Amazing construction progress at Barbados Harlequin “H” Hotel

Above photo taken February 16, 2012

Who says nothing is happening with the “H” Hotel!

Frankly, we’re tired of hearing rumours of ‘go slow’ construction at various Harlequin projects. We’re tired of hearing rumours about massive Harlequin construction projects with only five or six workers on site. We’re tired of hearing stories of Harlequin selling units that have yet to be built on land that hasn’t yet been purchased by Harlequin.

We needed something real to look at – something where we could believe our own eyes.

So we were pleased to see these very positive photos posted on the controversial exposé website – because they show the amazing construction progress at the Harlequin “H” Hotel in Barbados.

Above we have a couple of photos taken on February 16, 2012. Below, we have photos taken yesterday, March 22, 2012…


(click the photos for large versions so you can see all the details)

Just look at the progress! Look at the dozens of workers swarming over the site like a beehive that’s been kicked. Materials delivery trucks coming and going, welders working on rebar, concrete forms being erected, shovels digging trenches for service pipes, foremen yelling orders. The din must be incredible. No wonder they have accomplished so much in six weeks since the top photos were taken.

That should put all those nasty rumours to rest.



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16 responses to “Amazing construction progress at Barbados Harlequin “H” Hotel

  1. Name2

    What part of the island is this? Exact location, please? MERRICKS??

  2. BA88/98

    I see 4 workmen that’s all. I can’t see any major differences between the February and March photos. This is obviously a project in trouble or “go slow” as BFP called it.

  3. Green Monkey

    The former Alamanda Hotel discussed above is located a hundred feet or so to the East of the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Hastings on the South Coast Hwy 7. The Merricks development is another Harlequin project located a further 10 or so miles to the East.

  4. yatiniteasy

    Judging from the shadows, it looks like the photos were taken around midday…perhaps all the workers were at lunch?Yes, thats it…they were “out to lunch.”

  5. 241

    Stanford and Harlequin, peas in a pod. The islands let scam artists do what they like to scam people, should wake up.

  6. Name2

    Thanks for the response/clarification. I now know where.

    Seems they are taking down most of the original thin-shelled structure
    (rusting re-bar is ‘spalling’ concrete like mad, in mere 4 inch castings = that was begging for future trouble….well, the future is here and now)
    but whatever’s going on, at least something is going on, even if they are renovating big time.

  7. Peltdownman

    Perleeez everyone, surely the article was written in jest and sarcasm!

  8. BFP

    Hi Peltdownman,

    Indeed, the article was intended to be sarcastic. How many workers can you see in the photos? What progress can you see? I can’t see a damned bit of progress myself!


  9. yatiniteasy

    From Harlequin`s 7th Dec Newsletter on their own website:

    H Barbados Update

    Erecting temporary works for demolition
    Temporary electrics
    Clearing vegetation to enable demolition
    Creating Temporary haul road at back
    Core drilling for foundation and slab calculations
    Moving site office
    Mock up room procurement placement
    Block C, the central section, has been demolished

    Project Overview
    Work was temporarily halted in October due to delays in receiving standard concessions from the Government
    Design work 80% complete
    Design development 55% complete
    Expected completion date is now late 2012

    I love the part”Work was temporarily halted in October due to delays in receiving standard concessions from the Government”
    Poor Mr Barrack.

  10. check it out

    What happened to the palm trees behind the hoarding in the February 16 picture – they gone in March 22 pic

  11. Can’t speak for the H-Hotels Project, but I was inside the show-homes at Merricks in early June. These buildings are extremely well-built, and are cool & comfortable…..even without air conditioning…or even doors installed! HP has adopted many new technologies for construction of new projects that minimize energy consumption and environmental impact. With a few PV panels on the roof, I daresay these buildings could go net-zero-energy with ease. HP is raising the bar in the Caribbean, regardless of what the nay-sayers print.

    Watch out, cheap-and-cheerful builders…..the wave is coming.

  12. Anonymous

    Nothing is happening at allamanda. Harlequin is a ponzi scheme, can only finish if they sell more property in Dom rep or wherever else. It can only last while fools let their greed allow them to believe false promises.

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  15. Pavel

    Nemaj prachy!!!!!

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