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Court witness held at gunpoint, tied up, beaten at home. Serious head injuries.

Some lawsuits just aren’t worth it in Barbados

“Kiss yuh rasshole bitch. We will kill you while you are asleep. Lock your doors and windows real good.”

“Marjorie Knox… If we evah fine she anyway bout Barbados we gine bus open she fucking head wid a big rock.”

Some of the anonymous internet threats to murder witnesses in the Kingsland Plantation court case as revealed at Keltruth Blog

“For seven long months in 2007/2008 the official WordPress blog of the Barbados Labour Party linked to the BFPE blog (Barbados Free Press Exposed) that published threats against many people, including threats to murder Adrian Loveridge, to burn down his business, and to rape his wife.”

… from the BFP story Barbados Labour Party Blog Removes Link To Website Threatening Murder Of Adrian Loveridge

Readers of Barbados Free Press are well familiar with the story of the long-running court battles over the Kingsland Plantation Estate, and the many years of threats and violent incidents against Marjorie Knox, her family members and witnesses testifying for Mrs. Knox. Even persons who (to our knowledge) have nothing to do with the court case but were mis-reported as being involved were subject to threats and violence – as happened to Adrian Loveridge and his wife.

Member of Parliament Dr. Duguid even confirmed that some of the violent anonymous internet threats against the Knox family originated on a computer at the Barbados Parliament Members’ Lounge. Something to think about, for sure.

These threats and acts of violence at pretty well standard operating procedure for some in Barbados. Wunna be careful if suing certain cartels… because you are likely to find your house set on fire like this or this.

Even high court Justice Randall Worrell (above) is worried about a trend that is undermining our court system and threatening the very fabric of our society: witnesses don’t want to testify to the point that they are changing their stories or running off the island. Court witnesses in Barbados are very afraid.

When the police cannot or will not protect witnesses, can we expect anything else?

Now we read on Keltruth Blog that Kingsland witnesses were recently held at gunpoint and beaten in what looks like a continuation of the threats and violence against Marjorie Knox and her family, who are engaged in an ongoing court battle against powerful Barbados cartels.

Welcome to Barbados folks: a paradise for tourism, business investments and offshore banking…

… until it goes wrong and you launch a lawsuit to find justice. Then they burn your house, beat you within an inch of your life, fire you from your job, urge strangers to stalk you and threaten to rape your wife while your court case takes 20 years to get to trial.

That’s right. Twenty years for a court case to reach trial in Barbados.

Meanwhile, you had better watch your back…

It was Thursday, April 19th, another peaceful day in the country. Around one thirty in the afternoon, John K. casually drove into the front yard of Old Hanson House in the parish of St. George, Barbados. He stuck his key into the lock of the front door, totally unaware that he was being watched. Continue reading


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Prince William’s brother-in-law, James Middleton, represented Matt Ames’ Ponzy scheme

Kate’s brother – James Middleton, right, at the carbon trade exhibition in London October 2010

‘Forestry for Life’ Audit showed no evidence of clients’ money invested

Failed Ames’ scheme ‘guaranteed’ 12 percent annual interest

Matt Ames refused to explain investors’ missing £1.2million.

by Clanger

Apparently Harlequin’s David Ames schooled his son Matt in the Harlequin Resorts’ management style and business plans. The younger Matt set up two firms to trade in global warming carbon credits and found investors suckers to pony up £1.2million – which money is long gone. Fraud charges were laid by police.

Global warming carbon credits: What could be more profitable? (Answer: Just about everything.)

The younger Ames refused to answer questions at creditors’ meetings because reporters were present – so he said. The reality was that he probably didn’t want to further incriminate himself. The destroyed ‘investors’ (mostly ordinary people who had saved money over decades of retirement planning) wanted to know what happened with their missing money. They wanted some accountability as to how much was spent on ‘management expenses’ and ‘promotion’. They wanted to know how much the scheme really made from trading carbon credits so they could tell how much of a real business effort this was.

“Latest accounts for the firms showed no evidence of clients’ money invested, or carbon credits traded.”

From the Echo News article Director of failed firms questioned by investors over missing £1.2million

Investors got nothing from Ames: no answers, no accountability, no respect.

Reading the Echo news article from March, 2011 last year it sure has the smell of another Ponzi scheme where first in investors are paid with new investors’ money. How on earth can anyone guarantee 12 percent interest? The answer is “Only by using new investors’ money to pay off the earlier ones to keep their mouths shut.”

Matt Ames was charged by the Serious Fraud Office, but further details of the story are strangely absent from the internet.

And then we learned that Prince William’s brother-in-law, James Middleton, represented Matt Ames’ company in 2010. Aha! That might explain everything about the absence of followup news stories.

On March 14, 2012 at 13:16hrs, TripAdvisor reader ‘BHP’ said:

Things do seem to be coming to a head – and the Matt Ames Forestry for Life fraud case must be heading to the courts very soon as well. Can Carter Ruck keep a lid on it? – will the past connection to the future king’s brother in law during the Queens Jubillee year be allowed to surface or will the press pass over that?

