Coming home to Luton for the first time in years…


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  1. caribeye

    Fundamentalists of ANY religion take their holy books literally and there will never be a solution, a meeting point- halfway or quarterway or whatever- for these type of believers. Just keep it in your head and remember always: more people have been killed in the name of God throughout history than in all the wars put together! What is the best solution? Ban all religions? Ban God-whoever or whatever he/she is or represents? I don’t have the answer but I wish I did!

  2. WTF

    Christians generally haven’t been murdering people as part of their religion since the Reformation. It’s not the killings in the name of religion in the past 1000 years that concern me, it’s the killings in the name of Islam in the past 15 years that are the problem.

  3. robert ross

    @ WTF

    Yes, it behoves us to be “watchful and vigilant”. The omens for Europe are not good as Islam sweeps across that continent. And here – well who knows. I have never understood the attraction of it.

    @ Caribeye

    Yes. Recent debates on BU amply demonstrate the truth of the total inability to communicate with these people.

  4. 564-5644/A-4c

    Ban all religions?
    Re-educate humanity to stand on his own two feet psychologically?
    What fresh hell is this?
    What are you trying to DO? -advance humankind in leaps and bounds?

    We so love to believe the bullshirt we believe: it’s a whole hobby for some folks who “don’t have a life”

  5. robert ross

    @ BFP

    I suspect this video was produced by Britain First, a right wing sort of party in the UK, or the British National Party which has, as a party, slightly more credibility. In either case, it is being used for propoganda purposes. Neverthless, it’s message is clear enough.

  6. brit

    Most of England (North of Watford) is now in the grip of the prophet
    and by the time the half-drunk white Anglo-Saxons come back to consciousness and realize their plight it’ll be too late: is already, coz no-one’s doing anyfink,innit?

  7. Buck

    #Brit …
    That is how Rome fell !

  8. Buck

    # Caribeye
    Christian fundamentalist are TOLD to LOVE THINE ENEMY ! So your statement is not correct when u say Fundamentalist of all Religions and By the by Christian is NOT A Religion , It is the Truth the Way and The Life : Jesus HATES ALL False Religions of men

  9. Moneybrain

    The majority of Muslims are good people, but the Islamists, jihadists and generally extremist Muslims are, as they say, in the West to convert or annihilate in Allah’s name period. I do agree that Westerners are generally far too decadent but the lady in this clip is certainly not dressed in a provocative way.

    These extremists must understand that we are not going to change to suit them, so they must either blend to some degree or return to their very successful lives from which they journeyed. Westerners had better understand, especially the overly liberal types that these extremists actually have schools where they teach hate from an early stage.

    How come there are so many problems with Muslims in the UK BUT the Hindu and Christian Indian people of the same race/ colour are far more successful even though they generally try to maintain their culture, beliefs etc? I have a Pakistani client, of Christian faith, and her family had to flee to Canada as religious refugees.

    Religious zealots of almost all stripes are reprehensible! How can you seriously believe the brainwashing and commands to kill decent people in the name of God?
    People who are radical zealots should be permitted a suitable area of control where they are grouped by themselves following their beliefs in peace ie religious, politicalZ’s who believe that handout socialism works etc.
    Please just leave the rest of us alone who understand the laws of nature, who want to genuinely help people BUT not be subjugated by anyone/ group and forced into nonsensical lives as slaves to religion, communism or any other failed doctrine.

  10. Buck

    Why is this Inciting to violence allowed ! If a Christian says the N word or The M word ! He is chastised ! WTF is our part of the World !The commonwealth coming to !!!!?????

  11. John

    The amazing thing to me is how opposite Christianity and Islam are where salvation is concerned.

    Until I watched and heard the positions taken I never fully appreciated just how different they are.

  12. slam d slam

    What? You always assumed slam was kinda-like Christianity, only maybe a lil bit different? LOL —Are you awake NOW?

  13. robert ross

    The public ‘virtue’ of the Christian fundamentalist is the willingness, or at least potential, to stand up and be counted which is a wonderful palliative to the ‘liberal’ kind of mind which, in the name of understanding and brotherly love or, as some would say, politial ‘correctness’, has sat back and allowed this kind of onslaught to ferment and mushroom. And, yes, Brit, you are quite right. But north of Watford? You can go further south I think.

    @ BFP

    Where exactly did you find this? What were the circumstances of the march? Who was the girl? What, in legal terms, was the outcome?

  14. BFP

    Hello Robert Ross,

    A Bajan reader sent it to us. Other than that, you know as much as we do.

  15. robert ross

    @ BFP