricom in 2003, and that Caricom used the software and system without his authorization in 2007. Weekes filed a lawsuit in 2007.
    Something does not smell right to the average person who can see with all five senses the immorality: And what does this say to the would–be inventors/discoverers of Barbados? Twas better to go to some other country where basic rules are adhere to…maybe France?
    Again and again we see photo-ops of people being congratulated in selected areas of place (first-fifth) for improving the lot of the people: Is this the pretend test game then, waiting for “a real invention of magnitude” when the corruptors would come along then and in snatching the game lock the door and throw the key?
    This is a lot to say in one taking, but it all has to do with immorality, government corruption and how we treat one another as human beings. Clearly many Barbadians are looking up “to big brother” for support. They need to re-think this!
    Elizabeth Juanita Campbell

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