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REDjet: What is happening with the funds collected from pre-paid tickets?

Where’s my refund?

by Thinking Aloud

First I do not want to say or even imply anything that may negatively influence the return of REDjet, but I am surprised that no-one so far has seized on some of the financial implications.

A very high proportion of any monies collected for planned future travel that has not yet been refunded, is in fact due to Government(s) and their agencies: whether they are departure taxes, VAT, landing fees or other airport charges.

Should the company NOT be in a position to refund, then those passengers who paid by credit card could be protected. I am not sure of the legal position regarding Surepay payments, but at the end of the day any advance payments will be largely made up of what would be Government dues, if travel had taken place.

It is also not clear whether REDjet have so far paid all its statutory obligations, such as VAT, landing fees, departures and other taxes for people that have already traveled.

Questions MUST be asked!

I think these questions have to be raised to establish if in fact further taxpayers funds should be placed in the airline.

Thinking aloud


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