Barbados internet drug companies accused of ‘playing russian roulette’ with patients’ lives and health

Tom Haughton’s Barbados-based organization has thousands of online addresses

U.S. Criminal Investigators target Haughton and his Barbados / Canadian internet operations

“So you don’t know, though, really, whether that product, which turned out to be fake was made in someone’s bathtub, in Egypt or in Turkey?” asked CBS News.

“I’m not going to speculate,” answered Tom Haughton.

The investigation into how fake prescription cancer drugs came into the USA continues with a new series of CBS News reports. Dozens of medical centres and doctors in the United States purchased fake Avastin chemo-therapy drugs that originated from a supposed US operation called “Montana Health Care Solutions”.

But “Montana Health Care Solutions” is confirmed as one of the numerous front operations for a Barbados-based group involved in unauthorized online sales of prescription drugs worldwide. Addresses in Montana, Alberta Canada, Minnesota and the United Kingdom are involved, but those places are way too cold – the real action is in Barbados!

“Situations like this are why federal health officials prohibit the importation of drugs through sources not approved by the FDA. As one expert told us, once you step outside the regulated route for drugs, you might as well be playing Russian roulette.”

from the CBS News report Fake Avastin importer claims he broke no laws

Like it or not, thanks to a man named Tom Haughton and his Barbados businesses, employees and associates – Barbados has become known as an epicenter in the dangerous world of black-market fake prescription drugs.

It can now be told that Barbados Free Press contributed to the ongoing CBS News efforts to uncover the truth about the source of the fake cancer drugs sold by Tom Haughton’s organization. CBS News and we at BFP still haven’t been able to answer two very important questions:

1/ Have any other known fake drugs been sold by the Haughton organization anywhere?

2/ Does Haughton’s organization supply any drugs to the Barbados Ministry of Health or any private clinics in Barbados?

Our sources tell us that the Barbados Ministry of Health refused to talk candidly with CBS News reporters. Our government should immediately tell Bajans the truth about whether any of our drugs were sourced through Haughton’s deadly supply chain.

Money Laundering Investigation

Barbados Free Press can also reveal that not only are U.S. Authorities looking into Haughton’s organisation to discover the manufacturer of the fake Avastin, there is also an investigation into whether any tax laws were broken. As our source informed us…

“Haughton is running businesses in the USA, Barbados, Canada, the United Kingdom and perhaps India and other countries. The drugs are being delivered to the USA but the money is flowing everywhere. A Grand Jury is currently looking into Haughton’s FDA violations, but you don’t have to be a fortune teller to predict that the US Authorities will work closely with the Canadians and the Brits about where the money goes and any potential income tax and customs violations charges.

The US desperately wants to stop Haughton’s operation and the primary key to doing that is through money laundering and tax investigations. I wouldn’t be surprised if a secret grand jury eventually convenes on the tax issues. It would be a safe bet to assume that Tom Haughton won’t be transiting through Miami again anytime soon.”

… source talking to BFP

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6 responses to “Barbados internet drug companies accused of ‘playing russian roulette’ with patients’ lives and health

  1. robert ross

    Keep at it BFP.

    I have often wondered why drugs here supplied for medical condition ‘A’ are named differently from drugs supplied in other countries for the same condition and allegedly of the same composition. The doctor prescribes drug ‘Y’, having previously supplied ‘Z’, and says “Oh yes, this is really ‘Z’ ” – as it is still called,say, in the UK or US. Why the change from ‘Z’ to ‘Y’? Is anyone able to enlighten me?

  2. 564-5644/A-4c

    It’s all part of BigPharma’s plot to suck you dry of all your life savings,
    as we get towards the ends of our lives.

    Just go quietly: don’t cause a stink. Stop asking awkward questions.
    Move along now….nothing to see here.

  3. robert ross

    @ 564

    LOL – gropes for stick, falls, closes eyes. Curtain.

  4. yatiniteasy

    Barbados is getting a nice reputation as a place where crooks and criminals can set up shop and do business. Does this Haughton have a work permit? Does he live like a king in Barbados, as head of a crooked drug supply business.
    Then, we go after the youngster caught with a spliff, send him to jail, and ruin his chances of ever becoming a productive member of society.
    Thats because we have double standards.

  5. Stephen Cochella

    BigPharma is the one that wants to close drug importing down. They and the US government are the ones that are sucking people dry of their life savings. And why is Haughton’s Barbados based business’ name not mentioned in this article? This is thin reporting at best. Pull it together BFP.

  6. Michael Saunders

    I am presently seeking information on the location; the addresses and Phone numbers of Kris Thorkelson; His Wife Maryanne (Haughton) Thorkelson and Tom Haughton….owners of Canada Drugs:

    A short while ago the wife of a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. She, at the advice of her doctor, went into treatment using a drug called Avastin. For six months her treatment went along just fine. Her cancer was under control with her symptoms being reduced on a daily bases.

