REDjet collapses due to government hostility, airfare prices soar: Tourism Minister Sealy’s tears

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REDjet down, fares up

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy

Airline prices have “gone right back up in the air” with the grounding of REDjet, says Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy.

And he has warned that the true potential of regional tourism, especially the event-based niche, will only be realised through viable travel options for those in the Caribbean.

He stressed that facilitating intra-regional travel was imperative for the industry… (snip)

… Directly addressing REDjet airline’s suspension of flights since March 17, the minister said “… the cost of travel in this region is simply prohibitive. I am told that there are some discussions on with respect to other players and we may be able to get some specials around the Reggae Festival. Certainly the resources of the Barbados Tourism Authority will be working feverishly behind that effort.

“Obviously, with the demise of REDjet, and the way the fares have gone right back up in the air, it is a big problem. I sincerely hope that once and for all we can come up with a meaningful, long-term resolution for that situation… I sincerely hope that something can be done to get REDjet back up in the air; and if in the unfortunate case REDjet flies no more, I would sincerely hope that another venture along those lines can come into reality very soon so that the consumers of Barbados, and the rest of the Caribbean can benefit,” Sealy stressed.

Read the entire verbal diarrhea from Minister Sealy at Barbados Today: REDjet down, fares up


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12 responses to “REDjet collapses due to government hostility, airfare prices soar: Tourism Minister Sealy’s tears

  1. RC

    That article is bare nonsense. Redjet collapsed because of under-capitization and unrealistic fare structure. Remember Carib Express? To blame the Tourism Minister for Redjet’s failure is rediculous. As in some of the other accusations over the last four years and three months.

  2. NYC/BGI

    What a pity that the BTO has another failure. Why is the same stupid mistakes occur rather than revamping the playbook and operation culture. The BTO and the PM have failed to deal with the real issue and that is to address why tourism is lagging and declining. RED jet was just a band aid on the real issue. Wake up before its to late and guest houses not regulated and not under strict government regulations is a pipe dream.


    Freundel Stuart, what a MESS with RED JET .See if any one can find out what he has done Attorney General
    Then find out what he done as Prime Minister

    Bajan Free Party

  4. tedd

    red jet had to fight every step of the way, obsticles for every route, rumours etc. too many peole trying to make it fail. cant blame the competitors but we can blame the governments and their regulating agencies. Oh, the governments also own the competing airlines. pity i did not get a flight.

    whatever happened to the many ferry ventures tthat were to start over the years? maybe a viable option, something a bit more up market than the MV windward or even the windward clone. it should be cheaper to float on water than float on air. it would take longer but for the right price (cheap) one can bear with it.

  5. rastaman

    I voting for Bajan Free Party.!!!


    Barbados will do better to help RED JET than CLICO.
    The PM and the Ministers and Friends may have more funds in CLICO
    For once they can find some thing to do with the People money than to build a 30M to 100million dollar build for the water company.
    The water dont live in a building, I bet their friends making money off that deal along with them. Very Very nasty .You really have to see the FOOLS you VOTE for in 3D and now 4D .PUT an END to BLP AND DLP FRAUD,

  7. Ne-e-ext!

    “Redjet collapsed because of under-capitization
    and unrealistic fare structure.”

    That sounds like a reasonable business assessment to me!
    Another of LIAT’s sacrificial lambs, to the slaughter…lol
    LIAT needs one such lamb, per decade, to justify its existence.

    Ponzi Sanford’s airline was the previous such lamb.

    And so air fares gone back up.
    So Carib. life returns to normal: yawn.

    Those who NEED to travel have their Company pay for it.
    Those who WANT to travel do New York instead
    and get 47 x the bang for their buck, mainly because Manhattan absolutely rocks
    and these small islands en’ sayin a pang!


    We thank you for the support
    you are right,They might even buy the RED JET’s Jets and paint then over tedd,…. you are also right

  9. victor

    Yes, great well done no ferry, no REDjet no young tourists enjoying the Caribbean how shortsighted and typically foolish

  10. AIRLINES are an extremely expensive hobby for anyone/any country.

    Remember WELL what Richard Branson said:

    Quickest way to become a millionaire?
    Start as a Billionaire -and buy yourself an airline.

    If you have the necessary comprehension skills (some don’t)
    you’ll quickly figure out what he’s getting at…

  11. Islandflyer

    @RC..Just a clarification – Carib Express was designed to fail even before it did its first flight. Speedwing Consulting suggested the BAe146 planes, no one else wanted them and they needed to get them leased ASAP. The recommended management structure was so top heavy with expensive expats with iron-clad contracts that would make even CAL blush. The business plan was absolutely based on a LIAT closure within 9-12 months. And they totally misread the response of BWIA (BWee Express) and Air Jamaica (EC Express).

    IMO REDjet was different, but with the same end result. I do believe the LCC-type of model could work in the Caribbean, but ONLY if the Governments actually had a viable open-skies agreement in place – which they don’t. So the cards were stacked against them from the start. If they had listened to some local people (and NOT the so-called experts in their irory-towers), they would have known that the local aviation environment is severly toxic to growth, that T’dad would do everything to stall them, and that expansion into the US (as a Barbadian registered carrier) was a pipe dream.

    My feeling is, if the planes are actually owned by Airone Ventures (the business entity), and not REDjet (the operating airline), there is hope – just “return” the planes to Airone, who can remove the logos and repaint the tails, and lease them – crew and all – to LIAT for the Summer/Winter 2012 season. Since LIAT already enjoys the CAT1 status from the OECS, upgrading select routes in the network from the Dash 8 (50 seats) to the MD82 (149 seats) would be a benefit. They could also explore expansion into other destinations from the Antigua base.