Firebombing followup: Barbadian businessman’s family still stalked

by David Weekes

Two nights ago two men came back to my cul-de-sac at maynards.

When my neighbours came in, (the same Brits who were firebombed last week Tuesday), the men DID NOT BUDGE when the lights of the car the visitors were driving, shone on them.

These stalkers remained unconcerned about the fact that they were bathed in the car’s headlights.

The Brits remained in their car for 5 minutes. The men remained in the cover of the overgrown bush and trees and DID NOT MOVE.

The visitors finally made a dash for the house and there they called the police who arrived five minutes later. By the time the Police arrived the men had left.

Yesterday I left the house to go for some foodstuff. During that time a white truck started to do what I can only describe as stalk the area. Take a look at the video my daughter made of the vehicle that was loitering in my area for about 15 minutes. (Link here if the embedded video doesn’t work.)

Watch how when she goes to one side to video the vehicle they reverse to the other side and watch how she moves to that side they drive forward. She (unfortunately) did not call the police. She was not able to get their truck number. My neighbours were sleeping at the time.

By now most readers may realise that I am not as paranoid as some detractors to this firebombing incident have claimed that I am. My neighbours indicate that the police still think it is a prank even in the face of these two men who are unafraid and do not shy away, even if the full glare of headlamps.

I must now spend thousands of dollars to clean lots 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 31, 26, 27, 22 and 23 around my home that respective owners have left unattended, spots where the bush is so high and provides lurking areas for these emboldened stalkers.

Of course to date my attempts to reach The Rt. Hon Owen Arthur and the Rt. Hon. Haynesley Benn (the BLP & DLP representatives respectively) have been unsuccessful. To the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Ms. Navanethem Pillay, she who so recently passed through Barbados. I would only say that all is not so hunkadorie in this “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”,

My daughter and I, and my UK neighbours, have become veritable prisoners in our homes at the mercy of what the police call “pranksters”

If I should fall here Lupo, do not let me fall alone.


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8 responses to “Firebombing followup: Barbadian businessman’s family still stalked

  1. 32535834/24346-C66

    The local Police are LAAZZYY.
    Easy to call it a prank. Suits them!
    They are not coming out of their Station-house until something happens.
    So get your gun, pop off some shots and make something happen.
    Shoot somebody. Put some bullet holes thru the white truck somewhere.

    This is how things get done in Barbados, the alleged Gem of the Caribbean.

  2. 189

    Just say a white woman being rape and they will come ,, White always make then move.

  3. victor

    You say that 189 but I can prove to the contrary. The one thing the local police DON’T WANT is to get involved in the complications of a white visitor lodging a complaint with all the issues and paperwork, blame etc. involved. Their thinking is just let’s just hope they leave soon and don’t come back thereby saving us all the hassle.

  4. Too many Bajans are simply CLUELESS!

    Victor’s assessment is very close to the reality:
    “Their thinking is just let’s just hope they leave soon and don’t come back thereby saving us all the hassle.”

    I come across this Hope nonsense all the time.
    One can point out a real problem, and maybe even a real solution
    but the response (based on laziness) is often…
    Wellll…let’s hope the problem never arises.

    And if the problem, DOES ARISE…??? What then?

  5. robert ross

    @ BFP…please see my question in the Starbroek News post.

  6. 189

    I agree with your words also, I have seen that for my self

  7. BadBob

    Right then. Fire a few rounds into the bush. That’ll get the buggers attention.

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