Barbados Police Inspector charged in court caper

Allegation: Court records shuffled about to let drug trafficker go free

Recently retired police Inspector Martin Jones was released on bail yesterday after being charged with perverting the course of justice. From the short Nation newspaper article it’s difficult to say exactly what he did, but it looks like some court files were deliberately sent to the wrong court and that drug trafficker Frederick Ryan Grant was not convicted because of this. In addition it is alleged that Jones “facilitated the process by which the order of the court for forthwith cost for trafficking was not complied with by Grant.”

Chief Justice Marston Gibson recently warned that the issue of ‘missing’ and  misplaced court files is a major problem in the Barbados courts, and in conjunction with other problems is creating chaos that threatens our international business sector.

It will be interesting to follow the Martin Jones case through court as I can’t recall ever seeing a Barbados Police Officer ever convicted of corruption offenses. They always seem to walk off free.

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We encourage our readers to visit the websites of the Nation and the Barbados Advocate newspapers to view original articles – however we have to reprint entire articles at BFP because those two papers have a record for deleting articles and changing history to suit various government agendas.

Ex-cop on bail (read the story at The Nation here)

A retired police inspector accused of perverting the course of justice in a drug trafficking case was released on bail yesterday.

Martin Jones appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court, and after strong objection by his attorney to a proposed condition by the prosecution, the former lawman will not have to present himself to a police station.

Jones, of Wilcox, Christ Church, was not required to plead to the charge that between October 24, 2009, and March 10, 2010, he committed a series of acts, which had a tendency to pervert the course of justice, in that he facilitated the transfer of the criminal case against Frederick Ryan Grant from District “B” Magistrates’ Court to the District “A” Traffic Court, which resulted in no criminal conviction for trafficking being recorded against Grant.

Jones was also accused that between October 24, 2009, and March 10, 2010, he did a series of acts which had a tendency to pervert the course of justice in that he facilitated the process by which the order of the court for forthwith cost for trafficking was not complied with by Grant.


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17 responses to “Barbados Police Inspector charged in court caper


    Bernie Madoff CHARGED ,$ 65 BILLION=150 YEARS, EX Sir/ R. Allen Stanford CHARGED $ 7 BILLION=????YEARS , Tom Petters CHARGED $3.7BILLION=50 YEARS, Scott Rothstein $1.2 BILLION=50 YEARS .
    Sir Richard L .Cheltenham Ph.D,QC and C.O Williams of Barbados = PRICELESS
    20/20 cricket $20 Million USD , The Kensington Oval, have any one seen the DEED, Has Anyone seen the Deed for the High Court?
    This is BIGGER THAN ALL THE PONZI COMBINED ..$ TRILLIONS $ where the deed for the new JAIL ?More to come on the Massive Fraud ,, Just ask the question , and We will do our best with the Truth. and the Fraud goes on……Who has title or right to title? Not them ,

  2. 464-5644/B3-5c

    Surprised this matter even came to light, far less charges placed against him.
    What happened? He didn’t pay his “taxes”??

  3. gee

    About time, Barbados police are the law and think they are unaccountable . British police could not openly conduct themselves in the manner bajan police officers do, but hey dosent mean justice will be dealt.

  4. truth

    what ever happened to the two policemen who beat men near Kensington after cricket??

  5. 2

    Nothing to see here….move along now….

  6. HR

    Came to Barbados on March 13 :saw a policeman chucking away one of the Red Cap guys .;now this morning i heard from one of my colleagues the same red cap is nursing injuries from police assault..GOD HELP US

  7. Mark Fenty

    I am not condoning the ineptitudes of the few bad police offices who give the rest a bad name, but I can assure you that there are more law-abiding police officers who adhere to the letter of the law. It has been said that, “Some people have a tendency to remember the smell of one skunk, but not the smell of the thousand red roses”.

  8. HR

    Then its time for the red roses to tell the skunk how he smells.

  9. HR

    Police assaulting civilian at Grantley Adams International Airport ?What a warm welcome.


    Be happy they not shooting and still beating, I bet they for got they have guns,,, They had then now a few years.
    If this was The States there would more shootings.
    My Be the police not happy they not getting a bigger part of the Fraud Pie

    Think Different Vote Different

  11. 220

    what is the name of the lawyer who represented martin jones why wasnt his name mentioned or is he top secret

  12. 220

    can someone please tell me who was this police officer anonymous attorneys name and who paid his fees enquiring minds want to know

  13. bajan

    it will be interesting to know how much Grant paid this inspector and what the charges were or maybe the court will never know

  14. unknown

    I hope and pray that come june ist 2012 justice is served and the court puts these corrupt people behind bars this police officer who could be so degrading to the state and the individual who can offer such a bribe be put behind bars where they belonged long time. Send the message loud and clear for those to come how many more lives will this man have to destroy before justice is served ? Maybe someone should direct the attention of the judge to read this so they can come to grips to whats going on in little Barbados

  15. Anonymous

    These are the years for exposure of fraud, corporate theft and government theft not a year goes by without some major disclosure. Let’s keep the ball rolling and find them all.

  16. 189

    If you can take time to look at the Deeds , eveyone will not buy houses nor land and the banks will shut down,,,, it appears the banks holding papers they can never show. By the time you pay off the house and dont get a
    deed how will you sell ,CLICO?, with a water or tax Bill… Match the deed to the tax bill and check the names ,,,,,
    I voting
    Bajan Free Party , someone has to show where all the papers for the history of Barbados is being kept, and see where the money went ,
    offshore banking ???? Sir Richard L .Cheltenham Ph.D QC
    man me head hurting ,

  17. bajan

    coast guard man in jail the whole world taking bribes maybe the judges in the court room next like the man said it seems like this is the year of disclosure so lets keep the ball rolling and see who is next on the list of names