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Prince William’s brother-in-law, James Middleton, represented Matt Ames’ Ponzy scheme

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the carbon trade exhibition in London October 2010

‘Forestry for Life’ Audit showed no evidence of clients’ money invested

Failed Ames’ scheme ‘guaranteed’ 12 percent annual interest

Matt Ames refused to explain investors’ missing £1.2million.

by Clanger

Apparently Harlequin’s David Ames schooled his son Matt in the Harlequin Resorts’ management style and business plans. The younger Matt set up two firms to trade in global warming carbon credits and found investors suckers to pony up £1.2million – which money is long gone. Fraud charges were laid by police.

Global warming carbon credits: What could be more profitable? (Answer: Just about everything.)

The younger Ames refused to answer questions at creditors’ meetings because reporters were present – so he said. The reality was that he probably didn’t want to further incriminate himself. The destroyed ‘investors’ (mostly ordinary people who had saved money over decades of retirement planning) wanted to know what happened with their missing money. They wanted some accountability as to how much was spent on ‘management expenses’ and ‘promotion’. They wanted to know how much the scheme really made from trading carbon credits so they could tell how much of a real business effort this was.

“Latest accounts for the firms showed no evidence of clients’ money invested, or carbon credits traded.”

From the Echo News article Director of failed firms questioned by investors over missing £1.2million

Investors got nothing from Ames: no answers, no accountability, no respect.

Reading the Echo news article from March, 2011 last year it sure has the smell of another Ponzi scheme where first in investors are paid with new investors’ money. How on earth can anyone guarantee 12 percent interest? The answer is “Only by using new investors’ money to pay off the earlier ones to keep their mouths shut.”

Matt Ames was charged by the Serious Fraud Office, but further details of the story are strangely absent from the internet.

And then we learned that Prince William’s brother-in-law, James Middleton, represented Matt Ames’ company in 2010. Aha! That might explain everything about the absence of followup news stories.

On March 14, 2012 at 13:16hrs, TripAdvisor reader ‘BHP’ said:

Things do seem to be coming to a head – and the Matt Ames Forestry for Life fraud case must be heading to the courts very soon as well. Can Carter Ruck keep a lid on it? – will the past connection to the future king’s brother in law during the Queens Jubillee year be allowed to surface or will the press pass over that?

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