Those darn Bajans are everywhere – including in The Bronx

That’s a four pass Scotch marine boiler you’re looking at – made by EASCO in the Bronx, New York City, United States of America. EASCO stands for A.L. Eastmond and Sons Inc., a multi-million dollar company that is one of the largest boiler manufacturers on the Eastern seaboard. With almost one hundred employees EASCO is also the largest black-owned boiler manufacturer pretty well anywhere.

And who, really, is EASCO? Glad you asked. You see, almost a hundred years ago a blacksmith named Eastmond left his home in Barbados and headed for New York City…

Here is a wonderful piece of history and an uplifting read to start your day…

EASCO is a family and community affair

A.L. Eastmond and Sons Inc. (EASCO) has made its mark all over New York City. Chances are that the boiler in your apartment building was built by them. This successful multimillion-dollar business, started by a blacksmith from Barbados nearly a century ago, now spans three generations.

EASCO’s CEO is 85-year-old Leon Eastmond Jr. He told the AmNews how it all began in 1925.

“My dad came from Barbados and worked for other companies for several years. He bought a fleet of taxicabs. In those days, there was no permanent antifreeze and you had to let the water out of the motors at night so they wouldn’t freeze. The drivers left the water in the blocks and the motors froze overnight and cracked, making the cabs useless.

“So he said, ‘Let me go back to what I know.’ He was a blacksmith. He opened a place at 37 W. 144th St. in Harlem and began shoeing horses and putting springs in cars. He eventually bought a welding machine that you push like a wheelbarrow. After several years, he bought a welding truck…

… read the rest of the story at New York Amsterdam News


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6 responses to “Those darn Bajans are everywhere – including in The Bronx

  1. Moneybrain

    Bajans can be and are successful once they are determined to be relentless in pursuit of success.
    I was on a train between Hamburg and Copenhagen in June of 1979 and started chatting with some large Afro-Americans from NYC. Eventually they asked where I was from as they said I sounded quite different from most white guys. When they heard i was Bajan they proceeded to tell me how Afro-Americans had a tendency to laugh at newly arrived Bajans who would work hard in, for example, a bakery for a few years and then open their own bakery within 5-10 years. In the next few years they would own like 3 bakeries and the African-Americans would NOT be laughing anymore!

    They were very impressed with the quality of Bajans… brains, ingenuity,work ethic, etc.

  2. BA88/98

    That’s a good story Moneybrain. We need some of those hardworking Bajans to stay home cause they are all in the USA!

  3. Moneybrain

    It should not come as a surprise that those with loads of ambition seek the big $$$$ of Nth America. Personally, I could not have practiced at such a sophisticated level globally as I do from Toronto were I based in Bim.

    The truth is that many of our brightest and best educated live abroad. A high percentage of the very cleverest at HC in the mid 1970s are Profs at foreign UNIs, software designers, entrepreneurs, Accountants etc in foreign lands. Why? The very clever academics in many cases dont have the scope to operate in Bim eg molecular bioligists may have difficulty with sophisticated equipment necessary for their research. Money is generally harder to attain and in the 1970s the Taxes were ridiculously high. Indeed, one of the reasons I immigrated was the fact that in 1979 I was paid a bonus of $3,000 and Tom’s Taxes took $2,100.

  4. Longsuffering Bajan Taxpayer!

    “We need some of those hardworking Bajans to stay home cause they are all in the USA!”

    Those hardworking guys are not foolish: they go up there to relative civilization, where they simply get more bang for their hard-earned buck!

    Barbados cost-of-living is nothing short of atrocious, even as it spirals ever-upward!
    Our socialist-minded dimwit Government currently wants to bail out
    Four Seasons, CLICO and RedJet,
    like if the Barbados Taxpayer wants to fund these private failures,
    like we have simply ooodles of money and can afford to!

    Do you see any smart young enterprising Bajans wanting to stay here
    TO GET SOAKED again and again via outrageous taxation??
    Come on now… Why stay here?
    Guyana had its brain-drain and Barbados’ is happening as we speak.
    Clever people are leaving the mess behind.

  5. Spinelli

    It amazing how this Family has kept this business in the family. They are businesses in barbados that was family oriented and because of no support (monetary) from they own country, other countries are now owning them e.g WIBX and others…. If Eastmond was still at home, who knows some big company would take it away. Barbados open your eyes. Keep it BAJAN. I interject here I see products (e.g guava jam from Guyana)from other caribbean islands but not from Barbados, don’t we have anything to sell? I am proud of the Eastmonds. Sure enough my building has one of the boilers.