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Barbados Police Inspector charged in court caper

Allegation: Court records shuffled about to let drug trafficker go free

Recently retired police Inspector Martin Jones was released on bail yesterday after being charged with perverting the course of justice. From the short Nation newspaper article it’s difficult to say exactly what he did, but it looks like some court files were deliberately sent to the wrong court and that drug trafficker Frederick Ryan Grant was not convicted because of this. In addition it is alleged that Jones “facilitated the process by which the order of the court for forthwith cost for trafficking was not complied with by Grant.”

Chief Justice Marston Gibson recently warned that the issue of ‘missing’ and  misplaced court files is a major problem in the Barbados courts, and in conjunction with other problems is creating chaos that threatens our international business sector.

It will be interesting to follow the Martin Jones case through court as I can’t recall ever seeing a Barbados Police Officer ever convicted of corruption offenses. They always seem to walk off free.

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We encourage our readers to visit the websites of the Nation and the Barbados Advocate newspapers to view original articles – however we have to reprint entire articles at BFP because those two papers have a record for deleting articles and changing history to suit various government agendas.

Ex-cop on bail (read the story at The Nation here)

A retired police inspector accused of perverting the course of justice in a drug trafficking case was released on bail yesterday. Continue reading


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Dominica: Two men arrested for sodomy on Celebrity Summit cruise ship

UPDATED: April 6, 2012 – The two men tell their story as victims… but photos surface of them having public sex in broad daylight!

Gay rights activist says the two were wrong…

First the two ‘victims’ cry the blues about prejudice against gays…

But then the truth comes out… Photos of the two doing it in public in broad daylight. They knew they were putting on a show with dozens of people watching…

Friends… I don’t care if you are having sex with a man, a woman or several of each at the same time… if you deliberately do it where my children can see you –  nevermind the law, you have a big problem with me.

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