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Barbadian oil tanker breaking sanctions against Syria – Will Barbados delist the vessel?

Syria’s AFAZ Human Rights Organisation says that a Barbados-registered oil tanker is at this moment carrying Syrian crude oil – and that Syria’s oil earnings are being used to fund attacks on civilians in the ongoing civil war.

Last week Malta delisted a Maltese-flagged vessel that was carrying Syrian crude oil in breach of international sanctions.

Will Barbados delist the Bajan-flagged tanker so that the vessel is unable to pass through the Suez Canal? Lets see if the DLP Stuart Government is able to act quickly enough to make a difference in a situation that is happening right now.

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Barbados Chief Justice informs United Nations of human rights violation against Raul Garcia

Barbados Chief Justice Marston Gibson

Now this is interesting…

When was the last time you heard of the Chief Justice of a sovereign country informing UN High Commissioner for Human Rights of a violation of human rights in his own country?

Good for Chief Justice Marston Gibson. That took integrity and courage. Nice to see those qualities exhibited by our top judge.

Bajan Reporter has the whole story and a video of UN Commissioner Navi Pillay explaining how she learned about Raul Garcia’s plight.


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