Green space preservation: Acting Prime Minister Richard Sealy says one thing, does the opposite

"Protected" area in red now approved for development by friends of Government, thanks to Richard Sealy and his DLP government

There is an old joke that goes like this: “How do you know if a politician is lying? Simple… watch their lips. If their lips move, they are lying!”

And so it was with Acting Prime Minister Richard Sealy yesterday when he attended the opening of a small park in Hothersal Crescent.

Sealy had the nerve to say…

“It also behoves us that as we continue to grapple with the desire for increased housing, the increased pressure on our land resource to have commercial establishments, that we pause and remember that we need to have these open green spaces as well.

“This is very much in keeping with that overall understanding and our philosophy and it is something that we need to see replicated across Barbados,”

What deceit. What pandering lies by Richard Sealy.

The preservation of green spaces and recreational areas is so far removed from the actions and philosophy of Sealy’s DLP government that his statement becomes an absurdity. Why didn’t the regular news media come back with a few questions about the DLP’s ongoing neglect of the environment and the government’s sad record when it comes to destroying green space?

Nevermind the ‘real’ news media who sold their souls for government advertising revenues – we’ll mention a a few things here so Bajans can be reminded what an environmental disaster the DLP has been…

1/ Changing designated green space to commercial building zones

One of the first acts of the DLP upon forming a government in 2008 was to change the law to all commercial development of the designated greenspace on the Graeme Hall watershed.

That’s right folks – Richard Sealy voted to kill the National Park at Graeme Hall wetlands and to allow CLICO to build on what had been set aside for public green space!

How does that sound for a commitment to public green space?

2/ For 17 years the Barbados Government has refused to repair the sluice gate at the Graeme Hall wetlands. You see, friends of government want to develop the last remaining greenspace between the airport and the city and the best way to make that happen is to kill the last remaining mangrove swamp on the island. As a direct result of the government’s actions…

– The last mangrove forest on the island is dying, perhaps irreversibly on its way out.

– A premier tourist attraction, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, closed with the loss of a hundred jobs.

– An international complaint was lodged against Barbados by nature sanctuary owner Peter Allard.

– International investors and philanthropists look upon Barbados with suspicion after Allard shut down his sanctuary and gave his millions elsewhere. Many observers believe that what happened to the Canadian philanthropist Peter Allard (and some other foreign investors) could happen to anyone. We’re not so sure they are wrong.

3/ Barbados doesn’t have an Environmental Protection Act.

Yup. You read that correctly folks. As the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association asked the BLP & DLP “Where is the Environmental Act you’ve both been promising for 20 years?

4/ The Barbados Government continues blocking off the coast by approving new developments. In some places we have a solid wall of condos and no coastal access for citizens. Sure there’s a footpath every 2 miles and a place to park your car three miles away. Why would those troublemaking Bajans want access to the coast anyway?

5/ Policy for an ongoing Environmental Disaster: More Cars and More Roads

Barbados has an effective public transportation policy of more cars on more roads and there’s always lots of money for new highways, but none for mass transit. That’s not environmentally sound, but it is profitable for the companies that fund the two big political parties.

We could go on and on but the above is an illustration of the disconnect between Richard Sealy’s public speeches and his government’s actual policies and results.

Here is the newspaper article that reported Richard Sealy’s lies, ah, statements. Please read it at the Barbados Advocate here,  but you know we had to print the whole article because the Advocate has a record for destroying its own archives and stories when the truth interferes with political agendas…

Green spaces must be preserved


ACTING Prime Minister Richard Sealy is of the view that efforts must be made to preserve areas in Barbados that will enhance the quality of life for those who make use of their facilities. His comments came during the official opening of a recreational park in Hothersal Crescent yesterday evening.

While saluting the residents who championed the cause, Sealy said, “It also behoves us that as we continue to grapple with the desire for increased housing, the increased pressure on our land resource to have commercial establishments, that we pause and remember that we need to have these open green spaces as well.

“This is very much in keeping with that overall understanding and our philosophy and it is something that we need to see replicated across Barbados,” he told the specially invited guests.
The Acting Prime Minister said that the creation of such a facility represents in a very simple but strong way what public life should be about in Barbados.