    Then, all the sudden her cancer returned with a vengeance……the drugs that she had been taking had suddenly stopped working and her cancer started to spread uncontrollably. It was then that rumors of counterfeit Avastin being shipped to the USA to unsuspecting doctors and clinics. With this knowledge her doctor had the Avastin checked and found out that what he had been administrating to my friends wife was counterfeit and contained NO active ingredients.

    A month later my friend’s wife, like a lot of those who were treated by this counterfeit drug, died of advanced cancer. We do not know if she would have survived if she had been receiving a non-counterfeit drug and this would be very hard to prove in court…..therefore, due to the costs involved and the legal blockages put in place by Canada Drugs and their numerous internet drug companies scattered worldwide (and outside of the American Judicial System) any legal or civil charges were not activated.

    I am requesting the help of the general public in finding any pertinent information regarding Mr. Tom Haughton, Mrs. Maryanne Thorkelson (Haughton) and Mr. Kris Thorkelson, the owners and operators of the hundreds of internet drug companies (All working under the main company called Canada Drugs based in Winnipeg, Canada) with web sites scattered worldwide.

    At one point Mr. Tomas Haughton had set up shop in Barbados utilizing their lax laws and reputation of skirting international regulations especially with those who had deep pockets and plenty of graft monies to flaunt and spread around to the numerous politicians and government officials who readily stood with their greedy hands outstretched. Mr. Haughton was able, through his political and legal connections, escape prosecution in Barbados and hide out in Canada where he was able to sanitize any and all records of his existence (there is no public records of his existence and even with a physical search I could not find anything that even showed that he existed…..even his school records, his marriage records and those of his children have somehow disappeared from public view….what money will buy when it is spread around the right sources) thus hiding from public view.

    Over the past two years I have been actively investigating the goings-on of Canada Drugs and those who operated this company distributing bogus counterfeit drugs to the unsuspecting public. I have been able trace the activities of one Mr. Tomas Haughton, who was the brains behind the operation, setting up hundreds of web sites to promote the sale of these counterfeit drugs. He was able to establish an operational base in the Barbados where, through the utilization of his inflated bank account, he was able to flaunt the law and ship these drugs to the unsuspecting public worldwide without fear of prosecution.

    The list of government officials who were bought off in this banana republic, paid to look the other way and to lose any documents so/as to prevent any legal actions is endless. From what I have been able to discover is that multi dollars changed hands (I have not been able to find a positive paper trail but through international banking records and coming from the scuttle bug there was talk about huge cash withdrawals being made but no tracing as to the disposal of these monies were to be found) with most of this is said to have been distributed in and to officials in Barbados.

    When Mr. Tomas Haughton left the country (after important paperwork has mysteriously disappeared and any format of charges were dropped) he seemed to disappear from the spotlight but he reappeared in his home town of Winnipeg Canada. There he has taken on the task of running his partners business in the same mannerism that he had done with the illegal counterfeit drug business.

    It seems that, with the monies that were made through the sale of counterfeit drugs and the unscrupulous business practices that he had become famous for, this ???criminal???once again has found a way of circumstancing the laws of the land and inflating his and his partner’s bank accounts.
    He,hiding behind his high priced legal team,
    and represented by one JOHN B. MARTENS
    occupying the 30th floor of 360 Main St., Winnipeg, Canada, R3C 4G1…
    phone number 204-957-0050)

    Presently Mr. Haughton is employed as a manager for Thorwin realestate (Owned by Kris Torkelson) and the only reliable address and phone number that I can get on him is:
    Niakwa Park Place
    200-1310 Archibald Street,
    Canada, R2J0Z4
    With a phone number registered under Thorwin Real Estate re:/phone number 204-253-1885.

    Once again he has found a safe haven, with the sanitation of official records, hidden from public view. To try and bring this individual to justice might be a pipe dream given the resources that he has at his disposal. Knowing his past history of using his political and legal influence (paid for through the enormous profits gained through his internet drug business) and the fact that he has become an expert at circumstancing the law, I realize that what I am trying to do will only come about with the assistance and information coming from those who he had maltreated.

    These fugitives from justice might have found a safe haven hiding out in Canada but they are not forgotten. Just how many people, how many loved ones, who went to their doctors for treatment and were given not the treatments that would have saved their lives but a counterfeit drug being sold by a company whose main objective was inflating their bottom line??????? And how often have these criminals gotten off through them bribing or paying off government officials and the justice system allowing them to go Scot free????? Just how many people have had their hopes and dreams shattered through the criminal actions of these predators who preyed upon the innocent sick and dying human beings who needed the help that this drug would have given them….that is if they had received the drugs that they needed not the counterfeit knockoff that was sold by these criminals who hide behind their lawyers and bought off politicians.?????? I feel that it is time to give them a taste of their own medicine!!!!!!!!

    Please have your office write to him and their highly paid legal team who protects them from prosecution and let them know that they might be able to run but they will eventually get caught……They might be able to buy off and bribe those living in a third world banana republic but they will not escape just punishment……let’s make their miserable lives pure hell and give them an example of American Justice!!!!!

    Any information regarding these criminals and their activities, no matter how trivial, would be greatly welcomed.

    Please forward this message to any and every person that you can…..Lets get these criminals off the streets.