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Barbados Prime Minister admits Immigration detainee Raul Garcia is being punished

Prime Minister Stuart: BIG LIAR

Raul Garcia illegally held in ‘punitive facility’ Dodds Prison

43 days ago, Raul Garcia discontinued his ‘fast unto death’ on the word of Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart that he would be moved from his illegal imprisonment at H.M. Dodds Prison to a non-punitive facility. Garcia, naive fool that he is, took the bait and remains at Dodds… having lost his credibility and media interest. Worldwide interest in his case went to zero overnight. Only little old BFP keeps Mr. Garcia close to our hearts.

Mr. Garcia believed PM Stuart because he did not know that Bajan politicians equate words with action. “I have said it, therefore it will happen sometime, so the subject is no longer newsworthy” is the standard reaction by Bajan politicians when asked a hot question by the island media. This is the standard means of defusing any hot topic in Barbados. Poor Mr. Garcia didn’t realize that and so he was suckered by Stuart’s words and visit to his hole of a jail cell. Garcia didn’t realize that Stuart was lying to him.

Now PM Stuart is saying the government will “look at” creating a non-punitive holding facility for immigration detainees. Fine words from Stuart. FFFFFFFF…fine words.

Illustration of Prime Minister Stuart's promise to Raul Garcia

A new immigration holding facility, Mr. Prime Minister? Really? With what money?

And what does that new fantasy facility have to do with your promise to Mr. Garcia?

What bullshit. Anybody on this island with half a brain knows that the last priority of the the government will be to build a new immigration holding facility. When are we talking here, Mr. Stuart? 2025? 2030? What total bullshit! We can’t even fix or replace a few diesel bus engines for lack of funds. Some government employees are six weeks behind in their paycheques and at least one road construction contractor has been told to STFU (keep quiet) about the government being 17 months behind on invoice payments. Where is this ‘Immigration detention facility’ money going to come from and when? What bullshit!

Garcia’s lawyer David Commisong is silent. I guess the media moment passed when Garcia stopped his fast. It’s been 42 days since PM Stuart said Garcia would be moved. HELLO? COMMISONG? YOU STILL ALIVE?

Listen folks: Raul Garcia has been held illegally according to Barbados’ own laws for over two years.

Is there not a shred of decency, of justice, left in our justice system, in our Parliament?

Apparently not.

Yesterday Prime Minister Freundel Stuart acknowledged that there was no non-punitive facility to accommodate people such as Garcia who is being kept in prison even though he has completed a 15-year drug trafficking sentence. He remains in a maximum security cell at HMP Dodds in St Philip.

“The way he’s being held forces Barbados to look at creating some kind of facility other than what we currently have at the Grantley Adams International Airport for people in that position,” the Prime Minister said.

… from The Nation excuse for reporting titled Cell Plan


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