“Not always about the big budgets and the eloquent speeches, but the simple things that you can do to touch people and to improve their lives and the quality of their lives, even if only incrementally,” he summed up.

Sealy commended the Member of Parliament for St. Michael East, Kenneth Best, “…Whom as a backbencher and in tough economic times, may not be have the resources to able to deliver the traditional things expected of a parliamentary representative to deliver, houses, roads, streetlights, but picked projects that may not be the most expensive, but call for the public spiritedness of the community to come together, a park that can help people and add to the development of the overall human spirit,” he said.

Sealy added that yesterday’s efforts fit with the overall philosophy off the Barbados Government. “That we see Barbados in a complete sense as a total society. It is not only about economic development it has to be about social development and also spiritual development and all those aspects of living,” he said. (JH)


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9 responses to “Green space preservation: Acting Prime Minister Richard Sealy says one thing, does the opposite

  1. 189

    1937 will soon return , at 407am 24th April 2012 , I see what is NEXT.
    very sick of crooks, Time to clean House

  2. robert ross

    Maybe he’s simply penitent. Err….

  3. RandyView

    I used to live along the W.edge of the upper, cross-hatched red area on your diagram.
    That area is hard to grow anything(shallow soils, little rainfall)
    and so I agree with the change of status for that upper cross-hatched section ABOVE the ridge

    but I cannot agree with changing the lower red (non-cross-hatched)section
    below the ridge, which still appears to be agriculturally viable.
    Maybe it’s marginal: maybe population pressures for housing/suburbia are greater than Graeme Hall Agricultural Sta. needs?
    Who knows?
    the whole friggin island will one day end up lookin like Manhattan,
    except no Central Park and nowhere as interesting as Manhattan!

    We need to start turning our garbage into sea-fill and start creating an offshore island somewhere, thus creating More Barbados
    and I’m not talking about Mr. Altman’s project, offshore Brighton.

    Barbados is beyond help now. It is past the point of no return.
    Only one thing can change this outlook and that would be a reduction in human population to a density of 1,000 ppl per sq. mile.
    = a MAX population of 166,000 ppl. —- NOT gonna happen.

  4. Four comments?

    Judging by the huuuuge response to this one
    it’s easy to see that most folks don’t give a rodent’s rectum about stuff like this.
    Bajans doan care! -unless it direckly affeckin dem..

  5. Mike Matters

    Four comments,

    It is for that reason alone that this will escalate into a very BIG problem, VERY soon! And quite ironically – IT IS AFFECTING US NOW!!

    Little do we realise, tourists are extremely aware and proactive when it comes to environmental preservation and I can assure you that it is a huge turn off for most of them when they come and see the real Barbados and realise theconditions are far different than what the BTA promotes it as being.

    Not only does it affect our tourism industry, as mentioned in the article, it affects our name internationally.

    I have no qualms when I say that the current Minister of Environent should be FORCED to demit office! Sadly Barbadians, including the Minister, only believe the environment is as important as the NCC.

    One day Barbadians will realise, just like the rest of the world, that the environment is a priority over the economy – let’s just hope that day isn’t a moment too late.

  6. 189

    sign any thing for fast money, By the time who sign is dead we all will live with the mess leave behaind. Even the Amreicans as nasty as they were with the Indians did not kill all , Barbados will not have enough to catch nature back when the island have to start over again with nature , We are now growing buildings.What a Plantation of stone and blocks …sell sell sell one big fire sale.

  7. Duppy Lizard

    I understand that the area behind the drill hall(between Hilton and Seaview) is scheduled for further hotel development,,,,,,,,,,,,All those town people,parkers,families,surfers,picknickers,strollers,beach runners etc,,,etc,,,who for eons(and I mean over 100 years) have utilized this area without the slightest inkling that it could be loss to further development better get their heads out of the sand…..Maybe the only hope is further recession that will keep so called progress at bay.What a price to pay for legacy.

  8. Duppy Lizard

    A quick observation here….Approx 7 responses to this article in 3 days….Hmm..Sure as hell shows you where those grass roots bajans sincerity lay.GOD BLESS BIM ON INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mac

    @Randy View. Central Park is exactly were they are going with it. Check the view from the red area down to the sea. Prime real estate for their rich buddies.