Stabroek News Editorial: Barbados DLP government on the way out due to CLICO corruption, Stuart’s poor leadership.

Arthur & Mottley licking their lips…

If Prime Minster David Thompson had lived, would even he have been able to hold it together in the face of the CLICO corruption revelations? We don’t think so. Nevermind our accidental and invisible Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart – he’s out of his depth as a leader of his party let alone as the leader of our country.

The saddest truth is that Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and the whole corrupt BLP gang are headed back into power – at least according to today’s editorial at Stabroek News. For what it’s worth, we have to disgustedly agree that will be the result of the coming election.

If Thompson and the DLP had just kept their promises about Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information… if they had just TRIED to be honest – to at least try to act for the good of the entire country instead of covering up for Leroy Parris, Bajans might have given them another term.

We’re faced with two corrupt groups wanting power… and the question has become this: ‘We know that the DLP and the BLP are equally corrupt. Aside from that, which party will provide the most capable corrupt government?’

Sad, isn’t it?

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BFP readers are requested to visit Stabroek News to read Barbados approaching elections, but because Caribbean news outlets often change history and stories for political agendas, we have to reprint the entire story here. Please do visit Stabroek News to read the entire piece…

Barbados’ approaching elections

In less than a year now, Barbados will be going to the polls, following the last general elections held in January 2008. The signs are that both of the main political parties, but the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in particular, are once again gearing up, and the issues that will define the campaign are beginning to become clearer. Some of these showed themselves in the Budget debate held in March, when the governing Democratic Labour Party (DLP) had to indicate how it would come to terms with the current recession affecting the country and accumulated debt in the face of sluggish economic growth. The fact of the matter is that since the DLP’s return to office, the Barbados economy has been strongly affected by global recessionary conditions reflected in a contraction of economic growth in 2009 of 4.7%, and 0.2% in 2010, and an unemployment level sticking at around 10%.

In those conditions, the hope that was held out by the DLP’s sweeping electoral victory (20 seats to 10 for the BLP) has not materialised. This situation has not been helped by the early death of the party’s dynamic new leader, David Thompson, and then by the cloud of the CLICO disaster which continues to linger over the country, with its continuing effect of loss of income and savings by Barbadian policyholders. In addition, a certain distrust of the government has begun to develop as a result of increasing indications, bolstered by a recent report, of apparently corrupt practices engaged in by the CLICO leadership which had had close connections to David Thompson, both in his situation as a legal practitioner and as leader of the DLP which allegedly received strong financial support from CLICO. A continuing silence on the part of the new Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart, has not helped, giving as it has, an impression of inability to decide how to treat the CLICO affair.

That appearance of indecision has worsened, given what appears to the Barbadian public as an unwillingness of the Prime Minister to speak out on public affairs generally, his persona being much different from the flamboyance of David Thompson. Hopes that the Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, successor in that post to Thompson, and previously known for an aggressive speaking stance, would balance the reticence of Stuart, have also not materialised. For the general assessment of his recent (March) Budget presentation seems to have been than of not having come to grips with both the fiscal problems and the economic growth possibilities of the economy.

The consequence of this situation of apparent virtual economic and political stasis has been a raising of the hopes of the BLP leadership resumed, after a short hiatus in the aftermath of the party’s 2008 defeat, by former Prime Minister Owen Arthur. Arthur’s well known command of economic analysis has placed a further shadow over Stuart, his attacks extending beyond the government, in some instances, to the Barbados Central Bank’s analyses and recommendations. Sensing the possibility of victory in the elections due by January 2013, Arthur has also hastened to induce a return to cooperation in party affairs by Mia Mottley, from whom he snatched the leadership in the last party elections, sending her into a sulking position for a while. Mottley, a formidable speaker in her own right, has apparently come to the conclusion that in the context of continuing sluggish economic growth, public opinion is inclined to accept that Arthur, with a record of success in managing the economy prior to the global meltdown of 2007-08, is better fitted to take over the government than herself. So there now seems likely to be a period of a sense of mutual indispensability, and therefore tolerance and cooperation between the two, Mottley having shown her own electoral mettle in gaining 67% of the vote in her constituency in the last general elections.

It seems too, that the Barbadian public may have a sense that the government has not been handling its external relations, particularly regional relations, in a manner that would enhance the country’s reputation. The central issue would appear to be that of the government’s handling of the Caribbean immigration issue, which was a major one in the 2008 general elections, astutely exploited by David Thompson. Stuart would appear not to have been able to convince regional opinion that the government is adequately handling the matter, as in the case, for example, of a Jamaican woman alleging inhumane treatment at the Barbados airport now reaching the Caribbean Court of Justice.

