re-DISCOVER The Caribbean – 2010 promo video

We were saddened to hear from Adrian Loveridge that this year’s annual ‘re-DISCOVER The Caribbean’ show probably won’t happen. We see the website is down and that looks like the end: barring some miracle. A shame really, because the show more than paid for itself and promoted pan-Caribbean travel.

Too bad the Barbados Tourism Authority didn’t think of the show themselves because then the BTA would have backed this very successful marketing effort.


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2 responses to “re-DISCOVER The Caribbean – 2010 promo video

  1. caribeye

    The present Barbados Government is cutting and trimming expenses all around as it tries to comply with threatened ratings downgrades from the usual Agencies. However, it appears that the trimming and cutting is being done irrationally- a knee-jerk reactionary methodology seems to be the process being used. As ever, it also chooses to cut some key initiatives like the Re-Discover the Caribbean Show- one of the events that actually brought tourists and their spend into Barbados as they exhibited their countries and hotels at LES Conference Center. The BTA;s support was a crucial factor and having 400 plus exhibitors spending approx. US$1,000 per pers. for a $60 per pers, investment was a great business decision. Who now decided to discontinue this investment should be ashamed and should not be allowed to manage even a sno-cone cart!

  2. Yeah Right..

    ..cutting expenses such as looking to throw 60-100 million of my taxpayer dollars it doesn’t have/can’t afford
    into dead CLICO,
    to bail out citizens who took a gamble and didn’t read the fine print about the Losing side of their gamble.

    WHY does Gov’t. feel it has to intrude in this private matter between private enterprise and private citizens??
    If their deal fell thru due to theft or poor management, that is a matter for the private corp. and private individual/”investor” to solve!
    Government’s only intrusion into this matter, is one of detecting any criminality in the matter!