Brian Andre Kirton explains what happened to Barbados

“COMPLACENCY: A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.”

We’ve been enjoying a new blog lately. Brian Andre Kirton is a young man from Kingsland Terrace, Christ Church who has a wise old man’s head. Yesterday I had another read of his post ‘Never Enough‘ and it got me thinking. Kirton’s words about success and drive and how people and businesses can lose what they have achieved struck me as being a precise explanation for what happened to Barbados and our tourism industry.

Have a read of Never Enough and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If Barbados is the product, we are definitely on the decline side of Kirton’s chart. Admitting that might be the first step to a needed rebirth and rejuvenation of our country.

Thank you, Mr. Kirton!



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12 responses to “Brian Andre Kirton explains what happened to Barbados

  1. Desroy Reece

    Tis True

  2. yatiniteasy

    Lowdown Hoad wrote about a similar Barbadian problem lately, but he described it as the “Froon” effect.

  3. Achebe

    I liked the part where Andre says, “When we decide to not make major decisions based on monetary gain then we can acknowledge advancement in mankind.”
    Nice one, Dude.

  4. My theory on the tourism, Barbados was once “little england” so we were very popular with the UK so we didn’t need to market ourselves as strongly. Now with time that connection is fading, the change of demograhics in England and the media is also another factor. Our marketing approach needs to be geared differently. It definitely got some attention with Rihanna coming along.

    Barbados’ best characteristics besides the beaches are: People, low crime rate and transportation. I would like to say “affordability” but I’ve heard from countless people it’s an expensive destination.

    We cater alot to high end tourist but we should never neglect the middle class either. We should try make it as affordable for them as possible rather than trying to take advantage of the currency exchange rate. (“funny how there is a ‘tourist price’ and another one for locals in town). If we only emphasize on the beaches and weather that’s not enough as a more developed Caribbean country we have much more to offer.

  5. Our Sun has set.

    Yes, Brian…
    we must move away from the “Soak Them” methodology of yesteryear
    when mad money was sloshing around
    and when they didn’t mind too much being ripped-off.

    That era is GONE now…but Bajans are a bit far behind
    in coming to the grim realization…

  6. ICEcold2

    Bajans, when are you going to WAKE UP, and see what’s going on …….. before it’s too late. The beautiful country that i left behind twenty years ago has definitely declined at a frightening rate.

  7. Dear Mr. Kirton,
    I’m doing a research on the Kirton’s in Barbados (Grandfather went to Panama). We might be related. Please use my email to contact me; I’m in the U.S. You have a burden on your heart and I hope someone is listening. There is a heaveness that’s upon our people from the raveges of slavery, but we must keep moving and building a better tomorrw for our children.

    Ms. Tillman

  8. Briank_50@hotmail,com is my personal email address. shoot me a message, i tried to click on your name but the link is dead.

  9. Chinese tourist the next big thing? ….i certainly doubt it.The key in successful business is to focus on retaining happy customers before we attract new ones. Do we even understand the Chinese culture to service them at a high quality to have them coming back. We don’t even cater enough to our spanish speaking neighbours in south and central america. What do we have in Barbados besides the weather that would cater to the chinese?

    We need to revamp our infrastructure with some of these hotels too. Most of the architecture looks the same. It’s almost resembles that of a “fast food industry” designed to have clients in and out. Sometimes the stay in the hotel can be an experience in itself. “Copycat marketing” is stifling to creativity and growth. We just model our hotels generically. For example hotels in Las Vegas more often than not have different themes unique to them and offer different attractions to the guest.

    The times are changing and Barbados may be quite boring. Believe it or not “Sin City” is actually rated as a top family destination as you might think contrary. I’m not suggesting to have casinos and adult entertainment but something needs to added in our tourism industry.Complementary industry is the issue. After the hotel what next? Where are the shows like ‘Circus du soleil’, drama, broadway with a caribbean flavor, activity packages?.” Get the drift?”

    check out:

  10. zipper

    I fear for our economy. The UK tourists are taxed out of existence with the air tax and the UK economy is in the crapper itself. US tourists don’t come much and Canadian tourists only come in winter. you could shoot a gun off at the gap after crop over and not hurt a soul. It is not so much about complacency, it is bad times all over.

  11. Its the same thing in India too. Economic crises, terrorists threats, inflation they all affect the tourism industry.