In addition, a certain discontent has been mounting in the OECS countries over the CLICO affair. Sentiments expressed by some OECS prime ministers have indicated that the Barbados government is dragging its feet in cooperating with their governments in dealing with OECS citizens affected by the collapse of the company and allied companies. The allegation would appear to be that of insensitivity on the part of the Barbados government, leaving an impression of OECS governments’ weakness in coping with the issue.

In terms of its own prospects in the elections of 2013, the government must be banking on the possibility of a resumption of growth in the tourism industry in the light of the possible resumption of economic growth in North America, though this could well be counterbalanced by the continuing sluggishness of the British economy when this is combined with the effects of the Air Passenger Duty (tax), obviously discriminatory vis-à-vis passengers wishing to travel from the UK to the US.

In the light of all of this, the government must be anticipating a struggle to return to office after the elections, and still pondering what strategy might advance its situation. The Democratic Labour Party rank and file is unlikely to be persuaded about the benefits of a change of leadership at this time, particularly as the apparent next in line, Minister of Finance Sinckler, has not shown himself to be much more of a match than Stuart, for Owen Arthur.


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26 responses to “Stabroek News Editorial: Barbados DLP government on the way out due to CLICO corruption, Stuart’s poor leadership.

  1. rastaman

    God help Barbados.


    Pantation Deeds POST
    Barbados DLP and BLP governments on the way out due to CLICO
    corruption, Stuart’s and Owen poor leadership.Both Weasel and
    Profiteering Prime Ministers and Ministers.

    Get the RATS out the Peoples HOUSE.
    Where is RENT TO KILL?

  3. 189,

    Owne Arthur and Mottley need not be licking so fast .
    All this mess with AG Mottley and PM Arthur.

    ,, Audit must be done on the BLP and the DLP both Parties VERY Dirty, So if you all think of going back to BLP ,,, Those are the Masters of All .Fraud also,, Taking turns to the same ending ,,,

  4. 62

    IF Richie’s NDP had persevered long enough to reach 2012
    it would now stand an excellent chance!
    If ever barbados needed an alternative political party, now is the time.

    Please supply contact info: tel.number, website, other details
    for this alleged Barbados Free Party we hear so much about.

    Are they real? Come forward!

  5. Man from the sea

    Well…reality is that politics is a dirty thing, all over the world!
    Said that probably the real difference between the two is that one has some management skills, the other has just bla bla bla, yap yap yap.

  6. robert ross

    @ 62

    It’s the inarticulate third force which instinctively we all have inside us. Do you want to help concretise it?

  7. gee

    Very worrying for Barbados, if Barbados leaders had handled things differently with the Jamaican women it may have ended in a different result, strangely I have been through your airport over a 100 times, if it was said staff are slow at doing their job, or not welcoming in their manner, displayed a can’t be bothered attitude , I would be inclined to.agree, as for this allegation, I don’t think so, cctv would make the difference.

  8. 205

    David Thompson and the DLP including Freundel Struart, tricked us in the last elections telling us the BLP was tired and corrupt and that the DLP had the integrigty and know how to turn around the country. The only thing they seem to have improved is their pants waist as all of them have just gotten fat fat fat. And with that now we get to find out that David Thompson was the most corrupt person around helping his good friend rip off clico policy holders including me. We can’t wait to deal with all of DEm. And for the record I want to see David Thompson’s remains relocated to somewhere on the Dodds compound.

  9. Anonymous

    The BLP *was* tired and corrupt. The rest was political bullshit, I agree.

    Change is coming -within a year!!
    And again I say, the longer the Dems wait to call the election
    the more they guarantee their ouster, but maybe that’s the way they want it.

  10. what will they think of next

    Some people love counting their chickens before they are hatched.
    this same Stabroek News predicted that the PPP would loose the last general elections in Guyana too.

  11. 189

    @ 62
    BAJANFREEPARTY, = Its real. They are working on the web site NOW.

    No matter how you sit in an outhouse, you will still smell She-it
    so to vote BLP or DLP is the same outhouse , they both smell the same .
    Masters of PONZI and Fraud,
    Think of it , what is the job of the Attorney General of Barbados?
    If Eric Holder the AG of the United States behave like Adriel Brathwaite AG of Barbados , President Obama would have dump him ,, than again Obama would never even think to pick him,

  12. robert ross

    @ BFP

    Will you please confirm my understanding through Frank Garcia or Yatin as necessary that Raul Garcia is NOT a naturalized US citizen.

