Cowardly Barbados Advocate fires another journalist to please a politician

Rawle Titus fired from Grenada Advocate

When Tourism Minister Noel Lynch threatened to withdraw all government advertising from the Barbados Advocate unless the paper fired columnist Adrian Loveridge, the editor and senior management said “Yes, Massa – whatever you want Massa” and dumped Loveridge.

Now those cowards at Fontabelle are at it again…

Grenada, Barbados: The Fallout over Journalist’s Firing

by Matthew Hunte

As another regional journalist pays the price for standing by his story, bloggers are wondering about the state of press freedom in the Caribbean. Rawle Titus -veteran journalist and president of the Media Workers Association of Grenada since 2008- was dismissed from his post as editor of the Grenada Advocate after he refused to retract or apologize for a front-page story in the March 9th edition of the newspaper headlined “Prime Minister Makes Fresh Moves.” (The Grenada Advocate is owned and published by the Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc, based in Fontabelle, St. Michael, Barbados.)

According to the story, leader of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Prime Minister of Grenada, Tillman Thomas, held a caucus where candidates for the upcoming elections were selected, without informing senior members of the now fractious party.

Government press secretary (and former journalist) Richard Simon wrote to the management in Barbados twice, seeking a retraction for what were deemed to be inaccuracies. After the 2nd letter, Titus was dismissed by General Manager Sandra Clarke, effective March 30th, 2012.

According to the MWAG, the Advocate was pressured into firing Titus and added:

We have growing concerns about increasing incidents that will suggest that those guarantees are coming under attack. This latest incident follows a series of other developments we have been monitoring in the past.

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Hat tip to journalist Gerard Best for the video of Rawle Titus


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6 responses to “Cowardly Barbados Advocate fires another journalist to please a politician

  1. 189

    Well he got to print it , In Barbaods it will not even get printerd for anyone to be fired,The lawyers for the papers will study it well and make phone calls not to hurt no ones feelings.A real government NEWSPAPER , not the peoples paper.,,Always a price to be paid for freedom ,

  2. Name

    Life in de Wess Indeez, bwoy!


    Who ever said freedom of the press was free, As you can see it will Cost you a Price,,,,,, looks more like CUBA

  4. 13990-32/A-6

    Old saying:

    Freedom of the Press…belongs to those who own one!


    sorry you lost your job… now make your own work and keep doing what you know best
    for now you have more freedom of your own press, unless your hands are still tied .

  6. Newbie

    None of the leaders of the mainstream media in Barbados have any B**LS. A lawyer only have to whisper lawsuit and all borderline issues are dropped like a hot potato. That is why those with money can risk doing wrong things to others because there is no one with enough B**LS to put a spotlight on them in the media. What the hell is wrong with NAMING AND SHAMING if the media makes sure that they get the FACTS and nothing but the FACTS, it might even help to stop the profiteering lawyers that prey like vultures on the bodies of the poor and underprivileged.