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Former Chief Justice hits the campaign trail for Barbados Labour Party

SIR David Simmons didn't have the courage to confront Thompson until the PM died.

Simmons vows to tell “shocking” details about dead Prime Minister’s refusal to extend his term as CJ

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The election is fast approaching and like a frustrated old fox hound responding to the sounds of riders mounting up and younger dogs eagerly baying, former Chief Justice David Simmons is whimpering in his kennel that he can still do it. “Don’t leave me behind. I’m still relevant, still an asset. Look at what I can do!”

Marketing decision to build excitement with a teaser

Last Sunday Davie-boy Simmons gave an ‘exclusive’ interview to the Sun and teased that he would reveal “SHOCKING DETAILS of the Government’s refusal to extend his tenure as the island’s top judicial officer two years ago.”

Simmons will not provide those SHOCKING DETAILS now, mind you, but later. That’s a marketing decision using the standard ‘teaser’ format: give the viewers a taste to get them talking and have them return for the SHOCKING DETAILS.

Later when Simmons has built some excitement about the announcement so the BLP campaign can milk it as much as possible, he’ll give us the SHOCKING DETAILS.

Simmons didn’t go public when Prime Minister David Thompson was alive because Thompy would have kicked his butt all the way to Grape Hall.

Now that Thompson is dead though, SIR DAVEY has no problem taking on the Prime Minister who said that it was unethical for him to accept the office of Chief Justice.

Simmons’ interview politicized the historic sitting of the Caribbean Court of Justice

Sir Davie-boy always loved the political fistfights so he started one during his Nation News interview.

The supposed reason for his interview was the historic first sitting of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in Barbados, but with the national election fast approaching, what better opportunity to direct some negative press against the DLP government!

Some Bee supporters will be happy to see the former Attorney General and Acting Prime Minister getting back into the political arena – but informed observers know the truth that Simmons never really left politics even while Chief Justice.

And that is why David Thompson fired him.

Further Reading

We encourage our readers to visit The Nation to read the following story, but we have to reprint the whole thing because the Bajan news media occasionally change history and re-write stories with zero notice…

Ex-CJ’s vow

BY TIM SLINGER | SUN, APRIL 15, 2012 – 12:09 AM

Former Chief Justice Sir David Simmons is promising to reveal “shocking” details of the Government’s refusal to extend his tenure as the island’s top judicial officer two years ago. Continue reading


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