    Point is this…on CBC news at 7.0 last evening it was said that Raul was Cuban..and later that he was a naturalized US citizen. The same report appeared today in the Nation. Is this a wilful attempt to hoodwink Joe Public? And to deflect attention from the human rights breach and thereby gather sympathy for the government?

  13. Newbie

    Even without the CLICO DEBACLE being in the picture, Mr Stuart’s handling of every situation that have been put in front of him leaves much to be desired. Someone, maybe another ex school teacher should take the time to explain to the gentleman what the term leader means. Where is phase 2 of the Alexandra school issue or did that pass me by overnight. When will Mr Garcia’s new home be started and completed. When STUART does decide to open his mouth, nothing but PLACATING CRAP comes out, any bajan that even contemplates putting this person back in charge of the country at the next election will surely need their head tested.

  14. BFP

    Hello Robert

    it was our understanding that Garcia was not a US citizen. He was a legal resident, but like so many did not take the time to get US citizenship when he could have. After you have a criminal conviction, forget about it. Can Frank Garcia please confirm this for us?

  15. robert ross

    @ BFP

    EXACTLY…that was my understanding. So WHY NOW this talk of being naturalised?

  16. 189

    The PM Stuart’s poor leadership, looks more like he is beening blackmailed. It maybe that the other crooks got him right where they want him , A man with a gun to his head. H e need to get on the govt tv and say all, Then work on a fix to the Nations Problems. To sit there like a headstone in a grave yard helps no one,May be just hand over the post to hammy of the PINE.

  17. robert ross

    By the way, this strikes me as a very balanced and well-written report from Stabroek.

  18. 189

    robert ross
    we all can smell the dead frog, we just have to find it now

  19. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Both long standing political parties are marred in controversy and lies. They have postulated truth, mistruths, facts and non facts and promises, all in an attempt to convince the voting masses that they are the right mix for the leadership of this great land. All I see is one controversy after the next.

    There is no doubt that the early contributions by the late leaders of the past namely: Barrow and Adams are responsible without any doubt, for the platform that has paved the way for the black majority to enjoy some degree of automony and comfort. But now the political parties of the day are nothing short of power hungry and money foolish.

    Notwithstandng the obvious and blatant show of arrogance that is particularly synonomous with the Owen Arthur led administration, the country reeling under the worst economic crisis to hit our fair land could not convince the two parties (one in particular) to pool their intellectual resources to help stave the wave of pain now crippling the many, whilst the prosperous few continue in their lavish living. What is even more frustrating and annoying is to see poiical tricks, such as a pictoral depicting the unity between Mottley and Arthur, or hearing Noel Lynch lambast his opponents for not telling the people the real truth about CLICO because he has repented his arrogance and squnader his millions to the “poor”, really makes me wonder if these people think that Barbadians are cave people now discovering fire and only speak “Waga Waga.”

    Whatever it will be, the vote will determne the future of one and the demise of the other. And when that is decided, the pain, whether under a DLP or BLP agenda will not influence the high rate of inflation that is causing many to rediscover the joys of eating flour bakes and corn meal pap for breakfast and for lunch, white rice and cornbeef, with a side no vegetables.

  20. Mark Fenty

    Sunshine, you have been some interesting points, and I share your concerns wholeheartedly. But is it fair the place the blame totally on the political order of mismanagement in Barbados, rather than on universal culture improprity? Let’s face, it there isn’t one country in the world today, without some form of political wrong doing, including the United States of America that claims to be the standard of political perfection.

  21. rastaman

    If I was Justice Frederick Waterman,I would respectfully decline the enquiry into Alexandra’s school

  22. pundit

    ALL Political parties ALL over the WORLD look out for themselves when they get into power., ……Both of the Parties here have been called corrupt arrogant etc..and only one can be elected……the question is…. which of the two parties are better at running the affairs of the Country ?Under one of them….they keep $10.00 and give you $5.00 to spend and promises……the other keeps $10.00 and give you $3.00 to spend and promises.By this time voters should have already figured out who gives them the $5.00 and promises.

  23. Mark Fenty

    Pundit, have you heard the old adage; “Politicians” and “diapers” have one thing in common. They should be changed regularly, and for the same reason, they’re full of shit.