Indeed, indeed! Continue reading


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More grass fires in Fortesque, St.Philip – when will this abuse stop?

click photos for large

Will the government charge the owner of the building lot? You mek sport!

It’s Friday evening in Fortesque, St.Philip and another lot is going up in smoke. It’s a cheap way to clear the land for building: dangerous for the neighbours, but cheap.

More people suffocating in their houses and once more the fire department had to put it out.

Is it really so difficult to guess who lit the fire and why?

When will the powers that be act?

Previous fires reported by BFP

April 15, 2011: Deliberate fire in St. Philip “Irresponsible madness”

May 5, 2008: Scorched Earth At Merricks, St. Philip, Barbados


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Attention UWI Cave Hill philosophy majors: Your country needs you!


Now this is funny, but probably not to half the folks at Cave Hill.

Not because they won’t get the joke, but because they will…

The only thing that can stop this asteroid is your Liberal Arts Degree

By now you’re probably wondering what this is all about, why FBI agents pulled you out of your barista job, threw you on a helicopter, and brought you to NASA headquarters. There’s no time, so I’ll shoot it to you straight. You’ve seen the news reports. What hit New York wasn’t some debris from an old satellite. There’s an asteroid the size of Montana heading toward Earth and if it hits us, the planet is over. But we’ve got one last-ditch plan. We need a team to land on the surface of the asteroid, drill a nuclear warhead one mile into its core, and get out before it explodes. And you’re just the liberal arts major we need to lead that team…

… continue reading The only thing that can stop this asteroid is your Liberal Arts Degree by Mike Lacher



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Journalist: Harlequin Properties’ David Ames worked with Danish pimp / thief in Thailand rip-off development!

Video documents rip offs of U.K. military veterans and retirees

Barbados Central Bank Governor says he’s relying on Mr. Ames for foreign direct investment inflow!

Ladies and gentlemen: the mongoose has just entered the chicken pen. If this is true (and who are we to doubt David Ames himself on video in Thailand?) then our leadership should be doing some serious tap-dancing. Our Central Bank Governor just informed the world that Barbados is basing our growth expectations in part on Harlequin’s Merricks development. Woe! Oh woe!

Six years ago the Pattaya People Media Corporation began heavily promoting Harlequin Property and Thailand Property and Media Exhibition Company Ltd.

Now it has become clearly obvious that Harlequin run by Essex former double glazing salesman – turned bankrupt – David Ames, and taken over in Thailand by Richard Haughton, a former President of the Rotary Club, Pattaya Jomtien, has caused untold misery to, well, thousands.

In this video we look at how their development projects were promoted on local television, the real victims, and how a media baron reacted when he was asked to step in.

… from former Daily Mail investigative journalist Andrew Drummond: Video Exclusive: CROSSING THE LINE

Somebody remind me… how did we as a nation expose ourselves so completely to a fast-talking, former bankrupt, double glazing salesman from the U.K. ???

My god… if this is true, what have we done?


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SHOCKER: Central Bank Governor says Merricks and Four Seasons Resorts will provide foreign direct investment inflows in 2012… WHAT? !!!

UPDATED: October 31, 2012

In light of the recent disastrous financial performance stats for the Barbados economy and the statements from Dr. Delisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados – BFP revisits Dr. Worrell’s upbeat commentary from April, 2012.

What happened? How could Dr. Worrell be that wrong?

Or… as we surmised at the time… was he just shining us on?

Well Dr. Worrell? How about just the truth? We’re big boys and girls and we can handle it. What we can’t handle is more bullshit.

Thank you.

BFP’s original article…

Shining it on a bit too much?

Yesterday Dr. Delisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, posted a professionally-done video on YouTube that is essentially an advertisement of our economic strategies and long term stability. The script was also published at Business Barbados.

That’s fair enough – but how much shining on can there be before eyebrows start to raise? True, we should be putting our best face forward but at a certain point if you push too far the whole message can start to lose credibility.

As Auntie Moses told Shona as a child, “I catch one lie, I think you all lies.” Continue reading


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Internet effectiveness: Barbados excellent, Trinidad and Tobago among the worst in the world…

Effective Governance Key to Caribbean ICT Development

by Gerard Best

PORT OF SPAIN.  Trinidad and Tobago jumped three spots to place 60th overall out of 142 countries in the 2012 Global Information Technology Report, published earlier this month by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Even with its slightly improved ranking, Trinidad and Tobago lagged behind other Latin American and Caribbean countries such as Barbados (35th) and Puerto Rico (36th), although it outperformed several larger territories in the region, including Brazil (65th), Jamaica (74th) and neighbouring Venezuela (107th).

A closer look at the report’s Networked Readiness Index reveals that the reasons for Trinidad and Tobago’s middling performance on the global stage were more closely related to gaps in leadership deficiencies than deficiencies of a technological nature. One telling statistic: although Trinidad and Tobago had top ranking (1st) in the mobile network coverage category, the country still ranked 82nd in terms of affordability of mobile rates, and in terms of Internet and telephony competition–a dismal 117th. Continue reading


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