Harlequin Resorts says change in Barbados planning laws caused one year delay

What change was that?

We can’t find any change in the law…

The Basildon Echo News in the UK recently published a major (four full pages) article about Harlequin Properties and their Caribbean projects. One of the puzzling statements by the Harlequin spokeswoman is that a change in local (Barbados) planning laws caused a one year delay.

We’ve been asking around and have been unable to come up with what change in planning laws Harlequin Properties is talking about. Does anyone have any idea?

There was an issue with setback from the cliff face listed by the critical site ‘Harlecon.net’ but that isn’t a change in the law. We reported on that story in our post Stunning new allegations about Harlequin Resorts: misuse of investors’ funds, auditors refuse to sign off

Speaking of Harlecon.net, where is the website?

As I write this the Harlecon.net website is off the internet. This happened one time a few months ago and it turned out to be a technical problem – but is this another technical problem or did Harlequin’s solicitors find a way to shut them down?

Stay tuned folks… life is always interesting when the little guy takes on big monied companies and governments!

“There are additional challenges involved with carrying out building projects in the Caribbean, where delays are not untypical.

“For instance, in Barbados, a change in local planning laws meant that construction work was interrupted for a year due to circumstances outside our control.

“We have, however, brought in additional resources in order to make up time that was lost.”

Harlequin Property spokeswoman in the Basildon Echo story When will Harlequin’s holiday homes be built? (Formerly titled The 180m holiday homes gamble)

Further Reading

PDF: copy of the Echo News April 3, 2012 article here.

PDF: May 19, 2010 letter from Barbados Prime Minister’s Office to Harlequin… DOC194


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12 responses to “Harlequin Resorts says change in Barbados planning laws caused one year delay


    We dont need them, let them stay home. Lets see the DEEDs,

    The washing of land and money,, More money. More Fraud Fraud Fraud
    Nothing can not be set up with out Land, Study it People,
    First thing you want to see is the Deed , run it back to root title ,
    If you cant trace it back to the Plantaion Deed , you will not buy what they selling ,Do your own title search ,,,, No time limit on Fraud ,,,, Mr Ford at land tax many change the name on the tax bill, but he cant write you a deed,All you have to do next ,is look for one of the many WEASEL AND PROFITEERING LAWYER AND DLP AND BLP MINISTER TO SIGN OFF .

  2. Pit Bull can't let GO!!

    I so enjoy banging my head against the wall.
    It hurts soo good.

  3. Working now

    Harlecon.net web site is up and running as of this writing…

  4. caribeye

    Why do you assume that the Harlecon.com website is run by “the little guy” who is taking on big companies, Govts. etc. and that he is the beacon for truth, light, etc.? There is no evidence yet as to this. Harlecon’s founder, according to investigations that are not concluded as yet, initial evidence is pointing to the man/company previously contracted by Harlequin to finish the building works at Buccament and who,auditors found was executing a massive fraud against the Harlequin company with excessive charges for building works or even non-existant building works! The same entity picked up and stole out of Barbados in the still of the night, leaving huge debts, non payment of rents for offices and homes and ALL local staff unpaid and un-severed! We say “Tief from a tief does mek God laugh”! That’s why I take Harlecon’s site with a pinch of salt!

  5. Anonymous

    Whether Harlecon.net should be taken with a pinch of salt or not, we should not let people sell property on our islands by the thousand and not build. Not produce accounts as required by law. Reputation of the islands being affected, and that means future investment and therefore jobs. What is wrong with the islands that our governments just let this go on and not challenge these companies.

  6. Curioue Onlooker

    From reading their rresponse it says contruction work was interrupted giving the impression that some kind of contruction work had ‘commenced’ Is this so? And how far did they get before being interrupted? Just curious?

  7. 189

    Curioue Onlooker,Anonymous,caribeye, Plantation deeds
    All of you are right , read each others post.
    The rest of you learn and add more to see the truth.

    SWEET , lolololol

  8. Ease up on de Commas, nuh?

    189/Plantation Deeds,,, we know whuh gyne on,,,
    we can tell,,,,, by all the ,,,,

  9. 189

    Ease up on de Commas, nuh?
    post what you know.

  10. Newbie

    Companies like Harlequin find out that the powers to be can be bought at fairly cheap rates here in Barbados and try to take advantage of the situation. What they don’t realise is that the rats can change their minds and forget their promises just as easily because they (the rats) believe that they cannot be touched because of the useless inadequate judicial system that we employ here in Barbados, whereby a lawyer and/or his client can play games with the courts and the system for a number of years until everyone involved either dies or gets totally fed up of all the runaround they get. Barbados really is a paradise for liars, thieves and crooks, what a wonderful little island we have developed into whereby we would get an A+ for having turned corruption into a fine art.

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