  24. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Mark Fenty

    When the ship is sinking the captain is expected to go down with it. When a world class football team suddenly starts losing championship matches, the manager is sacked and the players come under new management.

    Though the economic conditions cannot be blame on either of the political parties, blame has to be cast in any event since the latter had some foreknowledge that the economic forecast predicted world economic recession looming. And where the former is concern, blame has to be cast on policies that drastically increased additional taxation to “big increases”. There has not been any proper investigations into the obvious price gouging and high rate of utilities that is forcing many into dire straits. Something has to be affordable: either clothes or food?

  25. Elizabeth J. Campbell

    What Barbados needs is a new type of COMPETITION…like..uh…A RON PAUL!
    The corupt heathens have taken the poor public for granted, truth is, the public can do better…much better!
    It is generally undstood in the U.S. of A. that THERE IS A FEAR OF TRUTH AND INTEGRITY…THUS RON PAUL!
    The Bajan editor who lost his job due to Owen Arthu’rs (et al’s.,)insistence is A PART OF THE REAL LIFE IN THE U.S. OF A. WHERE R Paul’s supporters are routinely harassed, denied civil rights and the ability to feed their families.
    Gone are the days when this was all Soviet-style, all USSR…our mother country (England) being a haven for free-speech and tolerance…Check Brits Judicial system lately?
    Elizabeth Juanita Campbell

  26. The DLP nor the BLP is responsible for economic woes in Barbados. The DLP is sole owner of CLICO but the Barbados Water Authority problems totaling 13 years were inherited from Arthur and the BLP. The Barbados Water Authority, a government corporation in 2009 was near bankrupcy. Arthur and the BLP apparently paid no attention to the Barbados Water Authority, didn’t care or thought to wonder WHAT’S GOING ON in the Barbados Water Authority house. Al Barrack also was inherited from Arthur and the BLP. Arthur and the BLP gave birth to that Al Barrack mess. Now, according to Arthur, “the REDjet Airlines might still be flying if the Barbados Government had honored its financial commitment to the collapsed airline”. Al Barrack is linked to both Barbados government parties, the BLP and the DLP. It, however, was born in 2006, Arthur’s era. If the government during Arthur’s era had honored its financial commitment to Contractor Al Barrack, Barbados NOW would not owe him seventy five million. The BLP government under leadership of Owen Arthur and Mia Mottley awarded Al Barrack Construction Company a thirty six million dollor contract “without tender”. Al Barrack has possession of a court ordered judgement, REDjet Airlines does not. Bajans owe REDjet Airlines nothing, absolutely nothing. They, however, owe Al Barrack seventy five million. Barrack in 2008 received 2.5 million from the Thompson administration. The 2.5 million demonistrated effort not even considered by Arthur and his cronies. Arthur in 2006 invested 2.4 million dollors into a Nigerian Solar Water Heater project. No solar water heaters were produced and the 2.4 million dollars were lost and or unaccounted for. The BLP in this matter does not examplify SOUND JUDGEMENT. Certainly sound judgement would apply if the 2.4 million dollars were surrendered to Al Barrack. If the 2.4 million were surrendered to Al Barrack, Bajans in 2006 would have owned him 2.4 million dollars less.

    Bajans and the DLP before 2008 general election were extremly close friends. The DLP campaign almost five years ago called for change, but nothing changed. The DLP and David Thompson, while campaigning promised Bajans cake and ice cream. Thompson said he would implement a Ministerial Code of Conduct “immediately” upon forming a government and would introduce Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information within the first 100 days. The DLP is close to completing its five year term. The cake and ice cream sad to say NEVER showed up, a Ministerial Code of Conduct, the Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information. The DLP made promises it did not keep. It also entertained friends but the wrong ones, Leroy Parris and Lawrence Duprey. The result was a CLICO disaster. Bajans and the DLP are now no longer best friends. The BLP knowing this is making every effort to befriend them in place of the DLP.

    Bajans possibly will give the BLP back their power with Owen at the helm. Surely, this would cause them to enter a DANGER ZONE. Owen we know is alive and kicking, but with notable signs of demencia. He is forgetting things, walks slow and sometimes with a cane. Oh, and let us not forget the $75,000 cheque that was directed into his personal banking account NOT the war chest of the BLP for electroneering where it rightfully belonged. Barbados needs a mircle. It could do better than Stuart but far better than Arthur.