The Bajan Hitler: Racist… or anti-racist sarcasm?

Truth is where you find it. Did the racist creator of this Hitler meme video deliver a message that was quite different from what they intended?

Or… was the creator trying to expose Bajan racism?


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9 responses to “The Bajan Hitler: Racist… or anti-racist sarcasm?


    WOW !! The video speaks for itself !!

  2. Son Of Spam

    It is disgusting but parts of it are true and funny no end – Guyanese here in Bim do work very hard and most Bajans want hours of just 8 to 5 Mon to Fri and if we try to legislate a shift outside those hours? Us lazy Bajes suddenly send in an orange paper for at least 3 weeks! So I see it as speaking truth. Many folk here need to be fired, and we should bring in not only GT but Lucians and Vincies too!

  3. skipperv

    Nah , We Bajans don need any foreign workers , we can handle OUR Island , even if we do it at a slower pace , thank you . Ship all Illegal worker HOME!

    Want faster work INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE and Pay Raises!

  4. Expozaaaay!

    Indeed, the wording speaks for itself!

  5. Maverick

    I L o v e it:::::::!
    Please more of this.
    But who looks at it. Not those whom it may concern.

  6. it’s definitely exposing bajan racism sarcastically. It’s one of those problems that won’t go away anytime soon.


    It appear to happen so many times and talked about so many times it appears to be more truth than not.
    Is it true?
    Did you hear of these talks before now?
    Does it seem more true than not?
    Has any one seen what they talking about?
    I heard all of this before ,
    Have to make a joke, for most cant handle the truth of what going on.
    We can look at self , try to make a change or enjoy the jokes of the truth
    Think different VOTE Different
    See More

  8. Our struggle is universal,lets focus on issues and nort inter personal trivia. The pligh tof the Blck man is one struggle until we free the Continent of Africa we’ll for ever be in some type of bondage. Yes they left Africa but they are still here they aranged for puppets to reeplace them who look like us.We’re still under coclonial rule! THE IMAGES HAVE CHANGED BUT the rulers are still making windfallprofits off the backs of Africans.We need towake up and n smell reality !

  9. Mark Fenty

    There is no doubt that Africa has within its core the abandons of natural resources which hasn’t been seen else way. And, yet, Africa hasn’t been able to achieve the kind of progress as Asia for example. Critics have
    argued that Asia has been enveloped in the some of the same economic exploitations as did Africa, but in spite of this, Asia has done well. Indeed, many are quick to blame Africa’s demise on here colonial past, when the evidence quite clearly dispels this hypothesis. I do agree however, that there has been irreparable damage committed by the European – powers in they pursuit of material gain on the African continent. But we can no longer sustain this kind argument when Asia has been traumatized by these same colonial forces. But, yet, has been able to achieve substantial progress. “(Surpassing America, Canada, England, and Europe in some
    respects)” Now, Africa’s problem I believe, and the evidence will support my theory, lies unequivocally in her leadership. We have group men in Africa, who have been motivated by greed, and not the affairs of the masses. They mean interest is to enlarge they foreign bank accounts at the expense of the starving African people. Now, it just goes to show that “(atural resources)” alone doesn’t equate to progress, if the leadership is lacking as it does in most of the African states.