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Journalist: Harlequin Properties’ David Ames worked with Danish pimp / thief in Thailand rip-off development!

Video documents rip offs of U.K. military veterans and retirees

Barbados Central Bank Governor says he’s relying on Mr. Ames for foreign direct investment inflow!

Ladies and gentlemen: the mongoose has just entered the chicken pen. If this is true (and who are we to doubt David Ames himself on video in Thailand?) then our leadership should be doing some serious tap-dancing. Our Central Bank Governor just informed the world that Barbados is basing our growth expectations in part on Harlequin’s Merricks development. Woe! Oh woe!

Six years ago the Pattaya People Media Corporation began heavily promoting Harlequin Property and Thailand Property and Media Exhibition Company Ltd.

Now it has become clearly obvious that Harlequin run by Essex former double glazing salesman – turned bankrupt – David Ames, and taken over in Thailand by Richard Haughton, a former President of the Rotary Club, Pattaya Jomtien, has caused untold misery to, well, thousands.

In this video we look at how their development projects were promoted on local television, the real victims, and how a media baron reacted when he was asked to step in.

… from former Daily Mail investigative journalist Andrew Drummond: Video Exclusive: CROSSING THE LINE

Somebody remind me… how did we as a nation expose ourselves so completely to a fast-talking, former bankrupt, double glazing salesman from the U.K. ???

My god… if this is true, what have we done?


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SHOCKER: Central Bank Governor says Merricks and Four Seasons Resorts will provide foreign direct investment inflows in 2012… WHAT? !!!

UPDATED: October 31, 2012

In light of the recent disastrous financial performance stats for the Barbados economy and the statements from Dr. Delisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados – BFP revisits Dr. Worrell’s upbeat commentary from April, 2012.

What happened? How could Dr. Worrell be that wrong?

Or… as we surmised at the time… was he just shining us on?

Well Dr. Worrell? How about just the truth? We’re big boys and girls and we can handle it. What we can’t handle is more bullshit.

Thank you.

BFP’s original article…

Shining it on a bit too much?

Yesterday Dr. Delisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, posted a professionally-done video on YouTube that is essentially an advertisement of our economic strategies and long term stability. The script was also published at Business Barbados.

That’s fair enough – but how much shining on can there be before eyebrows start to raise? True, we should be putting our best face forward but at a certain point if you push too far the whole message can start to lose credibility.

As Auntie Moses told Shona as a child, “I catch one lie, I think you all lies.” Continue reading


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