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Coming home to Luton for the first time in years…


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Barbados internet drug companies accused of ‘playing russian roulette’ with patients’ lives and health

Tom Haughton’s Barbados-based organization has thousands of online addresses

U.S. Criminal Investigators target Haughton and his Barbados / Canadian internet operations

“So you don’t know, though, really, whether that product, which turned out to be fake was made in someone’s bathtub, in Egypt or in Turkey?” asked CBS News.

“I’m not going to speculate,” answered Tom Haughton.

The investigation into how fake prescription cancer drugs came into the USA continues with a new series of CBS News reports. Dozens of medical centres and doctors in the United States purchased fake Avastin chemo-therapy drugs that originated from a supposed US operation called “Montana Health Care Solutions”.

But “Montana Health Care Solutions” is confirmed as one of the numerous front operations for a Barbados-based group involved in unauthorized online sales of prescription drugs worldwide. Addresses in Montana, Alberta Canada, Minnesota and the United Kingdom are involved, but those places are way too cold – the real action is in Barbados!

“Situations like this are why federal health officials prohibit the importation of drugs through sources not approved by the FDA. As one expert told us, once you step outside the regulated route for drugs, you might as well be playing Russian roulette.”

from the CBS News report Fake Avastin importer claims he broke no laws

Like it or not, thanks to a man named Tom Haughton and his Barbados businesses, employees and associates – Barbados has become known as an epicenter in the dangerous world of black-market fake prescription drugs.

It can now be told that Barbados Free Press contributed to the ongoing CBS News efforts to uncover the truth about the source of the fake cancer drugs sold by Tom Haughton’s organization. CBS News and we at BFP still haven’t been able to answer two very important questions:

1/ Have any other known fake drugs been sold by the Haughton organization anywhere?

2/ Does Haughton’s organization supply any drugs to the Barbados Ministry of Health or any private clinics in Barbados?

Our sources tell us that the Barbados Ministry of Health refused to talk candidly with CBS News reporters. Our government should immediately tell Bajans the truth about whether any of our drugs were sourced through Haughton’s deadly supply chain.

Money Laundering Investigation

Barbados Free Press can also reveal that not only are U.S. Authorities looking into Haughton’s organisation to discover the manufacturer of the fake Avastin, there is also an investigation into whether any tax laws were broken. As our source informed us… Continue reading


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