Arrest warrant issued for Michael Misick – former Turks and Caicos premier

BREAKING: Misick seeking asylum

Michael Misick, the former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, says he has sought political asylum in an undisclosed country because of “political persecution”.

“Let be clear. I am not a fugitive, and will never be a fugitive. I have applied for political asylum from another country and I am merely seeking protection from political persecution. I will continue to bring challenges to clear my name and that of my government and colleagues. I dream to return to my homeland as an independent, victorious, proud and free nation.”

Misick said he is convinced that he is being persecuted because of his views and firm plan to move the Turks and Caicos Islands towards Independence .

“ This plan goes counter to the British and their supporters in the Turks and Caicos Islands . That is why stories were fabricated by the opposition, the British and their supporters in order to call for a Commission of Inquiry , ” he added.

Do we believe him? On first blush, not a f’ing chance. But on sober second thought: it wouldn’t be the first time that an innocent man has been set up.

Truth is… we just don’t trust the established system anymore.

Original story…

Corruption, Money laundering alleged

That’s Michael Eugene Misick you’re looking at and what an amateur he is! That’s why he’s in trouble: not for corruption or money laundering because God knows that’s standard operating procedure in the Caribbean. Nope. He’s in trouble because he was sloppy and amateurish. If only he had of followed the lead of so many of our politicians and government officials in Barbados, he’d be on easy street right now with not a thing to worry about.

Nobody in government has to STEAL money or take overt kickbacks. That’s stupid. What he needed to do was to form ‘consulting’ companies or better yet have some friend or relative front a ‘consulting’ company where he was a share holder. Then he could award government contracts to his friend’s company and legally take a dividend because there’s nothing in law to prohibit that.

Oh. Wait a minute… That’s just in Barbados where it is legal for elected and appointed government officials to award government contracts to companies owned by relatives or companies in which they have an interest. In the Turks and Caicos that doesn’t apply because the place is a British Overseas Territory and comes under the anti-corruption legislation of the United Kingdom.

Oh. Now I get it. Now I see why former Premier Misick is the subject of an Interpol Red Alert.

Man, here in Bim we do things so much differently! Take former Prime Minister Owen Arthur for instance… the guy gets caught red-handed depositing a $75,000 ‘campaign donation’ into his personal bank account. The DLP and then Opposition Leader David Thompson publicly rip the hell out of ‘Goin wid Owen’ for corruption and stealing from his own BLP party, call him down to the lowest and then the DLP and Thompson soundly won the 2008 election.

Then David Thompson didn’t prosecute Owen Arthur for corruption. Instead, he appointed him as the head of a Commonwealth team in the Maldives that was tasked with ensuring that the elections were conducted legally! Woaloss!

Then just a few weeks ago we learned that Prime Minister David Thompson was himself involved in money laundering CLICO funds by acting as an intermediary to transfer money from CLICO to his buddy Leroy Parris. This was to conceal from CLICO policy holders how much money Parris was taking from the company. And we still don’t know how much CLICO money went to the DLP political machine or to ‘consultants’ who happened to be related to DLP politicians.

Dirty, dirty, dirty… isn’t it?

Michael Misick is such an amateur.

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7 responses to “Arrest warrant issued for Michael Misick – former Turks and Caicos premier

  1. How DO we do this??

    So HOW on earth then
    does Barbados manage to still score 7.8 out of 10
    on the 2011 perceived-corruption rankings chart
    as issued by Transparency International??

    I invite you to have a look at the (scroll-able) chart
    down at the bottom of this TI webpage at URL..

    Bajans have to be MASTERS of our corrupting craft
    because we’re up there with countries like Austria and the United Kingdom!
    Maybe we’re “cleaner” than we think
    but somehow I very much doubt that!

    This makes me wonder about the validity of any and all rankings by Transparency International.

  2. With smoke and mirrors

    Go to the Keiser reports and you will see how The Economist rag magazine is an instrument of government financing fraud. The system needs Barbados to look good so that the worthless paper the UK and Europe holds appears to be credible. The transparency rating is part of the same charade.

  3. caribeye

    CLICO is alleged to have funded the DLP’s 2008 election campaign to the sum of US$12 Million so how come you don’t know that when everybody else knows of this allegation?

  4. Carson C. Cadogan

    Dont fool yourself BFP that is exactly what Michael Eugene Misick did, but you must remember that he is not dealing with any banana republic court system or “investigators”, this is the British Govt. he is dealing with.
    The British Govt. investigators went after every consulting firm and company he was involved with. Somehow we in Barbados cant find them but the British Govt investigators found everyone crooked Misick was involved in. And they are all facing the court. IF ONLY SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAD TAKEN PLACE IN BARBADOS.


    This is the call for the Queen of England to step in . Send Help. Look in to Barbados Banks and Banking records across the World and see what went where , Let the Numbers tell the truth and not the words of those in office,Once again , People Lie , Words lie , Numbers do not lie.
    The 2 parties in Barbados having fun and no one else is invited .
    We do not need DLP NO BLP we need HE-LP = HELP

  6. The Queen of England

    My dear Mr. P. Deeds,

    The situation is now beyond my personal control to step in and correct any of your local malfunctions.
    You are your own independent nation now, and I remain as a mere remnant figurehead, nothing more.
    You know what remains to be done, if your small island-nation is to progress further, so you’d best get on with it! Stiff upper lip – you can do it!

    At the moment, my destroyers and aircraft carriers are being readied to head South to once again defend British economic interests in the South Atlantic
    with a view to protecting the validity of claims to petroleum hydrocarbon resources in the region
    so I’m a tad busy at this time, sorry.

    Regretfully Yours..

    Elizabeth II Regina.